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Cory Trepanier

Cory TrΓ©panier was a Canadian landscape painter and filmmaker, best known for his detailed oil paintings of the Canadian wilderness. He was also the creator of five films documenting his extensive painting journeys: A Painter's Odyssey, Into The Arctic, Into The Arctic II, TrueWild: Kluane and Into The Arctic: Awakening.

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Hunger for excellence. Continuously seek inspiration to make your work better.
Nothing quite delivers the full experience of being out there like floating around soaking up the warmth of the early morning rays with a brush in hand.
Of course there is sometimes a price to pay. While I was busy painting, not only was my light dissipating quickly, but the fog had crept in slowly at the same time. When I lifted my eyes from the panel, I realized that I had better get a move on - and quickly.
Spend at least 20-30% of your time marketing. You have to pay for this either way. Either you pay a gallery to do this for you , or you put your time and effort into it. Unless people see the great art you're making, they'll never buy it.
Find a business mentor. Connect with others who are successful in other lines of business. Bounce ideas off them, pick their brains. Maybe they can re-write a proposal for you.
As the evening mist worked its way into the scene, creating a warm filter through which the lowering sun bathed its light, it was all I could to to keep painting, and not just put my brushes down and soak it all in. Which, of course, I did for a while anyway.
A personal website is vital, but it needs to change and evolve. β€” Β© Cory Trepanier
A personal website is vital, but it needs to change and evolve.
As I look back on my fondness for the outdoors, and specifically the elements in nature that I find visually stimulating, I am surprised at how often the theme of dead trees arise. I guess it's that each one seems to have a story of its own, representing many years of living through everything that nature could throw at them.
Create quality art.... meaningful, passionate and high quality work! If it's not meaningful to you, how can you expect it to be meaningful to anyone else?
Unlike the urban development that I see taking over and swallowing up our precious soil, when we interact with our environment in a way that allows for regeneration and natural spaces, the outcome can be beautiful.
Most people view the artistic process as something of a mystery. Leverage that, and engage your prospective clients with good stories. For many, buying art is their escape from the real world. Make it entertaining and enjoyable.
Rather than listening to music while you paint, listen to the sort of wisdom that can help grow your career.
Develop a mailing list... anyone who comes through your studio or meets you at art shows or anywhere. It's the power of permission-based marketing. Email your latest work to the list, every month.
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