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Vatsal Sheth

Vatsal Sheth is an Indian actor, model and entrepreneur. He has acted in many Indian television shows and many Hindi films, and is known for his portrayal of Raj Chaudhary in the 2004 film Taarzan: The Wonder Car, Shaurya Goenka in the 2014 thriller series Ek Hasina Thi, and Kabir Raichand in the 2017 love-saga series Haasil.

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Out of 10-20 films, one becomes a hit, while on TV very rarely shows fail.
What I love about Salman bhai is that he's one superstar minus any ego. And you see people around, who haven't achieved much in life, yet their ego is too strong.
I had always wanted a small, private wedding. — © Vatsal Sheth
I had always wanted a small, private wedding.
It's not just about television or films, or acting as a whole. It is all about doing only those things which make you happy.
As kids, we want to ape our parents.
Jis Din Tum' is such a beautiful song to hear. When I came to know that we were going to shoot it in the rain, it was so exciting!
When I talk to girls, they run away.
I am a vegetarian and follow a strict and disciplined diet.
Chocolates are a must have in my refrigerator.
I might not be a great cook when I am preparing something for myself, but when it comes to cooking for others, somehow my cooking skills are at their best.
Just Mohabbat' is one of my favorite projects.
YRHPK' is a huge show and I feel honoured to be a part of it.
I remember that during 'Ek Hasina Thi,' a fan of the show had a king-size poster of me in her bedroom, which she would attack after every episode! — © Vatsal Sheth
I remember that during 'Ek Hasina Thi,' a fan of the show had a king-size poster of me in her bedroom, which she would attack after every episode!
As an actor, I want to do roles that get appreciation from audience.
With Ishita by my side, I feel that life is complete.
Marriage is sacred and I did not want to make an event out of it.
I feel D-Town makers are coming up with interesting concepts.
I cannot do without my maa ke haath ka khana. It is simply out of the world!
Certain things which were happening in the industry needed to be corrected or stopped. There were a lot of people who were taking undue advantage and exploiting young talents.
I have always wanted to be married to the right woman, however long it took.
TV has definitely grown a lot over the years.
It's important we preserve nature and allow our future generations to experience the best of it.
I have been part of 'Gehraiyaan' and I must say it is great to be part of pocket-content for the only reason that the feedback is instant. Also, the audience is evolved and mature enough to embrace bold and progressive content.
I was interested in computer programming as a kid. In fact, during my college days, I used to be a hacker.
You cannot provide random content.
Times are changing fast and we, as actors, need to upgrade our armoury every now and then.
If you compare TV and films, the success ratio of television is higher than films.
For me, my coffee has to be just perfect.
I love my coffee.
Nature has always been close to me.
Just like a politician's son or daughter joins politics, it happens in our industry, too.
For me, it is important to take gaps after finishing a project.
I believe in doing roles that make me explore new terrain as an actor.
While I am open to doing a Gujarati film, I don't want to be a part of anything stereotypical. It has to be something out of the box, if something like that comes up, I will surely do it.
I can't work like a machine, unlike other TV actors.
I love working with good actors as it gives me a lot of experience.
All I know is that if a show is running for months or years, it only means audience has liked it.
Honestly, playing negative roles is much more fun, because there are no restrictions. — © Vatsal Sheth
Honestly, playing negative roles is much more fun, because there are no restrictions.
The big screen and the small screen are two very different mediums - they are perceived differently by people.
I used to break glasses and punch people in 'Ek Hasina Thi,' but it was all pardoned as my character was negative.
I took up a few sessions online to learn to play flute.
I would love sitting in the wilderness as a kid and I still love it.
Ishita and I have a sweet tooth and we both love mithai.
I'm a proud Gujarati and it makes me very happy that Gujarati movies are coming up with great content.
Hostel' is a hard-hitting reality film depicting actual hostel life and I hope to break from my chocolate boy image.
My character Kabir Raichand in 'Haasil' is quite a brat. It's a very naughty character... very impulsive. He does a lot of things without thinking and then realises that 'oops I messed it up.' But he is very clean hearted, straight forward and a nice guy.
I believe that work should be done with 100 per cent dedication.
Home food is my only comfort food. — © Vatsal Sheth
Home food is my only comfort food.
The move from television to movies and then working hard to create your own niche - is difficult. It took time.
I make poha, upma, sometimes noodles and bread pizzas.
All the movies that I have done and all the people I have worked with have been great.
I take the fact that people cast me more in negative roles as a compliment.
I am a very boring person in real life and not at all confident.
Ahmedabad is like home to me. The one thing I enjoy the most here is the chai. It's just the way I like it.
I would love to do a reality show sometime.
I loved being surrounded by gadgets.
It's for 'Haasil' that finally I got to do a lot of water surfing. Kabir Raichand, my character performs surfing and to do it accurately, I had undergone a crash course in Mauritius.
After 'Ek Hasina Thi' I took a break as I was not getting the roles of my choice.
Look at Kartik Aaryan, Ayushmann Khurrana - they aren't from the industry, they worked very hard. Varun Dhawan is a great actor. I know how hard he works on his craft and even in the gym, so you can't ignore that and just talk about him being a director's son.
I am really eager to do a Gujarati film and ideally, I would love to be a part of a light-hearted story.
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