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Moving from Cameroon to Texas, that was a change. Learning English, the culture, everything was different so I had to adjust.
If you believe in something and have the strength not to give up, it can happen. I am the living proof it can be done.
Trust 'The Process.' — © Joel Embiid
Trust 'The Process.'
The first thing I do when I get up is pray and meditate to center myself for the day ahead. I ask for inspiration in my creative endeavors, guidance in my relationships and patience in my journey. It's a great way to get focused for the day.
The one who intimidates me is myself. I'm scared to fail. That is the thing that makes me the most afraid, to fail. Just to think that I can do a mistake and lose the fight scares me, so that is why I work out a lot: to bring more chance to my size and less chance to my opponent.
If I can join hands with FIFA and other continental bodies to promote football globally, then I can do more than that to raise African football to new heights.
I don't want to miss out on the chance of having a good time.
I want to believe that those who have been appointed to accomplish this mission will be totally committed, devoting all their skills and determination to their work. I urge you to lend them your support so that, together, we can build that bright future worthy of our country.
When I started playing ball as a junior, I'm kind of glad that I was never good enough to be highly recruited.
Of course it's normal for people to say, 'Yeah, this player changed teams because of the money.' That could be the case sometimes, but after a certain level of success? No.
I've worked hard and dreamed, and that helped me become one of the best players in the world.
I just put in a lot of work and a lot of hours in the gym just working on my game.
I could have played soccer if I wanted. — © Pascal Siakam
I could have played soccer if I wanted.
Like I always say, whatever is my weakness, I try to work on it and I try to get better at it.
A lot of people get to the NBA, but how many people stay in the NBA?
Most people only see Africa in terms of poverty and war, famine and disease.
Watching some heavyweights like Mike Tyson, he inspired me to work with my speed because he beat people with power, but most of the time, he beat people with speed.
My very first scrimmage at Kansas, I got dunked on so hard by Tarik Black that I almost quit. Tarik dunked on me so hard that I was looking at plane tickets home. This guy was a senior. He was a grown man. I didn't know what was going on. He got his own rebound and dunked over me so hard that everything went in slow motion.
If I'm out there on the court, that means I'm ready to play.
On social media, I can hide behind the computer or the iPhone. Internet courage.
Everything in my life happens really fast.
I think it's important as artists to always keep creating and always have stuff in the archive because you never know when you will need them. I'm that kind of artist. I always plan.
The first time I watched basketball was in 2010.
It's not my place to say if performers of quenelle should be punished.
I feel like Americans don't really have any idea of what's going on in the world, especially us Africans. I feel like when they think about Africans, they think about just us running around with lions and tigers and all those other animals.
Like most Africans, I had to work much harder and show much deeper belief than others.
You know how I learned to shoot? I watched white people. Just regular white people. They really put their elbow in and finish up top. You can find videos of them online.
Television is generally on the conservative side, so if you're seeing it represented on TV, that probably means it's really out there in the real world.
I just want to keep working and keep getting better and I'm always going to get better.
The fact that I can come in and give energy to the team, no matter my skill level, I have that. That's an NBA ready skill.
I think of myself as a complete player.
Being able to make plays goes a lot, helps me navigate the defense and find open guys or score myself.
I think a lot of kids growing up, we have dreams.
You can be a top, top player for 10, 20 years, then you become a coach, lose two or three games and you're out.
One thing when I started playing in the league, I saw that a lot of guys are friendly. It's OK to be friendly, especially off the court. But on the court, I want to dominate.
It's basketball; it's always good to blow a team out.
If you're not challenged, you'll get bored.
I see a lot of athletes that don't really use social media, or they're saying the same stuff. I kind of wanted to change the game. — © Joel Embiid
I see a lot of athletes that don't really use social media, or they're saying the same stuff. I kind of wanted to change the game.
I feel that my winning 'RuPaul's Drag Race' and also being all the way from Africa gave people the audacity to just be themselves, all while encouraging and inspiring many people back home.
I'm very excited to be able to take the Jungle Kitty experience to different places and travel with it and meet all the different jungle kitties out there.
We get inspired and we learn new things.
Every time I get on the court, I want to push my teammates to be better as a leader and lead by example.
Nobody's going to replace your dad, but I had some support from people who cared for me.
I don't have anything to prove because I've already validated myself and my work speaks for itself.
I love when people tell me that I was gonna be a bust. I enjoy when people tell me, 'You suck. You can't dribble. You can't shoot,' because it's like, gotta go to the gym.
I want to get in there and jump in the stands and dive for every loose ball.
I'm not made of glass.
At Inter, I was the best-paid player in the world. But it's not a question of money, because when I go out onto the pitch, I only have one thing in mind - winning. — © Samuel Eto'o
At Inter, I was the best-paid player in the world. But it's not a question of money, because when I go out onto the pitch, I only have one thing in mind - winning.
I've won the African Cup, I've won an Olympic gold medal. That says everything.
I said before, I want to be a starter, I want to be an all-star - not a borderline all-star.
People easily quit their dream because it's not easy.
Anybody who has been following me right from the get-go, even prior to being on 'Drag Race,' has known that my platform has always been about spreading love and spreading light and celebrating identity. It's always been very positive because I feel like we need that.
I do not enter any controversy.
I started playing basketball so late, it just means that anything is possible.
It's gonna be on me to go out there every single night and make sure that I'm the best player that can be and I continue to work hard and don't get complacent and do everything in my power to to be at that level.
Money is not the most important to me.
If they're going to foul me, I'm going to step to the line and make some free throws.
I got to have more of those type of games where I'm just engaged. It doesn't matter the score or how many points I score.
Basketball is bigger than just a game.
Scoring, that's my thing... Didier Drogba, Samuel Eto'o, those were the guys that we looked at as kids like, 'Man, they're doing it, and they're doing it at a high level.' We would see them on TV. So, it wasn't much about basketball, to be honest, it was just those type of athletes. Those guys were the guys that we looked at as kids.
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