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Saying goodbye to close ones is always the hardest.
Art is a primal need - even under siege, especially under siege.
I have two homes, like someone who leaves their hometown and/or parents and then establishes a life elsewhere. They might say that they're going home when they return to see old friends or parents, but then they go home as well when they go to where they live now. Sarajevo is home, Chicago is home.
The more empathy you have and the more connected you are to society, the better off you'll be. — © Jasmila Zbanic
The more empathy you have and the more connected you are to society, the better off you'll be.
The ninth, the worst circle of the Inferno - Dante intended it for traitors.
When I could choose which national team to play for, I could choose between Luxembourg, France, and Bosnia, and I chose Bosnia because I felt it was important to demonstrate, especially to the young people, that a dream can become true.
I don't think there's so much difference between making documentaries and feature films. I think it's even harder to make documentaries.
PSG are amongst the top eight European clubs. They want to go to the next level in the Champions' League; it is a very big club that would attract any player.
I've followed Roma because my friend Miralem Pjanic is here. It's a great club. I have a good relationship with Miralem.
Memory narrativises itself.
When I was six, I joined FC Schifflange 95, a first-division team in Luxembourg. They knew I had talent, but I knew only hard work gets you anywhere, and I went away from my family at 13 for the first time.
I'm really happy here at City. It's a second home to me, so it was an easy decision to stay for the long term. I knew from the beginning when I started here that I wanted to stay for a long time - I can't see any place better than here.
Regardless of what I was and who I am, above all, the most important thing is to remain human.
I can just remember what I have seen, and then I often think about how I do well throughout the match, and then, if I miss one chance, everyone talks about the miss. Only that.
I do have a sense of displacement as constant instability - the uninterrupted existence of everything that I love and care about is not guaranteed at all. I wait for catastrophes.
I've been a Nick Cave fan since the early '80s when he was part of The Birthday Party thing singing Australian self-destructive rock band and I've always followed his work and loved it.
Nature and other human beings are something you have to respect and you need. — © Jasmila Zbanic
Nature and other human beings are something you have to respect and you need.
Europe is a much more complex historical, cultural, and geographical concept than is envisaged in the reduced approach by the European Union.
I learned a lot about Ottoman court, and it was very Shakespearian in essence. Stories like the one in 'Hamlet' did happen several times in the 500 years of Ottoman history.
Theatre, for me, is about providing to the audience a new and exciting experience.
I am not a player who stays on the edge of the box and waits for a chance.
I always try to do my best. Sometimes is that enough to get a good result, sometimes not, but I never give up, and I never will.
Bayern is a dream destination for every player, one of the best clubs in the world, a real machine.
I suppose I'm interested in sorrow, which is very different from depression or despair. Sorrow is continuous with the world; it allows for creativity.
I am successful if I manage to make a film that I want and if it works emotionally for the audience and if it stays with them after the screening and means something for them. Awards or money have symbolic power.
For the two and a half years in Italy, I can be happy with what I did.
Yes, I am mad - like the Marquis de Sade was mad, like Giordano Bruno was mad, like Antonin Artaud was mad.
Every player has his goals.
Whether man is a product of evolution or is 'created' becomes the question, 'Who is man? Is he part of the world or something different from it?'
When the opportunity came, it was a fantastic thing for myself and my family to do, I couldn't wait to put on a Bosnia shirt, and I haven't really looked back since.
Every striker is stronger when we play with wingers.
I turned down a lot of money by not going to Chelsea, but that's not what I'm interested in.
Nobody is happy when they're not playing.
Strikers are expected to score, and I have two goals in eight games.
I cannot hide being sorry for failing to move to Juventus.
I played my first derby, I won, and I scored. As good as it gets!
I started doing documentaries in the first place because of the war. I always wanted to do feature films, and I studied directing when the war started, so I was working with actors before, in film and in theater. So I think it's easy to work with actors when you have a script that is clear, when they know what and why they are doing it.
The Wahhabi movement is a form of radical Islam that people here say did not exist before in Bosnia, where Islam had co-existed with other major religions and was much softer and more liberal.
David Silva is a great player, and also, off the pitch, he's a great lad. — © Edin Dzeko
David Silva is a great player, and also, off the pitch, he's a great lad.
I took revenge on hardship from my earlier life by forgetting it.
When I came to America, I was already a writer, already published in Bosnia. I was planning to go back, but I had no choice but to stay here after the civil war, so I enrolled at Northwestern in a master's program and studied American literature.
Shevchenko was always the favourite player for me. He was my idol. When we met, we exchanged shirts and talked for a while. It was great.
In the case of Bosnia, studies showed that turning to religion was a consequence of post-war depression and dissatisfaction.
I'm happy I've stayed because Rome has become my home and an indelible part of my life, in an almost unreal way.
Never have I doubted myself, because I know what I am capable of.
I love Manchester. I really do. It's a lovely city, lovely people, and I really enjoyed it there.
To be honest, I don't feel like I am able to say that I had a childhood, not in a way normal kids my age had. I had something that was specific to Bosnia in '90s, something I call a period of survival.
I was never a super sub before I came to City. I used to play always from the beginning, and I scored a lot of goals not as a sub.
Advantages of freedom do not have to be proved by something outside freedom itself. It is its own underwriter.
If you do not play well, it is normal that they criticise you. But criticism is part of the game, so you accept it.
I have always written - since I was a kid. I might say that I am essentially a writer who is bored to be alone in the room writing. I need to have more people around me. So, I 'write' with a film camera and have a party at the same time by having a bunch of people around.
I don't like to talk too much about differences between managers. — © Edin Dzeko
I don't like to talk too much about differences between managers.
My company is called East-West Theatre precisely because Sarajevo is this city on the border between East and West, the place where the Great Mosque and the Catholic Cathedral and the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral stand almost within touching distance of each other.
Art has to be able to match life, to respond to the ever-changing forms of the world, to electrify the audience.
I never played any games like this in Germany, not when you have to fight for 90 minutes. But if I want to be successful in England, I have to get used to it.
War made my everyday problems seem much smaller, and when it is hard sometimes, I just remember that it could be much worse.
I read everything I could find in English - Twain, Henry James, Hemingway, really everything. And then after a while I started writing shorter pieces in English, and one of them got published in a literary magazine and that's how it got started. After that, graduate school didn't seem very important.
Manchester City didn't pay all that money for me because they saw me once on YouTube. They saw me scoring good goals. And I haven't forgotten how to score goals.
In Bosnian, there's no distinction in literature between fiction and nonfiction; there's no word describing that.
I want to show that drama doesn't lie only in blood and destroyed buildings but in daily life, in ordinary human beings.
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