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I want wins and losses to matter. That is the point of wrestling, everyone is striving to be a champion and your stature in the company is marked by your win-loss record.
I was born in a middle class Muslim family, in a small town called Myonenningh in a northern part of Bangladesh in 1962. My father is a qualified physician; my mother is a housewife. I have two elder brothers and one younger sister. All of them received a liberal education in schools and colleges.
Bangladesh is not a rich country, but we have a big heart. — © Sheikh Hasina
Bangladesh is not a rich country, but we have a big heart.
The concept of surveillance is ingrained in our beings. God was the original surveillance camera.
Poor countries are poor because they are wasting their resources.
It is impossible to practice parliamentary politics without having patience, decency, politeness and courtesy.
At his direction, I have taken command as the temporary Head of the Republic.
How do you manage your online identity? It's something I talk about with my students all the time.
My objective is to fulfil the dream of Bangabandhu through building a hunger- and poverty-free Golden Bangladesh being imbued with the spirit of the War of Liberation.
I'm an artist. And usually when I tell people I'm an artist, they just look at me and say, 'Do you paint?' or 'What kind of medium do you work in?'
At any given time, I have to be looking at different things constantly, and it involves a lot of flying, and it doesn't involve much sleep.
I believe you don't need to spend 6 days on the road to make a good living as a wrestler or 5 days on the road per week necessarily.
Does any one know the number of illegal arms in the country? — © Khaleda Zia
Does any one know the number of illegal arms in the country?
Poverty is the root of all evil.
When Bangladesh refused to renew my passport, I used U.N. travel documents. You can't disown your country.
Just as entrepreneurs developed America, they can develop other countries, too.
I'm motivated by creating a level playing field for the world so that the weak have a chance.
Pakistan is riddled with problems that are rooted in the disproportionate power of the state. Aid has only boosted that power.
After so many cases of terror attacks related to Islamic militancy remaining unresolved in the last few years, the government has no moral authority to stay in power.
What people want is their basic needs. So I'm trying to help people ensure their basic need: that means food security, healthcare, education, and job opportunity and a better life.
It seems to be impossible to hold a credible election without reforming the electoral system.
After the liberation of Bangladesh in 1971, primary education was made free. We are now thinking to make education in the public sector free up to graduation level. We are also thinking of providing a light meal at primary and secondary schools in order to increase the student retention level.
Among all the 'awards' that I have hitherto collected, I consider the title of 'patita' or 'fallen woman' to be the highest. This is an achievement of my long-struggling life as a writer and as a woman.
With 'Being the Elite' you'll see some of the most innovative stuff, but it's going to be very different then the weekly TV show. But that's by design and I want to keep it that way so you'll have outlets to see different things.
We're all creating an archive of our own lives, whether we're aware of it or not.
Nature says women are human beings, men have made religions to deny it. Nature says women are human beings, men cry out no!
Women are oppressed in the east, in the west, in the south, in the north. Women are oppressed inside, outside home, a woman is oppressed in religion, she is oppressed outside religion.
I studied in a medical college and qualified myself as a medical graduate.
China has an almost infinite need for energy, and frankly, the world would be better off if much of that need goes in the direction of wind power.
Fans see the competition between wrestling companies, which is the one thing traditionally everyone has known is real.
A lot of technologies in the world were unusual in the beginning, and became standard. That's the beauty of bottom-up entrepreneurship and innovations.
If Bangladesh succumbs to the rule of one family, it would be a major step backward for the region.
Wrestling fans are a community unlike most others. I've been a part of this community since I was 7 years old, and I can tell you that wresting fans see the world every day through a special lens.
Terrorists have no religion, belief, or race. Having been a target of a number of terrorist attacks myself, I personally empathize with the victims of terrorism and appreciate their need for protection.
When leaders are no longer beholden to the people who elected them, corruption results and the recruitment of extremists becomes easier.
I have been a fan of Dustin Rhodes my whole wrestling-fan life.
To have TNT and ITV, this is the best distribution any wrestling company has had bar none.
Indiscriminate firing by police on people is absolute barbarism. Instead of solving their problems, the government is trying to suppress the people by force. — © Sheikh Hasina
Indiscriminate firing by police on people is absolute barbarism. Instead of solving their problems, the government is trying to suppress the people by force.
Barack Obama has talked a lot about changing the way America relates to the world, and few areas are as ripe for reform as our policies on foreign aid.
Rich countries have been sending aid to poor countries for the last 60 years. And, by and large, this has failed.
I am not scared of anyone. I will write and publish my books.
I believe in peace. Only peaceful co-existence can ensure peace.
The AEW roster has much bigger stars and better wrestlers frankly than the NXT roster.
The fundamentalists are increasing. People, afraid to oppose those fundamentalists, shut their mouths. It is really very difficult to make people move against a sensitive issue like religion, which is the source of fundamentalism.
People questioned if there was enough audience to sustain a major league, high-production value, second wrestling company, nationally, weekly. I think we've shown there is, there isn't any question now.
Religious fundamentalists in Bangladesh have always argued for a ban on my books.
Sheikh Hasina's government is one of the best Bangladesh has ever had. She is taking action against fundamentalists. But even she refused to let me return. I don't think I can ever return home.
We will not allow any group to use our soil to launch a terror attack against any other country. Bangladesh is no longer an exporter of terrorism, nor is it a silk route for arms smuggling as it once was.
People ask me if I get nervous and I get a lot more nervous before a Jaguars or Fulham game. But I get more excited and have more fun at AEW than anything else. — © Tony Khan
People ask me if I get nervous and I get a lot more nervous before a Jaguars or Fulham game. But I get more excited and have more fun at AEW than anything else.
All I ever want is to return to either Bangladesh, my motherland, or India, my adopted home.
How can you question Chris Jericho's work ethic?
The vast majority of the top 100 shows are NFL games in this country.
What's a one person wrestling company? There's not such a thing.
The best way poor people can come out of their poverty is to get on the global highway, not on some dirt side road.
Koranic teaching still insists that the sun moves around the earth. How can we advance when they teach things like that?
I have been writing poetry since 1975. My first poetry book was published in 1986.
The history of Europe over the last several centuries provides clear evidence of the transformative power of commerce.
Yeah, there are a couple of wrestling shows out there with very, very good production values in RAW and SmackDown, but I think we're going to offer something completely different from what they offer, a very, very different kind of product that visually is going to look as good or better in a lot of ways.
We're bringing a focus on wrestling. We're bringing an emphasis on wrestling matches and action taking place in or around the ring. We'll do great interviews too, but in these segments, we can do it all in the arena and around the ring. We can do some stuff backstage; we just don't spend half the show backstage.
I want people to tune into our show, looking forward to it all day, because of great matches.
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