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When I set myself a target, I aim to reach it.
With the right set of mind, with the right people, with the right support, things happen.
It just makes me smile - every time I hear somebody say 'Rusev Day,' it just makes me smile. — © Rusev
It just makes me smile - every time I hear somebody say 'Rusev Day,' it just makes me smile.
The work of art is a scream of freedom.
The question we ask is - if there is life on other planets, should we expect it to be based on the same molecules, i.e. be universal - or should we expect it to depend on the local conditions, i.e. on the planet's geochemistry. So to find out, we try experiments on biomolecules, starting with such geochemistry conditions.
A good journalist is not the one that writes what people say, but the one that writes what he is supposed to write.
You have to forget you are playing against your idol, because the guy on the other side also wants to play better than you and beat you. I don't think you should allow yourself to think like this when you go against any player.
I have so many different interests in so many areas that sometimes I just need to chill, step back, and let it be.
For me, if the ball's in the net, it doesn't matter if it's an overhead kick or just a tap-in.
When an American person hears you speak a different language, you're automatically the bad guy.
There's a lot of distractions in New York.
After Wimbledon is one of the only times you can take time for yourself.
You're going to play a lot of tournaments during the year, a lot of traveling. If you have a good set of mind, you're committed to the work, you want to do that work, and you definitely got to do it. Doesn't matter if you have four, five, six losses in a row, that doesn't have to discourage you to stop all of a sudden.
The only place where people in Manhattan walk for leisure is in the park. — © Christo
The only place where people in Manhattan walk for leisure is in the park.
When you're good at something, there's always someone to spit on you.
I love design; to create stuff from ground zero is the best for me. I'm always so intense when I talk about that.
Sometimes you don't play well or you don't score, and in those times, the pressure comes from all around you as well as from yourself.
Sometimes confidence is everything.
I'm a very creative person in general. I like to create stuff in my downtime off the court.
Our work is a scream of freedom.
Sure, I can afford a nice car and a nice place, but this is not what brings me happiness. Now you're on a high, and people know you and things like that, but how many people will remember your name once it all stops and the money isn't raining from the sky?
I credit my success to my mother. Her prayers and support are everything to me. I know all she does for me, and I know nothing I do can ever pay back the amount of support she has given me.
Trust me: it's no fun where we're on the fourth set, or you've got to serve second serve on a break point down.
I grew up in Bulgaria in a small city on the Black Sea Coast, so I was very interested in the sea, marine life, and everything related to it. But it was also a very dark place at night, so I could see the stars. And I just got very interested in it.
I appreciate where I come from. I never forget.
We tell them that we believe it will be beautiful because that is our specialty, we only create joy and beauty. We have never done a sad work. Through the drawings, we hope a majority will be able to visualize it.
I want to teach the young people the way I see football. The way I eat, the way I am in training.
I like to stay away from that red carpet world unless I absolutely have to do it. I'd rather put on my Tom Ford suit and take a few pictures at home.
It doesn't matter how many goals you score; one goal is enough if you don't let one in your net.
I always tend to think my goals are beautiful goals. That is what I want to score - beautiful goals - and create beautiful chances.
I don't like to show my weaknesses.
I think every person is different in coping with pressure; every person thinks differently. For me, sometimes it is difficult because people expect so much of me.
I am a perfectionist, and I set high standards.
Those who know me, my really close friends, know that I play for enjoyment and to entertain the fans.
The Premier League is in my heart.
I always wanted to be a wrestler; I just didn't know how to do it.
Tennis is such a fun game. One of the things that I really like is that everything depends on you. Before certain matches, you might have those butterflies, but that's the excitement. There's a ton of emotion that you're going through.
I have handled pressure and expectation all through my life. I am not scared of it. — © Dimitar Berbatov
I have handled pressure and expectation all through my life. I am not scared of it.
Life is extremely resilient once it takes hold, but it requires rich chemistry, large energy sources, and stability, right from the beginning. The comparative planetology of our solar system makes it seem like those initial conditions are hard to come by.
I cut my hair. I did that. That wasn't a good decision.
Football is a simple game. It is not difficult to play football: just pass the ball around.
My heart is in the Premier League. I can honestly say that when you've played there, your heart stays there even if you are physically elsewhere.
Most players play with a dream that some day, when they have finished, people will tell their grandchildren that they were a good player. I am the same.
As a striker, people look at the goals you score. But for me, my game is more than just about goals, it is how you link with other players.
One tournament can change everything for you. You never know when that tournament might be.
Obviously, it's tough when you lose a match, but that's how it goes.
I had two or three jobs at the same time just I could afford myself and pay rent and school. Then I had a tryout with WWE, and I got signed right away.
I have always been the kind of guy to adjust to anything. I never cared where I was going to sleep or what court I was going to practise on.
The freedom of every artist is essential. — © Christo
The freedom of every artist is essential.
Now, to describe the process of the Wrapped Reichstag, which went from 1971 to '95, there is an entire book about that, because each one of our projects has its own book. The book is not an art book, meaning it's not written by an art historian.
When we think of what is necessary for the phenomenon that we call life, we think of compartmentalization, keeping the molecules which are important for life in a membrane, isolated from the rest of the environment, but yet, in an environment in which they actually could originate together.
A player becomes great only when he realises he has great team-mates.
I worked at Wendy's for a week.
I try to do different things, beautiful things, to play the game the way I see it, and I think I'm doing it pretty well.
Sometimes the things I do look effortless, but it's not like that. It's very difficult, but because of my style, I make it look easy.
Nobody wants to play bad football in a game; everybody wants to win, and every player wants to show how good he is. But, you know, sometimes you simply have a game where nothing is happening.
Because we are a small country, unlike England, Italy, or Brazil, we don't have as many good players.
I wanted to win trophies and play for the biggest club, and the biggest club in England is Manchester United.
I had so much backlash because, before in NXT, I used to come out with the Bulgarian national anthem. And people were like, 'Oh, why are you embarrassing the anthem?' How am I embarrassing the anthem? I'm from the freaking country.
All I'm focused on is playing my game. Everything else will take care of itself.
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