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If you know you are going to fail, then fail gloriously.
It's pretty scary to know how quickly time flies.
Everything is a learning process: any time you fall over, it's just teaching you to stand up the next time. — © Joel Edgerton
Everything is a learning process: any time you fall over, it's just teaching you to stand up the next time.
Love one another and you will be happy. It's as simple and as difficult as that.
My goal is to give girls and boys a different idea of expression. It's not always about looking pretty or cute. It's about expressing yourself however that may be, even if that's being silly or goofy or weird.
A gentleman never talks about his tailor.
It was wrong to capture wild animals and confine them in captivity for people to go and gawk at them. And that's basically how zoos got started. But once you do that, and once you have animals that have been bred in captivity, you're really stuck with them in some sense. You can't return them to the wild.
To me, the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions.
Anything can happen, so you have to control your attitude and stay strong.
All human beings deserve equal treatment, no matter their gender identity or sexuality.
As I'm getting older, I'm really learning unconditional love and loyalty are extremely important.
'Everything happens for a reason' is something that we have to tell ourselves all the time, because it's good to have the idea that something good is around the corner.
Imperfection is perfection. — © Flume
Imperfection is perfection.
Everyone makes mistakes; it's about the way you respond to it that's really important.
My work ethic is don't stop until you reach the top pretty much and I put in dedication every single day of my life, I'm glad it's paying off.
For me in a horror film, just looking down a long corridor and seeing somebody standing there, the simplest thing in the world, has a really seismic impact to me.
Because bisexual people almost have a foot in the gay and the straight world, their friends can misunderstand them too. Like if a bisexual man starts dating another man, people are like 'Ah, he's gay,' but you know, bisexual people remain bisexual, and their attractions can change and flux over time.
I just like donning a nice suit and getting dressed up.
I've battled mental health problems - first, anxiety, and later the depression that anxiety can trigger - on and off for about half my life. Which I don't think is breaking news to anyone: it's something I've been honest about, both privately and publicly, as much as I can.
I used to hate iPhones. Before I got an iPhone, I used to be like, 'What are you doing, sitting there on your phone. Join the real world, man.' I categorically disliked iPhones. When my friends got an iPhone, I was like, 'Oh, we lost him.'
Christopher Hitchens's autobiography, 'Hitch 22', is a poignant read and very interesting because I have a very poor knowledge of recent political history - or, for that matter, distant political history.
The creative people I admire seem to share many characteristics: A fierce restlessness. Healthy cynicism. A real world perspective. An ability to simplify. Restraint. Patience. A genuine balance of confidence and insecurity. And most importantly, humanity.
I'm very proud of my heritage and the blood that runs through my veins. I take a lot of strength from that.
Sugar brings happiness. Eating it once or twice a week in a dessert, that's what life is about. There is nothing wrong with it.
We're all so busy we don't make time to enjoy our lives, good company and good food.
I'm chasing my contenders. I'm talking about that GOAT status.
Respecting every individual is very important. It starts with respecting elders regardless of profession.
I ran track, and my pet event was the 400 meters, and I wanted to be like Cathy Freeman.
I loved my juniors growing up and how fun it was.
For Valentine's Day, I wrote my crush a song and had it professionally recorded. I never released it, though, because I wanted it to be a song just for her. I thought it would be more special that way.
Working with Michael Jackson was awesome. He was an incredible entertainer, dancer, singer, magician, everything, and he was really sweet, too.
The past is there, but life is circular. I have a strong sense of the circularity of time.
In the end, you have to just pull the trigger. Trust the car, trust the brakes, just go.
But when you truly get to know me, I'm a good guy. I'm not the bad boy people think I am.
Where I live, I am surrounded by fresh, organic food, so I eat really well.
I will continue to - my team and I - will continue to work our guts out to make sure this state and its people continue to ensure that we have the best opportunities on this planet.
There can be dramas in your life and you can get over them and become someone. You don't have to wallow in self-pity; you can actually use the experiences in your life to push yourself further and help others.
Some players feel that winning is everything and that losing is a disaster. Not me. I want the spectators to take home a good memory. — © Evonne Goolagong Cawley
Some players feel that winning is everything and that losing is a disaster. Not me. I want the spectators to take home a good memory.
There's a lot of sacrifices you have to make to be the boss.
My disability exists not because I use a wheelchair, but because the broader environment isn't accessible.
Tomorrow doesn't exist, yesterday is gone. The more I remind myself of that, the stronger I feel.
My parents split up when I was 16, and, while Mum came to a few Tests, Dad didn't make many. So I was glad he was at Lord's.
I feel lucky that I got to work with some of the big legends in town.
You can drive your own self crazy. You don't have to be in a bad situation or be bullied every day to feel this way. I was constantly judging myself. That's really the thing that gets you.
Your uniqueness is what makes you special, and that is beautiful.
Acting is a freelance career... you never stop having to prove yourself and fight for work.
Anything worth doing good takes a little chaos.
The very rough story is this: Melbourne boy, out of both my parents' houses at a young age, lived with my grandmother, drama teacher twisted me into doing this TV thing that I thought my mates were doing, too.
You don't have to be naked to be sexy. — © Nicole Kidman
You don't have to be naked to be sexy.
Work hard to achieve integrity in your work and your relationships with the people you work with.
The better you know yourself, the better your relationship with the rest of the world.
I absolutely love my cricket. I would watch it six, seven hours a day when Australia were playing. I grew up in a very spoilt era of Shane Warne, Adam Gilchrist, Glenn McGrath, Brett Lee, Ricky Ponting and others.
Every day, I like to wake up and remind myself to be grateful of the simple things.
I look my best when I take my helmet off after a long motorcycle ride. I have a glow and a bit of helmet hair.
Everybody has adversity in their lives and we all have to find ways of overcoming them. You've got to soldier on, make the best of it, look for the positive in everything.
If I win, it's a bonus. If I lose, the sun still comes up the next day, and it's all good.
If journalism is good, it is controversial, by its nature.
I'm extremely proud to have represented my country. It's truly an honour.
God bless America. God save the Queen. God defend New Zealand and thank Christ for Australia.
I always try and learn as much as I can from different departments on a film set.
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