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'The Outsider' is a culmination of a lot of things I've been working diligently toward as a recording artist. Hopefully it will render my past pigeonholing obsolete while positioning me more solidly as a socially conscious American singer/songwriter. Wouldn't that be entertaining?
I think it is time for a radical federalism in this country, where people trust innovation coming from the local level and ramp that up.
To receive footage that has been shot with editing in mind, it is a blessing. — © Thelma Schoonmaker
To receive footage that has been shot with editing in mind, it is a blessing.
I'm so grateful to be part of the Sundance family.
Every day, I was on the street dribbling, doing skills. I wasn't in an academy till I was 19.
You're always facing the top defenders in this league. To go out there and do your best, that's all you can ask for.
Be modest, be respectful of others, try to understand.
I have spent more time in my life working and being in restaurants than being at home. I immediately feel comfortable entering a restaurant, and I feel even more comfortable in the back with the chef and cooks.
Peace does not include a vendetta; there will be neither winners nor losers.
We want our legacy to stand upon the youth. We want to give knowledge to the younger generation and be a part of changing the game.
When I was little, I went to the Sahara desert and met an older woman with beautiful earrings that came all the way down to her stomach. She told me, 'For us Tuareg, jewelry is not meant for decoration. It absorbs negative energy that comes your way.' So think twice when you buy a vintage ring!
Marvel heroes, at their core, are people who are damaged, are people that are trying to figure out who they are in life. And that doesn't matter whether or not they're X-Men characters or they're Matt Murdock or they're Tony Stark or they're Peter Parker... That's where it starts.
When followed correctly, the Dukan Diet is both a safe and effective method of weight loss. — © Pierre Dukan
When followed correctly, the Dukan Diet is both a safe and effective method of weight loss.
I've criticized Republicans for their lack of fiscal discipline when they controlled Congress before 2007. However, that is no excuse to just continue with more of the same or, as the case is now, to make it worse. Under House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's budget, we will double the national debt in five years and triple it in 10.
I have been very interested in the number of kids who have read the Sherlock Holmes books after reading the Mary Russell books. That's great. That's more or less how I rediscovered the Holmes books.
A dialogue among civilizations can be seen as a dialogue between the individual and the universal.
Everyone seems to have this awareness of Charlie Chaplin because he was a really good businessman while Buster Keaton wasn't.
Ideology has very little to do with 'consciousness' - it is profoundly unconscious.
I absolutely love spending time with my family.
It sure would be nice to have a Washington that was there for us, but most help has always been local and regional.
Pete Buttigieg is one of my closest friends as a mayor.
Adolescence in our culture for a young woman, for a girl, is a hard road.
I think connected to poverty is the trauma of poverty. It's not just a material thing; it's a psychological thing that we have no mental health system in this country.
Algeria is not breaking up.
So, the international community are all the countries that are important: the United States definitely everywhere; the European Union because it is very important, and also, they do show a great deal of international responsibility; and then the local players.
The third point is that for some time the UN has been talking about helping Afghanistan in the reconstruction of the country but there has never been any real commitment by the international community to provide resources for that.
We never clocked a job.
I think, in the middle of the '90s, I made a couple of records where I tried to figure out what I thought the radio wanted from me. They weren't my best records by any stretch of the imagination. It didn't take me too long to figure out, 'Whoa, back up, dude. Just go back to following your heart, and it will all be OK.'
At times one feels that what is being said in the West is that the fact that you are a Muslim predisposes you to this blind, stupid terrorism.
I'm not a person who believes in the great difference between women and men as editors. But I do think that quality is key. We're very good at organizing and discipline and patience, and patience is 50 per cent of editing. You have to keep banging away at something until you get it to work. I think women are maybe better at that.
The best thing I can say about 'Teen Wolf Too' is that it's the only time anyone ever referred to me as Preston Sturges. Leonard Maltin wrote that 'Teen Wolf Too' made 'Teen Wolf' look like Preston Sturges. I've always prided myself on that.
When I go back to seek inspiration - whether it be from Chuck Berry, Howlin' Wolf, the Beatles, Hank Williams, Ray Charles or Bob Dylan - it's from the performance. Those artists are in the studio playing their instrument and singing. There's no going back and redoing the vocals.
If a sanctuary city means that our police department does not enforce federal immigration laws, then we are one. But declaring yourself a 'sanctuary city' also signals to a lot of people that you are protecting hard-core criminals, which I don't, and I don't believe in.
There's no question we need more housing, and we have to fight for that throughout California.
It's difficult to have the Africa Cup of Nations during the season because you focus on the league, and then you go to Africa, then straightaway you come back and have to refocus in the league.
I was born with this talent, so I've just worked hard, and now it's gone well for me. But I'm not going to lie - I didn't expect to be top of the Premier League.
I try to work on all aspects of my game, whether it be run, pass. I think you can never stop growing, and I definitely take that mindset. You've just got to keep on grinding.
It's wonderful to work on footage by someone who understands how to get it to cut right, which a lot of directors don't. — © Thelma Schoonmaker
It's wonderful to work on footage by someone who understands how to get it to cut right, which a lot of directors don't.
I personally like different chocolates. I like milk chocolate during the day and, during the evening, I like something a little bit stronger with more personality, so maybe a 70-percent or 75-percent bar that's hopefully made with good beans so it's not acidic or bitter.
Probably I understand very much the people who rise against injustice.
I knew nothing about editing when I met Mr. Scorsese... Through a series of weird events, I ended up at New York University, and there was Martin Scorsese, and he had some troubles with a film I was able to fix. That's the only reason I became a filmmaker.
When you are part of a cartel, you don't have a Costco card that says, 'I'm a card-carrying member of the cartel.'
As I started to study old blues recordings and really pay attention to my favorites, it really started to come to me that all of my favorite pieces of music weren't produced, they were performed. The producer is nearly invisible: no thumbprint other than the composition and the performers.
I think a failed state is the responsibility of the people who have made that state fail, and those are generally the people of that country.
The liberation movement which I led in Algeria, the organization that I created to fight the French army, was at first a small movement of nothing at all. We were but some tens of people throughout Algeria, a territory that is five times the size of France.
Mine is the least fat diet in the world.
I wouldn't mind being like X-Men and having the claws. I mean, I don't think they'd let me play football, but it would look cool.
I've had a nice career. I'm no David Bowie or Bruce Springsteen out there. I'm not an icon. I'm just a working artist. — © Rodney Crowell
I've had a nice career. I'm no David Bowie or Bruce Springsteen out there. I'm not an icon. I'm just a working artist.
When you go through a moment, and you are down and losing your head, it gives you a lot of experience.
I want to move people to think and ponder the question of their own healthcare. And it doesn't need to be political thinking.
There's a number of years that went by going from a white belt to a black belt. And I think, in a similar respect, years go by with your maturation process, and it's just as important to be disciplined with that as it was in karate.
When you're in an academy, every day you're in at 9 A.M., and it's, 'Do this, do that,' but we just came with our football.
Having been raised overseas, I wanted to become a diplomat. But the State Department thought I was too 'liberal' to be happy with that job.
I always watch Barcelona on TV at home because I like how they play.
You can easily compare chocolate to wine. What makes a good wine is usually a good terroir, a good grape, and the weather has something to do with it. Chocolate is the same, from where the cacao bean grows to what type of tree it grows on.
I feel like sleep is the most important thing. I notice in my body, when I don't get enough sleep on a consistent basis, how I am dreary, or my mood changes, or I'm not as focused.
Migos ain't stopping. We're gonna keep getting better and better.
Buster Keaton is my hero.
I'm not a supporter of ObamaCare. I voted to repeal it, to defund it, et cetera. But we do need to move on.
Strangely enough, I've become a Metallica fan.
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