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A coach I had in Spain, Scott Roth, he used to call me Zinger. He would yell at me all the time, 'Zinger!' It's just stuck in my head that I don't like that name.
Music is a universal thing with no boundaries, whether you play inside or outside.
Having a child changes everything. — © Kristine Opolais
Having a child changes everything.
Like water which can clearly mirror the sky and the trees only so long as its surface is undisturbed, the mind can only reflect the true image of the Self when it is tranquil and wholly relaxed.
My mom is actually a former prima ballerina, and all the women in my family are associated either with dance or choreography or acting, so I'm very lucky in a way because I grew up in a family of artists. I've been dancing since I was a little kid.
I like to think of myself as classy.
For example, in painting the form arises from abstract elements of line and color, while in cinema the material concreteness of the image within the frame presents - as an element - the greatest difficulty in manipulation.
A true portrait should, today and a hundred years from today, the Testimony of how this person looked and what kind of human being he was.
Basketball is pretty big in Latvia.
My quiet place is in the gym. When I feel like going to church, it's for me the MSG training facility and working on my game.
One thing as a leader - you don't say something to say something. When you actually see something and need to talk to a guy, that's when you say it. It will come naturally.
Anyone who loves football can also be involved in music; the two aren't mutually exclusive.
Every week we have a concert, what we are performing is my favorite music in the world. — © Andris Nelsons
Every week we have a concert, what we are performing is my favorite music in the world.
It's a dream come true for me to be an idol for those kids. One little moment from my life that I spend with that kid, he might remember that for the rest of his life, that he met me that day when he was 10 years old.
Low ceilings, low doors. I hate that. Oh my God, it's the worst. This world is too small for me.
It's a dream to be its conductor. Sometimes I think, 'My God, I can't believe it.' It's a dream which came true.
Don't worry about me; my moment will come. I'll be ready for it. I will work hard, and whenever it's gonna come, whenever the coaches are gonna trust me, I'm gonna be on court and give 100 percent.
You must take care of your family, respect the music, and work intensely. Health and family come first, and then you can make much better music.
On stage, I'm always nervous, but there is so much adrenalin, too. It's strange because I have to turn my back on the audience, and my audience is the orchestra. I communicate my energy to them, and they communicate it to the audience behind me!
I know that Boston is one of the great centers of intellectual culture as well as sport. It's one of the centers of America, with a great orchestra, great sports, great hospitals, and great universities.
You could almost write an opera about the selection of music directors for orchestras. The intrigues are really interesting, and then, at the end, the results are completely unexpected.
I'm a good student. Just trying to learn as much as possible is how I picked up so many languages.
All composers who came after were influenced by Beethoven, even during his lifetime, both by his personality and by his music. He was a father figure for generations.
Through conducting, you express through your arms, through your face and even the body, what you want to tell, so the musicians of the orchestra understand.
I understand the power of the Internet, but I can't say that I'm there. I'm old-fashioned and living in a different century. I don't know. I just don't really understand the craze of it.
Yoga means union, in all its significances and dimensions.
I learned Spanish in five or six months.
I love Rag & Bone, Dior, and Valentino; I like feminine, sexy things. Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel, too.
You can make a debut in 25 operas. But to make a debut at the Metropolitan Opera is huge.
All of us in the field must remain constantly vigilant and fight against all types of inappropriate and hurtful behavior and continue the essential work of creating a fair and safe work environment for all classical musicians.
I see, in this life, the hardship many suffer. I see the joy that music can give. How we deal with all this is part of a preparation for the next life.
New Yorkers aren't that friendly, but they're still pretty friendly, and they're hardworking, passionate people.
I really wanted to get drafted by the Knicks, and it was a dream come true. I wasn't even hearing the boos that night. I was just having a special moment with my family, hugging them.
People talk very much about, 'What can we do with the orchestra in the 21st century?' We should think about the 21st century, of course.
I always see Beethoven as having been influenced by Haydn. Yet he started a revolution - not just to be different, but also because he lived in a revolutionary era.
As a kid, I used to love roller coasters. I love adrenaline, love going faster.
I think 'Rheingold' has symbolic meaning of what happens in the world when you're running after the Rhine gold, after the gold. It doesn't end very well. It's kind of a reminder of the values of life, and I think 'The Ring,' in a way, is kind of a prediction of Wagner of what would happen in the world.
When I go onstage, every situation I have to play, I feel pain. When I sing 'Madama Butterfly' I feel completely everything she felt: It's horrible. — © Kristine Opolais
When I go onstage, every situation I have to play, I feel pain. When I sing 'Madama Butterfly' I feel completely everything she felt: It's horrible.
I know my game. I know what I need to get better at and be better at.
I heard New York fans and people in New York are hard-working fans, so they want to see players work hard on the court. That's the first thing I've got to do.
I pick up languages fast.
I can't say I'd like to concentrate on one particular composer. I'm looking forward to doing a variety.
The Soviet Union had only one party. You couldn't express yourself freely; you couldn't admit belief in God. And yet this terrible regime understood that human beings have to express themselves, through music, even at a bad level. All kids studied music automatically, just as they did maths or languages or sport.
To play opera, to play Wagner, it's a great joy.
Yoga is a way to freedom. By its constant practice, we can free ourselves from fear, anguish and loneliness.
I will try to make my career as long as possible. For me, it's not about money, so I just love playing the game.
You have a great result if the orchestra trusts the conductor, and the conductor trusts the orchestra.
When I was younger, I wanted very much to play football. — © Andris Nelsons
When I was younger, I wanted very much to play football.
Yoga is an art and science of living.
I'm really focused on getting better as a player.
I want to be in such a basketball city like New York.
Some girls are intimidated by my height, obviously. But a lot of girls do like it, so that's cool.
Nobody wants to be losing, especially in New York. It's extremely tough. That's how it is.
We're a basketball family.
My older brothers, they know how to keep my head straight and be thinking about what I need to do on the court. Now I have that in me, that mentality, that I want to get better and better every game. Thanks to them, they showed me the way.
I think first thing and the most important thing, for me, is that Boston becomes my musical home, my musical family.
I never wanted to be an opera singer. I wanted to be an actress, maybe a rock singer.
If we want to share the message of the composers, to give good things back to humanity, we have to dig deep while we can.
I consider myself incredibly lucky to live and work in places like Canada and the U.S. where polio no longer threatens to rob the livelihoods of innocent children. As a young woman, I stand behind the women around the globe who are leading the charge against polio and working relentlessly to achieve a polio-free world.
I think music can change your life.
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