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I have always seen myself as a Real Madrid goalkeeper and have never doubted my ability.
I've always been a person with patience, and I don't like to force things.
When you spend 12 hours a day in front of a computer, that can become your world. — © Daniel Zovatto
When you spend 12 hours a day in front of a computer, that can become your world.
A government should not function based on the pressures of some or others. It should try to adapt a mix of measures that fits every context and generates the appropriate steps forward.
I am a friend of life, at 80 life tells me to behave like a woman and not like an old woman.
I believe that, the moment I had a very personal relationship with God and I really knew what his Word said, it was not about religion. It was about knowing that what the Bible tells us is what He has left us. It changed my life. It filled the void in my heart. That is why I am so grateful.
I've always said that I'm very happy at Real Madrid and I hope that, if God wishes, I can retire at this club.
I have the most respect for Zach Woodlee. He is one of my favorite - and one of the most capable - choreographers out there right now.
Each of the top goalkeepers has a particular quality to teach me. I look at Diego Lopez, Iker Casillas, Victor Valdes, Gianluigi Buffon... they all have tremendous experience and ability, and have spent years proving they are the best.
Whoever I am up against I will give everything, like always.
My relationship with Iker Casillas is very good - he is a great companion.
I'd rather dance in a corner than dance in a circle.
I'm not going to sit on the couch in my house and expect everything to come, I know that I must continue to work hard. — © Keylor Navas
I'm not going to sit on the couch in my house and expect everything to come, I know that I must continue to work hard.
You always want to play for the national side.
When you work for something it will eventually happen and it will be lasting, whereas when things are easy they do not always hold the same value.
Right before I jumped out of a plane, I knew what Superman felt like.
When I'm having a tough patch I always try to focus on good things.
I know the path to follow to achieve results and I try to learn.
People say dreams aren't a thing that happen, and I'm a believer that they do.
I think that all the countries that qualify for a World Cup finals deserve respect and if they are there it is because they have won that right.
Zidane is a respectful person, he knows what he wants and we are there to obey and to the best we can. He has his sense of humor, but in the training sessions we must be serious.
I wasn't the guy who got straight As. I got As and Bs and a couple Cs.
When you face unexpected events, you have to try to overcome those problems, but at the same time, you have to continue working according to the plan that you defined since the beginning. So that's what we have tried to do - not to avoid the urgent responses but to continue the route that we had defined.
I approach every game with the same level of seriousness.
I will always want to play, of course.
There are always games where you play for important things, but the semifinal of the Champions League is a responsibility.
It was a big step, to go from not talking to people to stepping on to a stage. That's when I felt the most comfortable, because I could do anything I wanted to and say anything I wanted to, even if people didn't laugh.
With Zidane the team feels like if we win, we all win, and if we lose, we all lose.
We want to allow Costa Ricans to make a qualitative leap in our development and go to an economy based on innovation and developing a broadband infrastructure in order to overcome the barrier of 15 per cent penetration.
I'm going to keep giving my best so that the people who don't believe in me start to do so, and enjoy things with me.
You have to respect every coach and when there is a change you have to give everything you are asked for.
For me, you have to like the person you're playing. When you don't, it's kinda hard.
I always try to prepare as well as possible for matches.
I am fast and I always try to exploit that.
The day that I think I can no longer start, I'll go home and focus on something else.
De Gea is a great goalkeeper. He is excellent.
I have the privilege on playing at Real Madrid, which is a dream.
I try to make my kids happy, so when they grow up they can look back and see a father who did important things for their country and tried to make history. — © Keylor Navas
I try to make my kids happy, so when they grow up they can look back and see a father who did important things for their country and tried to make history.
People can oftentimes mock me because of my belief in God and many times they insult me when I kneel to pray in many stadiums.
If you think about the future, you lose perspective of the present.
No matter what you do in life, it's always a struggle, to first of all find who you are.
God has given me health and a great job that I shouldn't take advantage of.
I actually got dared to audition for the dance team. All my track-and-field buddies dared me to audition, and I was one of the few guys who did it.
Playing in Europe is a big deal, it helps you to grow.
When it comes to acting, you really have to create movement which in some ways is dancing. And dancing, I feel is very important to act as well. I wouldn't put one over the other.
Women continue receiving less salary for the same kind of job. Women have a higher unemployment rate in our country. When you analyze the composition of poverty, you will find that most of the families in poverty are being run by a woman.
My dad is a really cool guy, but he showed me 'The Shining,' and I was like, 'Hey, dad. I'm thirsty. Let's go get a Coke.' So we went to the vending machine, and he hid... and I turned back, and I was like, 'Dad? Dad?' And the elevator scene came to my mind.
We, the goalkeepers, have a specific job. — © Keylor Navas
We, the goalkeepers, have a specific job.
I never wanted to leave Real Madrid.
I have been in Spain a lot of years and I have a lot of love for the country.
I was born in Costa Rica and we moved to America where it was a whole new world for me.
I grew up watching horror films from a very young age. My sister was never able to watch scary movies; I don't think she'll ever watch mine because she's just so bad at it. Its funny because I'm the complete opposite: I love to be scared. I love to have that fear before you go to bed, and you're like, 'Oh my God, please, nothing come out.'
My faith is the most important thing.
I saw 'The Shining' when I was too young with my dad in San Francisco in the hotel room.
You don't only have the need to do it well because leading a country is something quite important, but also because I am the first woman I have the obligation to do it the best possible way so my country can continue voting for women in the future. It is a big responsibility.
I try to take everything in my stride and remain humble, and to enjoy playing as much as possible.
You have to win your place every day and train at 100 percent always.
I was always an actor, starting in middle school. I was in all the plays and all that. But dancing didn't come into my life until late into high school.
When I came into the industry I started with acting and I did drama during junior high and high school. I fell into dancing as a hobby, but whenever you need work, you try out different things. So I booked a lot of jobs for dancing and it kept rolling and rolling.
Obviously I want to be a starter and to win things with Real Madrid.
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