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Electric cars are the future.
Circus is what real life should be like. It's sincerity, feeling, emotions. All real. There are no lies in circus. There are artists working together to give a smile. It's a world where people help one another. It's the only show where a family, everyone from children to their grandmothers, can sit together and all be entertained by the same thing.
The circus was born with animals, horses at the start. This is part of our cultural heritage. It's a whole, with clowns and acrobats. — © Princess Stephanie of Monaco
The circus was born with animals, horses at the start. This is part of our cultural heritage. It's a whole, with clowns and acrobats.
Nobody can imagine how much I've suffered.
There's no miracle formula but we have to move towards a lower carbon economy. We don't have any other choice.
I've been in the spotlight since the day I was born.
It means a lot to be accepted as an athlete as I have and I can be myself.
People imagine that everything is easy when you're a princess, but we're still human beings. Some of my friends don't want to go out with me anymore - to go to a restaurant, I have to use a different door.
My choices and my decisions belong to me. I even accept my errors.
I'll never grow up. I'll always be a child at heart.
I live a normal life. A quiet life.
It's true that Ferrari and Monaco are the two most important things to F1.
Asian elephants have always worked with people and they like company. — © Princess Stephanie of Monaco
Asian elephants have always worked with people and they like company.
I guess every athlete has in the back of his mind being good at a sport and making it big.
I did my first speech when I was 17, well, my first formal speech. So I've had time to deal with it, and to adjust to it, but I can't say I'm like gung-ho on public speaking or interviews for that matter.
On various occasions we have been able to host almost all Monegasques on the palace square... It feels like a big family.
My sister and brother and I grew up speaking both languages - French to our father and English to our mother. But when we three kids are talking to each other, we use English.
Within all of us, there is a little child. Why not enjoy life?
I feel I must have been an elephant in a former life. I love the sensitivity and peaceful force of these creatures.
I got sick of modeling and I was afraid of getting overexposed.
You know my mother during her lifetime was unable to set up a foundation for the arts. She always had that idea and did help the arts in many other ways but never was able to set up her own foundation, so we did it in her name after her passing.
You have a place in this world. You have to find it.
We depend on nature to survive... it is our responsibility also to take care of our home, planet Earth.
It never ceases to amaze me how art can touch and inspire people.
You can't stigmatize people, you can't cut away people you admire just because they suffer AIDS. It's just not right.
The protection of biodiversity and, therefore, of endangered species is an issue to which I attach a great deal of importance.
You ask people, 'What is the circus?' They'll say, 'Animals, clowns and acrobats!' That's what people want. If you say you don't have animals, they walk away.
Just being with some of the best athletes in the world is a marvelous experience.
If I were to write my epitaph... Epitaph? Hey, shut-up Albert. I'd want to be remembered as someone who loved his sport and tried his best.
I want to place morality, honesty and ethics at the center of my government's preoccupations, of its councilors or all the principality's decisions.
I've always tried to protect my private life as much as possible, and that is the hardest part because that is what a lot of media are more interested in - the private aspect more than the official side of things.
I was always the headstrong child in the family. My mother and father called me a rebel at 2 years old. But they always accepted me as an individual.
It's hard growing up in the limelight. People invent stories. They call me a man-eater. An innocent date with a friend becomes a major scandal.
Monaco's neutrality is one of our main attributes - the role of small countries is to act as go-betweens between big nations.
Circus is the magic you should show your children.
There are some people in Monaco who aren't thrilled at the idea of me going down an ice track in a sled going 90 miles an hour. But they've accepted it.
We are faced with an incredible challenge to curb our greenhouse-gas emissions around the globe. Everyone has to realize this and come to terms with this.
I used to love playing paper dolls with my mother - she would cut them out and I would dress the dolls. — © Princess Stephanie of Monaco
I used to love playing paper dolls with my mother - she would cut them out and I would dress the dolls.
Everything happening at the South Pole, like the North Pole, has repercussions everywhere on the planet.
Nobody has really tried to understand me or my behaviour, which just reflected my decision to enjoy life to the full.
I think is very important that Formula E can apply its technology to everyday cars and everyday usage just as F1 is sort of a testing formula for improvement in road cars.
Even if you are a small country, as we are, that doesn't prevent you from having big aspirations.
I came to bobsledding quite by accident. I was on a skiing holiday in St. Moritz and took a guest ride. I liked it. I thought it was a thrilling experience. It is scary. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was apprehensive at first.
It's not easy for anybody in a position of responsibility... There are some very unpleasant meetings. I try to think what nice things will come after my meetings are over... having a nice glass of wine.
My father's a very busy man.
If the media want to talk about my life, at least now maybe they'll also say I'm a singer.
Mothers are always sending me pictures of their daughters.
Money and virtue must always be combined. — © Albert II, Prince of Monaco
Money and virtue must always be combined.
I think very early on, my sisters and I understood the value of nature and what it can do for us, and that we are part of nature. Even if we are all seemingly intelligent beings and we're at the top of the food chain, that doesn't mean that we have to remove ourselves from nature.
Jews are an important part of our kingdom, and I am happy you chose to gather here in our country.
My all-time hero is Tina Turner. Her energy, her attitude, her shows. She's just a great performer.
My mom was my best friend.
You can rest assured that I will marry... And I will also create my own family.
I am delighted to be an artist and follow in my mother's footsteps, even though I know I am not allowed to make a single mistake.
It will be very difficult for whoever will be with me, not even in marriage, whoever goes out with me seriously. Even if she doesn't look remotely like my mother, she will be compared to her.
The IOC presidency has been suggested to me.
My father gave me this poster from National Geographic back in the very early 70s, so I was a young teenager. It showed how man polluted his world. And the issues that they talked about, whether it was water pollution, air, or terrestrial... The issues that they talk about on this poster are still very much present today.
I love my fragrance like I love my records. My perfume is myself.
I'm straight and always have been. When our family gets together, we joke about it or throw our hands up in desperation because there is very little we can do. If we make a big fuss about correcting these rumors, it just creates more attention and turns the whole thing into a soap opera.
Oceans are a family heritage, because of my great-great-grandfather, but also my father, who spearheaded different initiatives to better protect the Mediterranean. He was very instrumental in setting up the Pelagos Marine Sanctuary, which is a sanctuary for marine mammals between Italy, France and Monaco.
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