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Wendell Berry

Wendell Erdman Berry is an American novelist, poet, essayist, environmental activist, cultural critic, and farmer. He is an elected member of the Fellowship of Southern Writers, a recipient of The National Humanities Medal, and the Jefferson Lecturer for 2012. He is also a 2013 Fellow of The American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Berry was named the recipient of the 2013 Richard C. Holbrooke Distinguished Achievement Award. On January 28, 2015, he became the first living writer to be inducted into the Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame.

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Betrayal Better Days Beware Bible Big Girl Biological Bird Birds Birth Blame Blasphemy Blended Blessed Blessing Blind Blinded Blood Blooming Blow Boat Bodies Body Bombing Bond Bones Book Born Borrowed Bottled Bottom Bound Bounty Brain Brave Bravely Bread Break Breakfast Breath Breathing Breeds Brethren Bright Bring Brings Broken Brought Brown Bucket Build Built Burden Burning Burnt Burst Business Buying By-Product Caesar Caged Caged Animal Calf Call Calling Calls Calm Camp Canal Candor Capable Capacity Capitalism Captains Captains Of Industry Captured Card Care Carefully Careless Cares Caretakers Carried Carried Away Carries Carry Carrying Carrying A Child Case Catastrophe Catastrophic Catch Category Cattle Caught Cause And Effect Caused Cease Ceases Cedar Celebration Central Centralized Century Certain Level Cezanne Chain Chance Change Change Of Heart Changed Chapters Character Characteristic Charity Cheap Cheaper Cheapness Checks Checks And Balances Chemical Chemical Warfare Chemicals Cherish Chernobyl Chicken Chief Child Children Chimney Choice Choices Choose Choosing Chose Chosen Christ Christian Christianity Christians Church Circle Circles Circumstances Cities Citizen Citizens City Civilian Civilization Civilized Claims Classrooms Clean Clear Clear Day Cleverness Cliffs Close Closes Clothes Clothing Cloud Clouds Clover Clutter Coal Coherent Cold Collaborate Collaborating Comb Comfort Comforter Coming Commandments Commercial Commit Commitment Committed Common Common Ground Common Sense Commonly Commonwealth Communal Communicate Communion Communities Community Company Comparing Compassion Compatible Compelled Competent Competition Complaining Complaints Complex Complexity Complicit Comprehend Comprehension Compunction Computation Computer Computers Conceive Conceived Concentration Concentration Camp Concentration Of Wealth Concept Concern Concerned Concerns Concrete Condemn Condemnation Condition Conditional Conditioned Conditions Conflict Confront 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Invaded Invariably Invent Invented Invest Invisible Invites Inviting Involve Involved Involvement Involves Iraq Irreplaceable Irresponsibility Islam Isolated Issue Issues Items Jesus Job Creation Jobs John Join Joined Joining Journey Joyful Judge Judgment Judgments Justice Justice And Mercy Justification Justify Keen Keeping Kentucky Killjoy Kind Kindly Kindness Kinds Knew Knocking Knowing Knowledge Label Labor Lack Lacking Lacks Laid Lake Lakes Lamb Land Land Use Landscape Lane Language Large Large-Scale Larger Lasted Lasts Late Latest Latest Technology Laugh Laughter Laws Layer Lazy Leaders Leading Leads Leaf Learn Learned Learner Learning Leave Leaves Left Legal Legitimate Leisure Length Lesson Letter Letters Letting Level Liberal Liberal Education Libraries Lies Life Life Is Life Is A Light Light And Dark Lightly Likelihood Lilies Limit Limited Limitless Limits Line Lines Literally Liturgy Live Live By Live Forever Live Free Lived Lives Living Living Creatures Living On Living Thing Living Things Loafing Local Local Community Local Economies Local Food Locality Locally Logic Loneliness Lonely Long Long Ago Long Run Long Time Long-Term Longer Longevity Longing Looked Lord Lose Losing Loss Lost Lots Loud Love Love Is Love My Children Love One Another Love Someone Loved Loved One Loved Ones Lovers Loves Loving Lowest Luck Luxury Lying Machine Machinery Machines Made Made It Magnificent Mail Main Main Thing Maintain Maintaining Maintenance Majesty Major Majority Make Make A Difference Make Sense Makes Making Making Peace Management Manifest Manifestation Manual Manufacturing Manure Marble March Mark Market Market Economy Markets Marriage Marriages Married Marry Marshes Mass Massacre Massive Mastered Material Materials Matter Matters Maturity Meal Meaning Meaning Of Meaningful Means Meant Measure Measurement Meat Mechanical Medical Medical Doctor Mediocrity Meet Meeting Meets Members Membership Memory Mental Mercy Mere Merits Mess Metal Methods Microorganisms Midst Mighty Migrant Migrant Workers Miles Military Military History Milk Millennium Millionaire Millions Millions Of People Mind Minds Mine Mining Minorities Minute Miracle Miracle Of Life Miracles Miraculous Miserable Missing Mistrust Misuse Mixture Mode Model Modern Modern History Modern War Modest Mold Moment Moments Monetary Money Monsanto Months Moon Moral Morality More Time Morning Mornings Mortal Mortality Mortals Mother Mother Nature Motions Motive Motives Mountain Mountains Mourn Mouth Move Moved Movement Moves Movie Muddy Murder Muse Muses Music Mustard Mustard Seed Mute Mutual Mutual Help My Children My Family My Grandfather My Heart My Life Mysteries Mysterious Mystery Nagging Narrow Nation National Nations Natural Natural Beauty Natural Life Natural World Nature Nearby Necessarily Necessary Change Necessity Neglect Neglected Neighbor Neighborhood Neighborhoods Neighbors Neighbour Neighbours Never Forget New Earth New Place New Thing New World Night Nightmare Nights No Choice No Doubt No Hope No Life No Respect No Sense Nobody Cares Nonentity Normal Norms North Notes Notice Noticed Notion Notions Novelty November Nuclear Nuclear Power Number Numerical Nurse Nutrition Object Objective Obligation Observance Observe Observed Obsession Obstacle Obstacles Obvious Occasional Occasions Occur Oceans Offend Offer Offers Official Old Feelings Older Ominous Omnipotence On The Contrary One Thing Oneself Only Time Open Open Space Opening Openness Operator Opinion Oppose Opposing Opposite Opposition Oppression Orchard Order Ordinary Ordinary People Organically Organism Organizations Organized Organized Religion Oriented Origins Ornaments Orphans Orthodox Ostentation Other Countries Our Children Our Community Our Country Our Daily Bread Our Future Our Lives Our Love Our Prayers Our Relationship Our Society Our Thoughts Our Time Our World Out Of Time Outcome Outdated Outdoor Outdoors Outer Outer Space Over The Edge Overflow Overflowing Overrated Oversimplification 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Possession Possessions Possibilities Possibility Potato Potential Poverty Power Power Plant Power Plants Powerful Powerful People Powers Practical Practice Practiced Practices Prairie Praise Pray Pray For Prayed Prayer Prayers Precious Precisely Predatory Predicament Predict Prediction Prefer Preference Pregnant Prepare Prepared Preparing Presence Present Presenting Preserve Preserving Pressing Pressure Prestige Presumption Pretty Previous Price Pride Primarily Primary Principle Principled Principles Prisoner Private Private Life Privately Privilege Prized Problem Problems Process Processed Produce Produced Producer Producers Producing Product Production Productivity Products Profession Professional Profit Profitable Profoundly Progress Promise Promised Promises Promoters Proper Properly Property Prosperity Prosperous Protect Protects Protest Protesting Protests Prove Provide Provided Proxy Psalms Puberty Public Public Transportation Publicly Pulse Punched Punishments Pure Puts Putting 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Restoration Restoring Restrain Restrained Restraint Rests Result Results Resume Resurrection Retirement Return Returning Returns Reveal Reveals Revelation Reverence Revolution Rewarded Rewarding Rich Right Answer Right Thing Righteousness Rightly Rights Ripples Rise Rising Risks Ritual River Rivers Roaches Road Robbery Robbing Rocks Rocky Room Root Roots Rose Round Rows Ruined Ruins Rule Rural Sabbath Sacrament Sacred Sacred Places Sacrifice Sacrilegious Safely Safest Safety Sake Salary Salvation Same Thing Same Time Sanctity Sane Sanity Saplings Satisfied Satisfy Save Saved Saving Scale Scales Scarcity Scare Scars Scary Scattered Scenery Schedule School Schooling Science Scientist Scratch Screens Scriptures Search Secrecy Secure Security Seducing Seed Seeds Seek Sees Seldom Self-Serving Selfishness Sell Send Sense Sermons Serve Service Services Serving Sets Settled Sewage Sexual Shade Shadow Shadows Shaken Shakes Shaking Shaking It Sham Shameful Shape Shapes Shaping Share Shared 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Start Starving State Stated Statement States Statistical Statistics Status Status Quo Stay Staying Stays Steam Steer Stellar Step Stewards Stewardship Stick Sticking Stirring Stitches Stood Stop Store Stories Storm Storms Story Straight Strange Stray Stream Streams Street Stressful Strictly Strike Strip Strive Strong Stronger Strongest Student Stupid Stupidest Stupidity Subject Subjects Submit Subsequent Subsistence Substances Substitute Subtle Succeed Success Succession Successors Suddenly Suffer Suffered Suffering Suggest Suicidal Suit Sunday Sundays Sunlight Superficial Superior Superstitious Supplies Supply Supply And Demand Support Supporters Supporting Suppose Supposed Surely Surface Surrounding Surroundings Surrounds Survival Survive Suspect Suspicion Sustain Sustainable Sustainable Agriculture Swayed Swear Sweat Symbiosis Symbol Sympathy System Take Care Takes Taking Talk Talked Talker Talking Task Tasks Taxation Teach Teacher Teachers Technician Techniques Technological Technology Television Telling Tells Temples Temporary Tempting Tend Tenderness Term Terms Terrible Terrible Thing Test Testimony Thankful The History Of The Most Important The Only Thing The Right Thing Theologian Theory These Days Thin Thing Things Thinking Thinks Thirst Thirsty Thirty This Is A Book This Life This World Thou Thought Thoughtless Thoughts Thousand Thousand Years Thousands Thread Threat Threatening Three-Dimensional Thrift Throat Thrust Thyself Tied Till Timber Time Time Is Money Times To Live By To Love To Survive Today Together Forever Tolerance Tolerating Tomorrow Tool Topography Topsoil Torn Tortured Total Totally Touch Town Tracks Trade Trade-Off Tradition Traditional Trail Transient Transportation Travel Traveled Traveling Treat Treated Treaties Tree Trees Trial Troublesome True True Measure Truest Trust Truth Truth Is Turn Turned Turning Turns Twentieth Twentieth Century Ugliness Ugly Ultimately Unable Unaware Unconcerned Undeniable Understand Understanding Understands Understood Unemployed Unemployment Unexpected Unhappy Unheard Uniform Uninterested Union Unique Unit United United States Unity Universal Universe University Unknown Unlike Unlimited Unnatural Unorganized Unqualified Unreal Unsettling Uprooted Upstream Upward Urban Urgent Usage Use And Abuse Useless User Vacation Vacations Vacuity Valid Valuable Values Variations Variety Vast Vegetables Veins Venture Version Viable Victimization Vietnam View Villainy Vines Violence Violent Virtue Virtues Visible Vision Visions Vocation Voice Voices Votes Vows Wage Wailing Wait Waiting Waits Wake Waking Waking Up Walk Walked Walking Walks Walls Wanted War Warfare Warm Warming Wars Waste Wasted Wasteful Wasting Watching Water Waters Watersheds Ways Weakness Weakness Of Character Weaknesses Wealth Weapons Wear Weeds Weekends Weeks Welcomed Welfare Western Wetlands Wheat Whimsical Who Cares Whole Truth Whole World Wholeheartedly Wholeness Wholesomeness Wholly Wide Widows Widows And Orphans Wild Wild Places Wild Things Wilderness Wildflowers Wildlife Wildness William Willing To Learn Willingness Wind Window Winds Windy Wine Wings Winter Wire Wisdom Withhold Without Hope Wits Woman Women Wonderful Wonders Wood Woods Word Words Work Work To Be Done Worker Workers Working Works World World And Love World War World War I World War II Worldly Worms Worn Worry Worse Worst Worth Worthy Wound Woven Wren Write Writer Writing Writing Stories Written Wrong Wrong Direction Wrongs Year Year-Round Years Yesterday Yield Young Young Love Young Man Young People Young Woman Your Future Youth Less More Hide All See All
It is a horrible fact that we can read in the daily paper, without interrupting our breakfast, numerical reckonings of death and destruction that ought to break our hearts or scare us out of our wits.
I prayed like a man walking in a forest at night, feeling his way with his hands, at each step fearing to fall into pure bottomlessness forever. Prayer is like lying awake at night, afraid, with your head under the cover, hearing only the beating of your own heart.
We cannot comprehend what comprehends us. β€” Β© Wendell Berry
We cannot comprehend what comprehends us.
When you are new at sheep-raising and your ewe has a lamb, your impulse is to stay there and help it nurse and see to it and all. After a while, you know that the best thing you can do is walk out of the barn.
The uplands of my home country in north central Kentucky are sloping and easily eroded, dependent for safekeeping upon year-round cover of perennial plants.
We cannot know the whole truth, which belongs to God alone, but our task nevertheless is to seek to know what is true. And if we offend gravely enough against what we know to be true, as by failing badly enough to deal affectionately and responsibly with our land and our neighbors, truth will retaliate with ugliness, poverty, and disease.
These are people who are capable of devotion, public devotion, to justice. They meant what they said and every day that passes, they mean it more.
The fertility cycle is a cycle entirely of living creatures passing again and again through birth, growth, maturity, death, and decay.
For any sin, we all suffer. That is why our suffering is endless.
Better than any argument is to rise at dawn and pick dew-wet red berries in a cup.
If conservationists will attempt to resume responsibility for their need to eat, they will be led back fairly directly to all their previous concerns for the welfare of nature.
I'm a writer more than I am a talker.
The latest technology is not always good for anything except to the producers of the technology.
To hear of a thousand deaths in war is terrible, and we 'know' that it is. But as it registers on our hearts, it is not more terrible than one death fully imagined. β€” Β© Wendell Berry
To hear of a thousand deaths in war is terrible, and we 'know' that it is. But as it registers on our hearts, it is not more terrible than one death fully imagined.
The old and honorable idea of 'vocation' is simply that we each are called, by God, or by our gifts, or by our preference, to a kind of good work for which we are particularly fitted.
There are no sacred and unsacred places; there are only sacred and desecrated places. My belief is that the world and our life in it are conditional gifts.
Annual plants are nature's emergency medical service, seeded in sounds and scars to hold the land until the perennial cover is re-established.
I come into the peace of wild things who do not tax their lives with forethought of grief... For a time I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.
Whether we or our politicians know it or not, Nature is party to all our deals and decisions, and she has more votes, a longer memory, and a sterner sense of justice than we do.
We have the world to live in on the condition that we will take good care of it. And to take good care of it, we have to know it. And to know it and to be willing to take care of it, we have to love it.
To be interested in food but not in food production is clearly absurd.
I've had a good life, and was born to and among people I've admired and loved.
The only time I've been arrested was in opposing the Marble Hill nuclear power plant in Indiana. That was in 1979.
It is not from ourselves that we learn to be better than we are.
The two great aims of industrialism - replacement of people by technology and concentration of wealth into the hands of a small plutocracy - seem close to fulfillment.
We're all complicit in the things we may be trying to oppose. I'm complicit in the things that I'm trying to oppose.
This, I thought, is what is meant by 'thy will be done' in the Lord's Prayer, which I had prayed time and again without thinking about it. It means that your will and God's will may not be the same. It means there's a good possibility that you won't get what you pray for. It means that in spite of your prayers you are going to suffer.
We learn from our gardens to deal with the most urgent question of the time: How much is enough?
Why should conservationists have a positive interest in... farming? There are lots of reasons, but the plainest is: Conservationists eat.
The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it and to foster its renewal is our only hope.
The primary motive for good care and good use of the land-community is always going to be affection, which is too often lacking.
Whether we and our politicians know it or not, Nature is party to all our deals and decisions, and she has more votes, a longer memory, and a sterner sense of justice than we do.
If I was freer than I had ever been in my life, I was not yet entirely free, for I still hung on to an idea that had been set deep in me by all my schooling so far: I was a bright boy and I ought to make something out of myself... something else that would be a cut or two above my humble origins.
An economy genuinely local and neighborly offers to localities a measure of security that they cannot derive from a national or a global economy controlled by people who, by principle, have no local commitment.
Urban conservationists may feel entitled to be unconcerned about food production because they are not farmers. But they can't be let off so easily, for they are all farming by proxy.
All right, every day ain't going to be the best day of your life, don't worry about that. If you stick to it you hold the possibility open that you will have better days.
I am not bound for any public place, but for ground of my own where I have planted vines and orchard trees, and in the heat of the day climbed up into the healing shadow of the woods.
Industrial agriculture characteristically proceeds by single solutions to single problems: If you want the most money from your land this year, grow the crops for which the market price is highest.
To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival. β€” Β© Wendell Berry
To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival.
The atmosphere, the earth, the water and the water cycle - those things are good gifts. The ecosystems, the ecosphere, those are good gifts. We have to regard them as gifts because we couldn't make them. We have to regard them as good gifts because we couldn't live without them.
The past is our definition. We may strive with good reason to escape it, or to escape what is bad in it. But we will escape it only by adding something better to it.
If we can't afford to take good care of the land that feeds us, we're in an insurmountable mess.
For the true measure of agriculture is not the sophistication of its equipment the size of its income or even the statistics of its productivity but the good health of the land.
Outdoors we are confronted everywhere with wonders; we see that the miraculous is not extraordinary, but the common mode of existence. It is our daily bread.
We don't have a right to ask whether we're going to succeed or not. The only question we have a right to ask is what's the right thing to do? What does this earth require of us if we want to continue to live on it?
We clasp the hands of those who go before us, and the hands of those who come after us; we enter the little circle of each other's arms, and the larger circle of lovers whose hands are joined in a dance, and the larger circle of all creatures, passing in and out of life, who move also in a dance, to a music so subtle and vast that no ear hears it except in fragments.
We enter solitude, in which also we lose loneliness. True solitude is found in the wild places, where one is without human obligation. One’s inner voices become audible. One feels the attraction of one’s most intimate sources. In consequence, one responds more clearly to other lives. The more coherent one becomes within oneself as a creature, the more fully one enters into the communion of all creatures.
Good farmers, who take seriously their duties as stewards of Creation and of their land's inheritors, contribute to the welfare of society in more ways than society usually acknowledges, or even knows. These farmers produce valuable goods, of course; but they also conserve soil, they conserve water, they conserve wildlife, they conserve open space, they conserve scenery.
Do unto those downstream as you would have those upstream do unto you. β€” Β© Wendell Berry
Do unto those downstream as you would have those upstream do unto you.
A community is the mental and spiritual condition of knowing that the place is shared, and that the people who share the place define and limit the possibilities of each other's lives. It is the knowledge that people have of each other, their concern for each other, their trust in each other, the freedom with which they come and go among themselves.
It may be that when we no longer know... which way to go we have begun our real journey. The mind that is not baffled is not employed. The impeded stream is the one that sings.
When despair for the world grows in me and I wake in the night at the least sound in fear of what my life and my children's lives may be, I go and lie down where the wood drake rests in his beauty on the water, and the great heron feeds. I come into the peace of wild things who do not tax their lives with forethought of grief. I come into the presence of still water. And I feel above me the day-blind stars waiting with their light. For a time I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.
Under the pavement the dirt is dreaming of grass.
There are moments when the heart is generous, and then it knows that for better or worse our lives are woven together here, one with one another and with the place and all the living things.
We have lived our lives by the assumption that what was good for us would be good for the world. We have been wrong. We must change our lives so that it will be possible to live by the contrary assumption, that what is good for the world will be good for us. And that requires that we make the effort to know the world and learn what is good for it.
People are fed by the food industry, which pays no attention to health, and are treated by the health industry, which pays no attention to food.
The soil is the great connector of lives, the source and destination of all. It is the healer and restorer and resurrector, by which disease passes into health, age into youth, death into life. Without proper care for it we can have no community, because without proper care for it we can have no life.
And the world cannot be discovered by a journey of miles, no matter how long, but only by a spiritual journey, a journey of one inch, very arduous and humbling and joyful, by which we arrive at the ground at our own feet, and learn to be at home.
Sit and be still until in the time of no rain you hear beneath the dry wind's commotion in the trees the sound of flowing water among the rocks, a stream unheard before, and you are where breathing is prayer.
When I rise up, let me rise up joyful like a bird. When I fall, let me fall without regret like a leaf.
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