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Cosimo Matassa

Cosimo Vincent Matassa was an American recording engineer and studio owner, responsible for many R&B and early rock and roll recordings.

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Acceptable Artists Clean Confluence Convinced Dubbing Enjoying Enjoying Life Excitement Felt Hide All Good Good Music Good Way Happy History Kind Life Listening Live Living Love Made Make Making Making A Living Mind Music Musicians People Perfectly Playing Pretty Recognize Record Recording Records Rock Rock And Roll Roll Sense Thrill Tracking Types Vicarious White Younger Younger People Less More Hide All See All
I'm one of the old crabby types and younger people are perfectly happy with everything that goes on.
I always felt that's why people buy records anyhow is because they get that vicarious excitement and thrill that they don't get unless they buy your record.
A lot of good musicians made me look good. — © Cosimo Matassa
A lot of good musicians made me look good.
I don't like tracking and over dubbing and all that. I love live recording where everybody is playing. I, I'm convinced it's better.
If anybody had a sense of history, it wasn't me, I'll tell you that. I, I was just enjoying life and, and making a living and, and, you know, listening to all this good music. No, there was never in my mind any kind of sense of history, nothing.
Rock and roll was a good way to, to first recognize the, the confluence of white artists with it but also to kind of pretty it up a little bit, clean it up a little bit, make it more acceptable to, to people.
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