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Usually I try to represent my community and my culture the best that I can, but I go about every day just trying to represent my family. I'm just trying to make a difference out in the world. I don't even look at, necessarily, just the Latin community, I'm looking at everything in general.
It is always an honor to put on a uniform.
They say Latina women are spicy. But we are more than that. We have power, and we run things. — © Natti Natasha
They say Latina women are spicy. But we are more than that. We have power, and we run things.
Everybody goes through some tough times in their life, no matter what you do. Man, I've had my tough times.
Honestly, it's the most amazing feeling in the world to be able to work on something that you're really proud of.
I'm the kind of guy that says nothing is impossible when you work hard.
It's not how you start the season, it's how you finish. If you wind up helping the team make the playoffs, that's what you play for. You don't play to put up your numbers, but to try to get a chance to make it to the World Series.
Fashion is about dressing according to what's fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.
I believe that if you're healthy, you're capable of doing everything. There's no one else who can give you health but God, and by being healthy I believe that God is listening to me.
I don't have to prove myself to anyone. People know what I'm capable of. I've spent a long time in this game.
I'm very proud to be representing Latinas and women of color, young mothers and full-figured women. I just love that we're seeing different types of people on screen.
There is one word in America that says it all, and that one word is, 'You never know.'
I will try to give my 100% in the field and do my job.
In the Dominican, there are a lot of kids who need help. I just do that for my mom because my mom liked to help a lot of kids in the Dominican. Whoever I am right now is because of her. She gave me the education; she always took care of me like a mommy.
I always have high expectations for me. — © Nelson Cruz
I always have high expectations for me.
It is unfortunate that people believe that in order to democratise something you have to get politicians out of the system.
I have great support from my family, friends and teammates.
At times I put in Meek Mill and listen to some R&B, some Merengue, Dominican music. I really listen to pretty much everything.
I just know I have to work out before I can enjoy my day.
My favorite off the court workout would be biking.
I have five young children, and I take being a role model very seriously.
At the end of the day, I play baseball, and I don't let anything else get in my head.
My whole career, my swing has always been the most important thing to me. Even when I'm taking a shower, I work on my swing.
Only God knows why I didn't make it with the Mets, but yes, in a short period of time, I got the opportunity with the Phillies.
Tempers flare at times. That's what good teams do: they react to things and go out there and leave it all on the field.
It's my first baby, 'IlumiNATTI.' I'm taking risks, but I feel like I'm doing it for all the Latinos out there.
I had the opportunity to go with some other teams. But I didn't consider those teams to be contenders, and I was right.
At the end of the year, you'll see my numbers. My numbers are always there.
People, man, they love hurting people. It's not even fair.
One of the best things is to be able to go to the playoffs and win a championship. After you taste the first one, you want to go back every year.
St. Louis is still a special place for me. I still have my home there. I live there in the offseason. I enjoyed playing in front of 40,000 people every day. I tried to do my best to help the organization win. I had success there. We won two World Series. We went to three. That's something you can't take from me.
I have gone above and beyond to care for my child, including an agreed upon monthly stipend, a house, a car, insurance, school and other essentials for the baby and his mother as well as many other things, including toys and clothing.
Little by little, I get to see my music reach people's hearts. There was a time when it was all part of a dream that others didn't believe in, but I had all my faith and trust that one day it was going to be a reality.
I just try to do what I have to do and let the people out there do what they have to do, which is have fun, scream, yell and jump around. I try to do what I have to do, which is play baseball, and I can only play in that piece of area there, so that's what I try to do.
I want that second World Series ring. I want to win again.
I go from my room to the ballpark and play baseball. I try to keep it simple.
I know in my situation, my mind works more than everything else. I've been like that my whole career.
As athletes, we're always trained to play through stuff. And I've played through all types of injuries - ankle sprains, shoulder, whatever - and with the brain it's just different.
I'm excited to be a Padre. — © Manny Machado
I'm excited to be a Padre.
My customers are successful workingwomen.
Whatever country you go to, you need to definitely follow the rules. So I believe it's very important for people, wherever they go, any immigrant should know or should try to learn something about the culture.
The city of Seattle has become my second home for my family and I.
It is a great honor for me to be able to team up with the Jr. NBA to help continue develop basketball talent in my native Dominican Republic.
My grandma used to pitch to me. Hit rocks with a broomstick.
I consider myself a line drive hitter with power. I just try to put my best swing on the ball every time.
I start thinking about life after death. I've got to quit thinking about it because it's very deep. Very deep. Sometimes you start thinking about it, and you don't feel like you want to be alive, so I don't like to get all quiet.
I play to represent God, something bigger than baseball.
Everywhere, I see it's just 'Manny, Manny, Manny.' It kind of gets a little distracting at times.
My life's goal is to bring glory to Jesus.
The Orioles drafted me. I did a lot for that community, I did a lot for the state, and they didn't show me a little bit of love. — © Manny Machado
The Orioles drafted me. I did a lot for that community, I did a lot for the state, and they didn't show me a little bit of love.
I think it is always important to showcase your talent in different ways.
I'm always trying to be a better player every year and also improve myself.
I'm not the type of player that's going to be Johnny Hustle and run down the line and slide to first base. That's just not my personality. That's not my cup of tea. That's not who I am.
If I was crazy, I'd throw the ball into the stands with the bases loaded. Now, that's crazy. If I was stupid, I'd throw the ball into center field with the bases loaded and a 3-2 count on the hitter. Now, that's stupid.
As a competitor, I want to push myself as much as I can to be at that level that I want to be.
I'm the type of player, once I get in there, I'm locked in. I'm trying to win.
I wanted this, I wanted to do this, but my work is me, and it has to be right.
If I can't hit at a high level, I won't play, and I know there comes a point where my body won't be able to do that.
My dad always supported me. Sometimes we didn't have anything to eat for breakfast, but if we could eat lunch and dinner, we weren't poor.
I understand business and understand the ugly face of baseball, which is the business part of baseball.
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