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One of the nice things about getting older is that you come to understand that you can integrate multiple aspects of your life together. When you're young, you think everything has to be binary, as that's exactly how you feel at that age.
If you want to love others, I think you should love yourself first.
Even though we are deceived, still believe. Though we are betrayed, still forgive. Love completely even those who hate you. — © Sun Myung Moon
Even though we are deceived, still believe. Though we are betrayed, still forgive. Love completely even those who hate you.
My main problem has been staying healthy.
People's view of exotic or Asian women are changing. It's much nicer to hear 'She's pretty' than 'She's pretty - for an Asian woman.'
No matter how difficult your situation may be you have to follow the Lord of the Second Advent completely.
If I meet a wise person, I think, 'Yes, tell me more about parenting, about marriage, about how to stay in love. Tell me more about how to be a decent person living in a world that's filled with chaos.'
I think that social migration to another economic class requires a kind of negotiating with yourself. And also, there's so much ambivalence in your heart about who you are and who you're really not.
I know the established Christian theology... I know the enemy, but the enemy doesn't know me. Thus the enemy has already lost the war.
I think that if you're a writer and a woman, then you have to take humiliation very well.
So from this time of peak every people or every organization that goes against the Unification Church will gradually come down or drastically come down and die. Many people will die - those who go against our movement.
In many countries, when I gave the name 'Rap Monster,' I often heard that it was 'too much.'
I suffer from an enormous amount of self-doubt, so the fact that 'Pachinko' has been so kindly received has encouraged me not to give up, as I'm always telling myself that, 'Maybe this isn't a smart idea.'
I think we're always doing something for teenagers and youngsters because BTS originally performed itself as a socially conscious band. We always wanted to sell our performances like we did with our debut.
My every action is to liberate God from his sorrow. — © Sun Myung Moon
My every action is to liberate God from his sorrow.
Humans seem to be programmed to think of ambivalent feelings at the same time. That is the driving force behind human beings: to be the warrant of all things and to control other worlds.
Every religious pioneer, including Jesus Christ, was persecuted by his contemporaries. But once people understand me, their turn can be dramatic like Saint Paul's.
I can't speak for other artists; every group has a different approach. For us, it will always be important to keep working hard, dancing better, writing better songs, touring, and setting an example.
I find putting oneself out there difficult. I think writing and sharing writing require different skill sets. I want to be read, but it takes courage to ask someone to read your work.
For me, writing a historical novel was really hard. I love history as a subject and majored in it in college. I think, in a way, my training made it worse for me because I knew how important it was to focus on document-based analysis, and I really didn't want to get stuff wrong.
I go to somewhere I haven't been and just watch people and colors. That's my inspiration.
The whole world is in my hand, and I will conquer and subjugate the world.
They say people live to be happy. If you actually think about what happiness is, it's nothing much. When you get to eat ramen after feeling really, really hungry, that's happiness.
As a woman of colour, as a person who is a minority, I believe its important that other people know about my language and I don't necessarily have to explain. In the same way, when I read 19th-century literature and if I have to understand a Latin phrase or a French phrase, it is incumbent upon me to learn it.
Most of our music is about how we perceive the world and how we try to persist as normal, average human beings. So our fans inspire us and give us a direction to go as musicians. And of course, their love and support keeps us going.
I have accepted the fact that I don't work very quickly, that I have been rejected a lot as a writer, and that what I do is unusual, so I just have to accept the terms and that it's going to take longer. It is what it is.
The present U.N. must be annihilated by our power. That is the stage for Communists. We must make a new U.N.
True religious movements prosper and flourish under tribulation.
I'm a huge boxing and mixed martial arts fan.
When we don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend, we always say, 'Oh, I'm so lonely. I want a date,' or something like that. But I think the biggest love we're all searching for is the love for one's self.
I want to be a starter again, I would really enjoy playing for the Phillies again, but my first consideration in making my decision is finding a circumstance that is right for me. I want to play for the Phillies again, but I also wouldn't mind joining a team I've never played with before.
After I quit being a lawyer in '95, I was having a lot of trouble writing. Then I read somewhere that Willa Cather read a chapter of the Bible every day before she started work. I thought, 'Okay, I'll try it.' Before each writing session, I started to read the Bible like a writer, thinking about language, character, and themes.
A novel, especially a first novel, is... really an emotional autobiography. All these emotions I'm embarrassed at having had, I've written about.
I like learning. I've been studying Japanese for years now, but it's really hard.
It was like a cliche for the parents in my hometown to let their kids watch 'Friends.' I had no interest at first, because I could not understand a word.
You really should respect other people's work because work is hard-won.
A member must say that he is a member of the Unification Church and that he is the follower of Sun Myung Moon. If he doesn't have the courage to say it, he is not worthy of me.
I'm always afraid of making mistakes. I think I was born with that. — © RM
I'm always afraid of making mistakes. I think I was born with that.
BTS as a group sort of took off with the success of our 2015 album that had our hit single 'I Need U.'
My mission is a cosmic mission. My concern is for all of humanity, and not only this present world, but the world hereafter. My mission penetrates the past, present, and future, and encompasses all humanity.
When I wrote the lyrics, melodies, and the first themes of 'Serendipity,' I tried to come up with some rare things you find in life, something very special, like the calico, three-striped cat; things that have extraordinary meanings in people's lives.
There's a lot of freedom in failure, and I can see that now.
I had thought that Tokyo would be like New York City, but it wasn't. I'd imagined that they'd be similar in their bustle and noise level, but, in fact, Tokyo is a very calm metropolis. The bright lights and hectic night-life images so often found in advertisements and Western media do not reflect every day Japan.
The concept of The 'Most Beautiful Moment in Life', that was chapter one for us; it feels like that because we were starting from the bottom, but on this concept, 'Love Yourself', we started to talk about some brighter things, like the real things in life.
In 2014, I knew my English was not so bad, but I had no confidence in talking directly to an English-speaking reporter. I had to do a short interview with, I think, Reuters from France. I was so nervous. I practiced memorizing three sentences for two hours. But, I think that these kinds of interviews make me develop a lot, and that helps me.
This year, I feel strong. I'm looking forward to having my best season in the last few years.
We need to recognize how difficult and important being a mother is.
I had liver disease. I'm completely cured now, but I thought about if I died from liver cancer, what my life would look like. I followed this wish of being a fiction writer.
If you want to love a person, you should know that there are tears, and there can even be hatred inside of it. I think a love really includes all of that.
One thing that struck me in my study of history is how people are excluded. I don't mean just racial minorities or women. Pretty much all poor people who don't have documents are excluded from history and its records. People who were illiterate usually didn't leave any primary documents.
It's my belief that I was a writer - a very hardworking writer - well before I was published. I did care what others thought, and it was embarrassing when people asked me what I had published, so I didn't talk much about writing; rather, I just kept writing.
I get free life lessons from J-Hope and Jimin; sometimes it's like they're 10 years older than me. — © RM
I get free life lessons from J-Hope and Jimin; sometimes it's like they're 10 years older than me.
When my family was living in Tokyo, there was a year when we couldn't go back to the States for Thanksgiving, and we went to Seoul. Mandu is a highly satisfying substitute for turkey and trimmings.
It's my official role to represent BTS to the world, and it's been a chance for me to mature as a person, but behind the scenes, I'm just one of seven members, and I'm inspired by the others all the time.
I thought, 'Nobody wants this book, and I'm an idiot for having worked on it so hard.' But to succeed in writing, you must be willing to look stupid for a long time. 'Pachinko' took so long because I got it wrong so many times.
I believe there is meaning in life. I believe there is good and evil.
Throughout history no one has suffered more than God. He has suffered because his own children fell away from him. Ever since the Fall, God has been working tirelessly for the restoration of mankind. People do not know this brokenhearted aspect of God.
Koreans are worried about the Japanese right-wing people, who tend to be against foreigners. But the Koreans in Japan aren't even foreigners. They are essentially culturally Japanese. If a family has lived in Japan for three generations, it's absurd to see them as foreigners.
If you tell a lie to make a person better, then that is not a sin.
I find being an adult very difficult. Being an adult artist, Asian American, incredibly difficult. Or trying, anyway.
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