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My story. My past. I don't want to forget that. I want to think about it and be reminded of it so I can be thankful and appreciative of everything.
History will judge me... I shall remain silent.
Around 17 to 20 years, I became, myself, a poacher. And I wanted to do it, because - I believed - to continue my studies. I wanted to go to university, but my father was poor, my uncle even. So, I did it. And for three to four years, I went to university. For three times, I applied to biomedical science, to be a doctor. I didn't succeed.
I have been busy working in order to make agriculture a priority sector not on a small scale, but into an agro-based industry. — © Augustin Matata Ponyo
I have been busy working in order to make agriculture a priority sector not on a small scale, but into an agro-based industry.
In the playoffs, it's win or you go home.
The enemies of our people have chosen the moment when I am knocked off my feet with sickness to stab me in the back because they know what the territorial integrity, national unity and the dignity of this great Zaire mean to me. I have devoted my life to defending these sacred values.
I have rendered my country and people an enormous service. They owe me everything.
The lesson is that my support for American policy counts for nothing.
As an athlete, it's always good when you can do things with the fans, try to connect with the fans.
Most of the time when you're open that's when it's tough to make shots because you try to get some different focus than normally when some guys try to contest your shots.
When I step on the court I'm going to compete. That's one of the reasons I work hard everyday.
I listen every day to the VOA.
It's always pressure in sport. It was a lot of pressure since Day 1 in Orlando, and it's going to be always pressure, but I think those pressures make us better.
Congo, my country, has the largest forest in Africa, maybe the second-largest in the world. I was born in a forest area, and when I was growing up, I assisted my uncle, who was a poacher. That was good, because it grew my passion for protecting the forest and plants.
End of the day, when you do something, you have to do something where you bring people together. You can't do something where you separate people.
Building capacities for the young generation is going to make a better generation and a better future tomorrow for Africa. — © Corneille Ewango
Building capacities for the young generation is going to make a better generation and a better future tomorrow for Africa.
It's always fun to play on a winning team.
I have to stay hydrated. It's very important for anyone, but especially athletes! We sweat a lot, and we need it.
Taking care of my body helps me to focus.
My dream is to keep doing the best I can to help kids, give back and make them smile.
In life, sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down.
I lost my mom when I was seven, and at some point in my life having food it was like a big deal for me because it was not every day.
I know people that was playing basketball better than me. If they were in the NBA, they could be All-Stars, those people. They just never had the opportunity to go play professional basketball in Europe.
I was born in Brazzaville, the Republic of Congo, in 1989.
The I.M.F. programs cost us $2 billion in outflows against only $1 billion in inflows.
To know how I am very important to my team on defense, how my teammates need me on defense, it means a lot to me.
Ask anybody from Africa which country is the best in terms of dressing, and they'll tell you Congo.
You can't force people to love you. If you love somebody, you love them because you love them. People who love you, it doesn't matter; if you're good or bad, they will still love you.
All my life, I believe what my mind tells me; what my heart tells me. All the way back to Congo, it has worked for me.
It's life, man, and life is never easy.
You need to love to play defense.
By the time I was 19 years old, I had lived in five different cities in four different countries and three different continents.
The responsibility of a chief is to show solidarity with his people and to be strong with his people.
Some foods you may say, 'Oh wow, this is not food.' People actually eat that somewhere. I just want people to really understand that and really appreciate it.
The Pygmies rely on the forest for their very life. They know everything about finding and using plants, animal behavior, and forest survival. Working with these wonderful people has been incredibly valuable.
I am Mafuzzy Man, original man, 100 percent pure, man.
I do a lot of different projects. In Africa, sometimes it's hard. When you're not there, it's hard for people to do the things the way that you want.
Everywhere I go I have a lot of friends and family.
After winning a championship, I learned something about this: To win a championship, you need everybody. You need everybody to be out there, everybody to have confidence to play at a high level.
In this world where we live, some people are going to love you, some people are going to hate you - that's what it is. You cannot try to force everybody to love you, it's not gonna work.
I don't care how good you play, if the team is losing, it doesn't matter. — © Serge Ibaka
I don't care how good you play, if the team is losing, it doesn't matter.
Congo has vast stands of biologically important forests as well as remote areas still waiting to be explored, yet we have very few botanists. I'm working to expand training for young students and inspire a new generation to make discoveries, spread the word about conservation, and increase protected areas throughout our country.
Defense, in the game, is something that I just really enjoy. Some people enjoy assisting the ball. Some people like to score, score, score, but to me the first thing that comes up is defense.
It's a long story, my life, growing up with my dad, my mom when she died, everything. I had bad moments in my life, my dad going to prison, I had nothing, and that's where I got my motivation.
Basketball did not save my life. God saved my life. It's not basketball. But God saved my life because he blessed me through basketball. He opened the door from basketball.
I can shoot, or I can roll, I can finish inside, I can take two-point shots, I can switch on defence and I can protect the paint.
Zaire needs me.
Where I come from, dressing is a culture. When I go back home, I cannot dress bad. I cannot miss, or people will be like, 'What's going on with you, Serge? Did you lose your mind, or what?' That's the culture.
The most difficult thing with a new shot is if you go two or three games without making it, or you struggle, and people start saying, 'You can't shoot 3s,' or, 'Why do you shoot 3s?'
I'm convinced the question of development is mainly an issue of governance and leadership.
Whatever it takes to help the team to get wins, I'm going to do it. — © Serge Ibaka
Whatever it takes to help the team to get wins, I'm going to do it.
Discovering new species is a passion. A day without collecting plants is painful for me.
When I'm on the court, I don't smile, I don't joke, I'm not friends with anybody.
I don't make empty promises.
Whatever you have, you need to thank God and his blessings. You never know what other people are having trouble with or what is going on with their lives.
I can play both ends of the floor.
When I went to university, I decided that I would like to do something related to plant ecology, because I felt that plants were so beautiful. When I am studying plants, I feel like I am talking with some kind of supernatural life, like I am talking with someone who does not speak.
Money will not make you happy. It's most important that you need to be happy. You need to do something you want to do.
I've said that before: I believe in God. With God, anything is possible.
It wasn't until I moved to Spain that I actually got my first glimpse of the NBA. I'd watch this program called 'NBA Action,' which came on every week and showed clips from different games.
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