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Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.
You are rich if and only if money you refuse tastes better than money you accept.
Change means resistance, and resistance means transformation and igniting energies. — © Yasmine Hamdan
Change means resistance, and resistance means transformation and igniting energies.
I'm glad to be a part of 'Botched' and I'm thankful for the opportunity.
If I were to pray in Arabic, I'd pray to Allah. If I were to pray in English, I'd pray to God.
So long as there is imperialism in the world, a permanent peace is impossible.
I am my own cheerleader. I am the one who puts my goals, who pushes myself to get to the next goal. I don't have someone next to me saying, 'Here you go, now do this, it's your next step, go for it.'
Justice is revenge.
Cinema is not only about making people dream. It's about changing things and making people think.
My religion is inclusivity.
As women, we may not be a minority, but there is a bond that we all share. It is not a bond of geography. Or religion. Or culture. It is a bond of shared experience - experiences that only women go through and struggles that only women face.
Peace along with freedom and justice are the pillars for attaining both security and stability and will pave the way towards the eradication of oppression, extremism, and terrorism in our world.
Autocracy is a government of the few from above; Bolshevism is a government of the few from below. — © Ameen Rihani
Autocracy is a government of the few from above; Bolshevism is a government of the few from below.
The Syrian regime is helping the insurgency in Iraq and allowing all kinds of militants to come in and out, and go to Iraq to attack random soldiers and innocent people.
Let's not let cartoonists get involved in a war of any kind, except for a war against stupidity.
I write what I see; I paint what I am.
Sometimes art is ahead of revolution.
If you want to get into the shoes of someone, it's not just about seeing and hearing. It is also about what you touch and what you smell. Smell is so specific and so powerful. And this is the beauty of immersive theatre - it's something you cannot get in any other art form. I think this is the real future for theatre.
We need to restore the confidence in the country, first of all.
I learned that people everywhere are basically the same and have similar goals that we do. They want health and happiness and the opportunity to provide for their families.
Democracy, good governance and modernity cannot be imported or imposed from outside a country.
Worldwide is an overused word. But it's true that being known has given me new ideas and a chance to get to know new people who think in different ways. I want to hear myself referred to as Elie Saab, without labels or titles.
When I took on the title sponsorship of the Western European League and the World Cup Final in October 2010, I did it because I love the sport and I love horses. It has proved to be a perfect match for the Reem Acra brand.
Stability cannot occur without a Palestinian Spring through the full implementation of the Palestinians' right to self-determination on their land.
When you trust yourself, then you trust God.
People are looking more and more to Hollywood for fashion trends: who got dressed in what, and what was on the red carpet. Hollywood is becoming a big advertisement.
I cannot either change or do anything bad or good to the Syrian people and Syrian citizens.
We need to defend absolutely the freedom of speech.
I had an Arabic background. but I lived a very scattered childhood. I didn't belong to any one culture, which meant I didn't have musical geographies in my head.
Years ago, I noticed one thing about economics, and that is that economists didn't get anything right.
I have popular support.
Work is love made visible. And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy.
Well, the Brazilian butt lifts are dangerous.
People voted with their hearts as they were remembering the father.
Religion and political cartoons, as you may have heard, make a difficult couple, ever since that day of 2005, when a bunch of cartoonists in Denmark drew cartoons that had repercussions all over the world - demonstrations, fatwa, they provoked violence. People died in the violence.
However, there is no legal and legitimate state called Israel.
Your wedding is your red carpet moment, and while brides definitely can take some chances with style, you don't want to look like a fad.
Soccer is the most widely played sport in the U.S. — © Rabih Alameddine
Soccer is the most widely played sport in the U.S.
Self-censorship has become a part of me. I think because we live in a place where community is very important, family is very important, you feel the weight of how people look at you. Even though I might seem very modern and very liberated, I still have a lot of issues to deal with. I'm scared of how people look at me.
It's normal; Arab women have always been very active at the forefront of culture - as film producers since the 1920s; as singers, dancers, choreographers, writers for much longer than that.
The power of love - there's nothing more powerful than that.
I don't go to the doctor except when I'm very ill, and when I go to India, I drink a drop of local water.
I've always had a sense that I am doing something very important, something vital.
There are those who give with joy, and that joy is their reward.
Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need.
As you know, all women at all ages do not feel their ages anymore. The young girl feels older, and the older woman feels younger.
When I was a kid, I used to spend a lot of time at home because of the war. We couldn't go out and play or go to school. Boredom was a big part of my life.
Old Arabic books, printed in Bulaq, generally have a broad margin wherein a separate work, independent of the text, adds gloom to the page. — © Ameen Rihani
Old Arabic books, printed in Bulaq, generally have a broad margin wherein a separate work, independent of the text, adds gloom to the page.
Mini dresses that have an over skirt of tulle makes it traditional and modern at the same time.
I was raised by strong women, and the role models I had in music and cinema were strong, too - liberated and provocative.
A lot of Arabic composers such as Mohammed Abdel Wahab mixed sounds and instruments from all over the world. It's important to be able to propose new ways and new sounds without being stigmatised, censored or put aside.
It's one of those records that will stand forever. I really can't imagine anyone touching it.
I believe in the stability of my country. I believe in unity.
God created me. And the closest I will ever get with God is this soul, this body. And if I don't have myself, if I don't listen to myself, if I don't trust myself, then I don't trust God, because God created me.
Historically, we were always complaining about others interfering in our domestic and national issues.
No actor wants to be typecast, so you always want to make good, careful choices.
The people I go after are the false experts, those who do not accept the limits of their knowledge.
Deficiencies in individuals, as in States, have their value and import. Indeed, that sublime impulse of perfectibility, always vivacious, always working under various forms and with one underlying purpose, would be futile without them, and fatuous.
Those who elected Hamas in Palestine did so on the basis of its political platform.
You know when people overdo it... and their breasts are way too large or they overdo their face, I mean, that's what gives plastic surgery a bad name.
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