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Playing video games, as funny as it might sound, it's a very important part of our day. Our schedule is so hectic, chaotic, demanding that we need an outlet. We need ways to express ourselves and let our energy out.
Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.
I sleep 14 hours a day. That helps me get the energy you see on the pitch. — © Michael Essien
I sleep 14 hours a day. That helps me get the energy you see on the pitch.
Dictators cause the world's worst problems: all the collapsed states, and all the devastated economies. All the vapid cases of corruption, grand theft, and naked plunder of the treasury are caused by dictators, leaving in their wake trails of wanton destruction, horrendous carnage and human debris.
I think everything happens for a reason and all the things that happened to me - good, bad - I'm glad they did. It's made me ready for life, for adulthood.
As a novelist, I ask of myself only that I tell the truth and that I tell it beautifully.
For us Africans, literature must serve a purpose: to expose, embarrass, and fight corruption and authoritarianism. It is understandable why the African artist is utilitarian.
We face neither East nor West: we face forward.
Education, particularly higher education, will take Africa into the mainstream of globalization.
I am still a socialist. I am a left-of-center politician. I believe that in Africa, if you see the poverty around us, you can't afford to be anything else.
A highly visible, shared identity can help bring activists from different backgrounds together with a common sense of purpose and push for change more effectively - from the global stage to within their own communities and families.
Journalism is about results. It's about affecting your community or your society in the most progressive way.
Everything is good at Cobham. I really enjoy it here. I always have a bit of treatment in the morning, and then I go training. It's good. — © Michael Essien
Everything is good at Cobham. I really enjoy it here. I always have a bit of treatment in the morning, and then I go training. It's good.
E and Woods are incredibly talented individuals that I am so blessed to have been grouped with these guys. To have met these guys in life, to have met such great guys that I call my family.
I'm just a normal person out there enjoying his football. If there's anything I can do to make a better life for the kids in Ghana, I will do it.
Anytime somebody shares a personal story with me during autograph signings and someone comes up to me and shakes my hand and says thank you and I'm just like, wow. The fact that I can have an influence over somebody; it is heartwarming, it is the goal.
The U.N. doesn't have any troops; we borrow them from governments.
What governments and people don't realise is that sometimes the collective interest - the international interest - is also the national interest.
Getting rid of the dictator is only a first step in establishing a free society. The dictatorship must also be disassembled.
Any type of Royal Rumble or battle royal I always look forward to because I usually get to do some pretty cool things.
I had an amazing time at Chelsea. I can't pinpoint to a specific event, but the best moment was the honour of signing for Chelsea because I was proud to be at such a club.
Ghanaians and English people enjoy football the same.
Ronda Rousey, arguably... I mean, she might've been the one that actually started the whole 'Divas Revolution' by being so awesome in UFC.
They had always told me that I wrote like a man.
If the United Nations does not attempt to chart a course for the world's people in the first decades of the new millennium, who will?
You never quite know what's in store for the Royal Rumble, and I think that's the beauty of it.
There is no reason to continue to fail our girls.
Africa has more dictators per capita than any other continent.
Do everything in your power to make sure you achieve your dreams.
It was a very real thing, not a storyline thing when Randy Orton didn't want me to get to a certain point in WWE.
It's frustrating at times when you think you've earned a chance to play on the field and you're over there sitting on the bench. That's not the kind of player I am. I'm the kind of player who wants to be out there on the field and needs to contribute every minute of every game.
There has been enough suffering in our country, there has been enough of children whose dreams die before they have a chance to grow and there has been enough of our elders who, having served their nation, are forced into indignity in their old age.
I've been following some of the coaches, trying to get a little bit more experience, because coaching is very different from being a player.
I consider myself West African, among other cultural identities, and a writer, among other creative ones.
I always want to go up against the best competition, I want to have as many championship matches as possible.
What do I have to cheat for? I've always been playing against people older than me anyways. So what do I have to cheat for?
Virtually all of Africa's civil wars were started by politically marginalized or excluded groups.
Because I am an African, I am a Ghanaian. — © Ama Ata Aidoo
Because I am an African, I am a Ghanaian.
Don't let the reasons why you don't accomplish your dreams be because of you or a decision that you made. Do everything that you can possibly do to achieve that dream.
We prefer self-government with danger to servitude in tranquility.
To be honest, I've always been a guy who looks at everything with a pretty positive outlook.
Bray Wyatt is like seven feet tall and seven feet wide.
It's one of the best leagues in Europe in football. Benfica in my opinion is one of the top 10 biggest clubs in the world.
The crowd and the energy is incredible. I love going to Saudi Arabia because the energy is just awesome.
Personally, I regard myself as an intellectual 'rebel,' kicking against the 'old colonialism-imperialism paradigm' which has landed Africa in a conundrum.
As a young woman, I had been seeking experience, knowledge, truth, the stuff writers need in their work, but when the artist actually kicked in, I came to understand that in this romantic relationship I was not free to be myself, or to find myself, in order to begin the true work I needed to do.
The writer presents himself to the blank page not with an open passport but an open heart.
I'm really into music. — © Kofi Kingston
I'm really into music.
There is no development strategy more beneficial to society as a whole - women and men alike - than the one which involves women as central players.
You have to have the ability to adapt. That's probably the single most important quality you need to have as a WWE Superstar.
Freedom is not something that one people can bestow on another as a gift. Thy claim it as their own and none can keep it from them.
Being that beacon of hope; not just people in Ghana, but any kind of people that have gone through the struggle, I take a lot of light of being that beacon of hope and inspiration for anybody that wants to achieve anything.
I don't want to be one of those guys where I go there and wait a long time before I become a starter.
Happily, there's a reversal of the brain drain occurring in Ghana now. We're seeing a lot of - actually in Africa - we're seeing a lot of African professionals, you know, returning to the continent to contribute their quota.
I'm not sure where I'm from! I was born in London. My father's from Ghana but lives in Saudi Arabia. My mother's Nigerian but lives in Ghana. I grew up in Boston.
I've been on the other side where I know that a bad day at WWE beats the best day at Staples.
Poverty is everywhere, but in Africa, there is more.
I still feel Ghanaian, but my mentality is more European.
A lot of times when teams break up, it's to do better as singles competitors than they're doing as a group.
The thing that comes most frequently to me on yoga retreats is excruciating pain in my hips.
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