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Cory Gardner

Cory Scott Gardner is an American attorney, lobbyist, and politician who served as a United States senator from Colorado from 2015 to 2021. A Republican, he was the U.S. representative for Colorado's 4th congressional district from 2011 to 2015 and a member of the Colorado House of Representatives from 2005 to 2011.

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I've made sure that I've stood for privacy and the rights of the people time and time again.
A lot of nasty things were said about me in my own party about my unwillingness to demand the government shutdown.
We must pursue immigration reform - it's something we have to do, something that starts with border security. — © Cory Gardner
We must pursue immigration reform - it's something we have to do, something that starts with border security.
Let's put Coloradans in charge; let's put Westerners in charge of the West.
I don't get everything right the first time.
We can't disrespect people for having a different opinion.
Now, President Obama has to make a decision. He can either propose a nominee who can win over the majority in the Senate or defer his choice to the voters, who in November will elect a new President and a new Senate, which will be responsible for confirming a nominee who will provide balance to the Supreme Court.
The president named Obama is probably not going to repeal the bill that's named after him.
I look forward to continuing to hear what Donald Trump has to say about his vision for this country.
The RNC had been incredibly supportive of my efforts in 2014... I couldn't have won without them.
From what we understand about participation by women and minorities, we need to do a better job of exposing people early in their careers to STEM fields.
We have a responsibility to be responsible stewards of tax dollars.
Our country needs a new generation of leadership, and I believe that Marco Rubio presents this nation with the greatest possibilities and opportunities to meet the challenges of the next generation.
Senator Udall focused his entire campaign as a social-issues warrior, and that was rejected by the people of Colorado, who embraced our plan of creating jobs and opportunity, growing energy independence, looking at education opportunities for the future, and making sure we're focused on protecting this great Colorado environment.
I will say this - I certainly will not be voting for Hillary Clinton. — © Cory Gardner
I will say this - I certainly will not be voting for Hillary Clinton.
I think the climate is changing, but I don't believe humans are causing that change to the extent that's been in the news.
We just can't stay in a safe Republican seat and sit back and watch while this country goes down the wrong path.
What's the difference between me and Mark Udall on contraception? I believe the pill ought to be available over the counter, around the clock, without a prescription. Cheaper and easier for you.
I've tried to convince members of my party that we should not allow the hair on the backs of our necks to bristle every time somebody mentions renewable energy.
The overwhelming majority of Coloradans don't want Guantanamo Bay detainees in the United States or Colorado.
Anytime you present a message that is seen as hate, you're going to have a negative impact.
It's time for Republicans to rally behind this campaign in order to put forth the best candidate to stop Hillary Clinton in November. I am confident Ted Cruz is that person, and I'm thrilled to endorse him for president.
Hemp has the potential to be a major boon to Colorado agriculture, giving farmers another viable and profitable option for their fields.
My dad, well, he sells tractors, just like my granddad, and I'm darn proud of that.
Ted Cruz caught the momentum in Wisconsin that I think that Donald Trump thought was his and his alone.
I guess the news is this: If you're a Republican and you smile, liberals don't like it. Maybe that's because Democrats are afraid that I've been able to show an optimistic vision for this country.
The idea we would create some kind of religious test for entry into the country is absolutely wrong.
We hear people talk about putting a price on carbon, but they won't talk about how much that price of carbon is.
There is no doubt that pollution contributes to the climate changing around us, but what I refuse to do is support a climate tax bill like Waxman/Markey put in place that would have cost farmers and ranchers in the state, that would cost small business the opportunity to grow, that would increase that bills that families pay, $1,700 a year.
I oppose the personhood amendment. Years ago I'd said that I'd supported it - it was the wrong idea. Looking at it, talking to people of Colorado, I don't support it.
I used to play against a high school football team that always used to run the single wing. And eventually, other teams figured out that they ran the single wing. And so they prepared for it. The Democrats are stuck running the single wing.
We have a number of challenges ahead of us.
We got to protect Medicaid.
Sen. Udall can only talk about one thing: He's a social issues warrior.
There is no such thing as a federal personhood bill.
I don't think it is ever enough for a governing majority to simply be opposed to things. We have to be for things.
Funding for women's healthcare must actually go to fund women's healthcare, not to line the coffers of an organization under increased scrutiny for reprehensible, inhumane behavior.
We're thinking of creating a board of experts across the sectors of industry, to identify successful programs and to make recommendations about programs that are working and aren't working.
Any nominee is going to have to earn my support. — © Cory Gardner
Any nominee is going to have to earn my support.
I do not support legislation that would ban birth control.
I'm not going to speculate about legislation that I haven't seen before.
I think the American people aren't looking for loyalty amongst candidates to other candidates. What the American people are looking for is loyalty to the American people.
There's no time, place, or purpose of a government shutdown or default.
Any immigration-reform effort must begin first with border security and enforcement of the law.
The bottom line is a record of ideas. The bottom line is a plan for how to get this country back on track. It's not about attendance - it's about goals and opportunity to move this nation forward.
Industrial hemp is a safe substance with many practical commercial applications.
When it comes to the environment in our own backyard, we understand it far better than anybody in Washington D.C.
I am glad that our country is starting to have a serious conversation about how to repair our broken immigration system - it is long overdue.
There's an old saying in politics: You never run the same race twice. Democrats are running the same race three, four, five times. It's an old ploy, and Coloradans see through it.
This isn't a Republican issue. This isn't a Democrat issue. This is something that both parties and people around the country have agreed to. They don't want Guantanamo Bay detainees in the United States.
Perhaps the CDC should quit spending money on things like jazzercise, urban gardening, and massage therapy and direct that money to where it's appropriate in protecting the health of the American people.
I'm not going to defend Sen. Udall's failed record. — © Cory Gardner
I'm not going to defend Sen. Udall's failed record.
Nobody expected Darryl Glenn to win, and he's won every time.
If you look at the Constitution, the two clauses of the Constitution make it very clear the president shall nominate, and the Senate shall provide advice and consent. It's been since 1888 that a Senate of a different party than the president in the White House confirmed a Supreme Court nominee.
Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator.
As a result of the strategic patience policy, we now have North Korea testing four times an atomic weapon; they've violated numerous United Nations sanctions, U.S. sanctions by launching ballistic missile tests.
I think people need to be treated with respect, and that's what we've demanded from everyone.
The fact is, our men and women in uniform, the bravest in the world, did everything they could to protect this country from a terror threat and to protect others from the terror threat that was Saddam Hussein. And nobody can deny that we are in a better place because Saddam Hussein is dead.
What can we do to put more Colorado in Washington and less Washington in Colorado?
I think a 'no' vote is giving the victor, whoever that may be, the win without your participation.
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