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This is the beginning, and the dawn of a new era of transportation.
Smoking kills you, but life kills you, and if you don't want to die, go into a freezer when you are born and nothing will happen to you.
I love the Kanye West, I respect the Kanye West, but his wife look like fat penguin. She eat too much cheeseburger and she have no moderation. — © The Iron Sheik
I love the Kanye West, I respect the Kanye West, but his wife look like fat penguin. She eat too much cheeseburger and she have no moderation.
If you give an answer to your viewer, your film will simply finish in the movie theatre. But when you pose questions, your film actually begins after people watch it. In fact, your film will continue inside the viewer.
One can not impede scientific progress.
A constructive approach to diplomacy doesn't mean relinquishing one's rights. It means engaging with one's counterparts, on the basis of equal footing and mutual respect, to address shared concerns and achieve shared objectives.
I've often noticed that we are not able to look at what we have in front of us, unless it's inside a frame.
Each player has to dedicate himself to serve his motherland.
Literature offers not just a window into the culture of diverse regions, but also the society, the politics; it's the only place where we can keep track of ideas.
Let us not let the world be defined by the destruction wrought by one virus, but illuminated by billions of hearts and minds working in unity.
The negative side of the American Dream comes when people pursue success at any cost, which in turn destroys the vision and the dream.
The United States wanted to send its trained rebel groups to Syria to fight ISIS. Out of twenty-five hundred rebels they had trained, only seventy accepted to go to Syria to fight ISIS. Everybody else wanted to go to Syria to fight the government. So you've got to wake up and smell the coffee... The rebel groups have not fired a shot against ISIS.
After the 9/11 incidents, Islam has become a big question mark among westerners, especially Americans. The mass media constantly raise the issue of relationship between Islam and terrorism.
If we have any problems, it's always with the government of the United States. — © Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani
If we have any problems, it's always with the government of the United States.
The idea of cultural relativism is nothing but an excuse to violate human rights.
Rumi, who is one of the greatest Persian poets, said that the truth was a mirror in the hands of God. It fell, and broke into pieces. Everybody took a piece of it, and they looked at it and thought they had the truth.
I often ask myself, 'Why is it that most of the lies come out of Islamic countries, and why is it that most of the social corruptions are in the Middle East and in these Islamic countries?' The answer is, when you control something, when you suppress something, people try to do it another way.
The beauty of mathematics only shows itself to more patient followers.
There's an expression in Persian, 'to play with the lion's tail.' I wasn't what Iranian society wanted me to be - a good girl. I played with the lion's tail.
Someone once asked me, 'How can you get as strong as an ox without eating any meat?' My answer was, 'Have you ever seen an ox eating meat?'
Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy.
You just need to put yourself in someone else's shoes and then see how they feel and then you will understand why they are reacting or why they are behaving the way that they are behaving. We need to be fair.
A popular bumper sticker post-9/11, and pretty faded these days, proclaims drivers of the cars to be 'Proud to be an American.' It really should say 'Lucky to be an American,' for I doubt very much that the drivers had much say in having been born here, and are not old enough to have participated in the drafting of the Constitution.
Magical realism allows an artist like myself to inject layers of meaning without being obvious. In American culture, where there is freedom of expression, this approach may seem forced, unnecessary and misunderstood. But this system of communication has become very Iranian.
We seriously suspect the agents of the Americans and Israelis in conducting such horrendous terrorist acts and cannot believe the people who kidnap Philippines nationals, for instance, or behead U.S. nationals are Muslims.
Cinema is a reflection of its own society.
We continue to focus on actually solving problems that real people have and not being distracted by what power users want.
I have lucky boots for military embeds, a lucky scarf for road trips, a lucky handbag, and lucky days of the week. I tap into my gut for 'right' or 'wrong' feelings about such simple things as whether I should go grocery shopping.
When you do movies on low budgets, you don't want to have a location that requires a very big light right outside the window when you're 10 stories up. You have to find a location where you have a terrace outside, or you can light from a second floor, or you can light through the windows for daylight.
My advisers built a wall between myself and my people. I didn't realize what was happening. When I woke up, I had lost my people.
Simple people have much to offer. We, too, in return, must give to them to the best of our abilities. We must, with all our heart, try to help them acquire what they truly deserve.
Americans are the great Satan, the wounded snake.
I knew at a young age that I wanted to do comedy, and maybe part of that was trying to fit in at school because I had a weird name, and my parents had these accents, and I was definitely a late bloomer.
Iranians defend and present their Islamic and Iranian identity to other people worldwide.
John Cena I respect, but he know he never get out of my camel clutch and I can break his back.
In Kurdistan, there's a lot of hardship - a lot of wars, a lot of bitter and difficult lifestyles. And witnessing all those made me a director.
I was the most hated wrestler in WWE, No. 1 company in the world.
When it comes to nuclear technology, the Iranian people are very sensitive. It is a part of our national pride, and nuclear technology has become indigenous. — © Hassan Rouhani
When it comes to nuclear technology, the Iranian people are very sensitive. It is a part of our national pride, and nuclear technology has become indigenous.
I'm very much interested in music specifically and wanted to make a film about it, but not in an atmosphere of censorship.
Brock Lesnar from the Minnesota. He is one of the best wrestling background, like Iron Sheik and like the Kurt Angle, Dan Gable. He the real freestyle wrestling.
I wish the world was run by women. Women who have given birth and know the value of their creation.
I can't make pronouncements about the entirety of Iranian cinema, because there's such a great number of filmmakers and because of the diversity of points of view and filmmaking attitudes.
We coin concepts and we use them to analyse and explain nature and society. But we seem to forget, midway, that these concepts are our own constructs and start equating them with reality.
When I played in Europe, wherever I played, players knew in advance about their schedule, when was the time to practice, to play and to rest.
Sometimes, properties of a fixed hyperbolic surface can be better understood by studying the moduli space that parameterises all hyperbolic structures on a given topological surface.
It's very difficult to talk about religion in Iran because religion has gotten so mixed up with politics.
There's a lack of knowledge about Iran and the Iranian people.
Fans expectations are understandably high and we need to meet them.
I do fairly represent Middle Eastern women. — © Shohreh Aghdashloo
I do fairly represent Middle Eastern women.
America will regret imposing sanctions on Iran... they're already isolated in the world.
Every statement that comes out of Washington that is not respectful and is trying to intimidate the Iranian people - is trying to put pressure on the Iranian people - strikes that very, very sensitive chord in the Iranian psyche, and they immediately react.
The international community can't trust such a government. If the government of Iran wants the international community to believe in what it says, it should try to bring true, pure democracy into the country. The political solution to the energy issue or the nuclear case is democracy in Iran.
Ultimate Warrior? No! No! The Ultimate never a good person in the business. He never respect the people.
I'm happy with the memories of Germany - I lived and played there for five years, and made lots of good friends.
My father took one of the toughest jobs in the government because he cared about his nation more than himself. His courage and conviction have always driven me to want to make a difference.
If one commits the act of sodomy with a cow, an ewe, or a camel, their urine and their excrements become impure, and even their milk may no longer be consumed. The animal must then be killed and as quickly as possible and burned.
Often times, music is used to evoke an emotion and it's become a cliche, so I don't want to do that, and actually what I do, is that emotional intensity that has developed throughout the film, I allow it to get released by having that music at the end with the credits.
If I make two films in a year, they'll be different. This is my style - I can't have just one way.
Afghan society is very complex, and Afghanistan has a very complex culture. Part of the reason it has remained unknown is because of this complexity.
When you say 'revolution' when you have only men outside, you know that something is going wrong. I'm not like a hardcore feminist, but I think that one of the things that makes the society advanced is equality between men and women. If half of the society is oppressed by the other half, it's not fine.
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