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With my mom and dad around, I became a child yet again.
I just really enjoy life.
Federalism should be able to maintain unity among all. But this does not mean that we should boycott regional voices and the voices of ethnic groups. — © Khil Raj Regmi
Federalism should be able to maintain unity among all. But this does not mean that we should boycott regional voices and the voices of ethnic groups.
Yes, we can do business in Nepal and still succeed. That is what I proved.
I have to tell you this - as a teenager, I never used to see any horror films till I started acting in films.
I come from a family where we were taught to love and respect every community and religion.
I think 'Ek Chhotisi Love Story' has really damaged me. People think they can compromise my reputation and get away with it.
Life is about falling down, getting up, and moving ahead.
I found that this life is a gift, and everything that comes with it is a gift.
When you have a good director, everything is taken care of.
It saddens me to see the reality-television shows that are getting so much fanfare that are a celebration of stupidity and the degradation of women. And those women are consistently wearing too short, too tight dresses. I hope the trend of aging gracefully returns.
Procrastinating is a habit that I have to overcome.
Each country is different. Keep an open mind, and you will able to find where the niche entry level lies - the areas where there are gaps. You have to keep an ear to the ground, and you can find a business opportunity.
I'm a spontaneous actress, not a studied one. — © Manisha Koirala
I'm a spontaneous actress, not a studied one.
What we get at home is 100% organic food. We are also 90% vegetarian.
There's no substitute to hard work.
I'm fascinated by furniture design and interiors, and I want to try designing all that stuff.
I am a great fan of Rituparno's films and have always nurtured a wish of acting in his films. I was very impressed with his 'Chokher Bali,' 'Bariwali,' and 'Raincoat.'
I don't watch too many films.
The moment I started watching my thoughts, I realized how futile fear is.
Cancer treatment is very expensive, and the process is painful and long. This is something that we have to collectively think about, on how to make it affordable.
Cancer makes you realise that you will be dead one day. It's so common seeing people dying and falling sick, but we aren't really ever able to comprehend it ourselves. The realisation that I am here for a certain period of time and will be gone after that made me value my time and life.
I took charge of the government as per my commitment to serving the country and the people, and not out of any greed for yet another post.
One of the many joys of being an actor is to understand the human psychology.
I think when an actress is good, roles in mid-forties is a great thing.
I went home and went to Mustang, in the mountains between Nepal and China, and was so inspired by the landscape and the rich culture and heritage. I loved the textures, the draping, the palette. Everything was so beautiful. This little kingdom wasn't open to the world until 1991.
Creative people are more emotionally charged, so I am a super sensitive person.
I don't see things from a worm's perspective but a bird's perspective. I smile at problems.
The sources of inspiration from my travels have been unending.
I've always been interested in a femininity with a bite. I always think a little bit of a kick is great.
When I was 18, and when I entered my family business, I soon realised that it wasn't as easy as I thought. I had to deal with people of my father's generation. Building trust was key to doing business.
I am looking to play powerful characters and as far as biopics are concerned.
On one hand, I want to be successful and give my best to everything I do, but I don't want to be too consumed by anything.
All designers have a platform, an audience. Whether it's one or a million, it doesn't matter.
Life is full of risks, and often, you have to take them. Just don't be scared of taking one.
I think cancer came into my life as a gift. My vision is sharper, my mind clearer, my perspective realigned.
My goal is: I'm not trying to be snobby, but my clothes are not for everyone, not for every Hollywood celebrity. There is a designer for everyone, and a celebrity for every designer.
Being diagnosed with cancer helped me identify all that was wrong in my life. It also helped me search for the solutions. I discovered self-love; I learned to prioritise myself over others and, most importantly, realised that I had to love myself first before somebody else loves me.
I came from an affluent family, am well-known and well-read. — © Manisha Koirala
I came from an affluent family, am well-known and well-read.
Whether I live long or short is not the question: what quality that I surrounded myself is!
By and large, I think female directors are far more sensitive.
We need to live our truth. We need to discover ourselves. And no matter how much you prepare for everything, life will always find a way to surprise you.
I know what it's like to turn the page of a magazine and not see anyone like you. It takes a lot, a lot, a lot of talking to yourself to confirm your self-worth.
I am completely a director's actor. If the director gives me the liberty and freedom, then I give my inputs. Otherwise, I just follow instructions.
Truth of life is that in difficult times, my family was my backbone.
I tweet myself and do all the Facebook updates. It started off with me wondering whether I was showing off and I was very careful about what I wrote.
I always wanted to be an acclaimed artist and to be at the top of my game.
I love watching the sunrise and sunset and the sky, the birds.
I don't have sugar and try to avoid it as much as possible. At home, I don't have it at all. — © Manisha Koirala
I don't have sugar and try to avoid it as much as possible. At home, I don't have it at all.
There's such a feeling of satisfaction when something you imagined turned into something real.
If I am exhausted, I will pamper myself, take an extra nap, eat well, take a spa treatment.
I mean, I can cook, but I'd get very nervous having my food being judged by dinner guests.
I don't watch my old films. It's over and done with. I'm proud of my films, but who watches their movies after 20 years?
We think till the last minute that nothing can happen to us. But cancer will grab you by surprise, and then it's too late.
I wanted to be a complete person and realised that the well-being of mental health is extremely important in achieving that.
The first time I saw my look on a real person was in Paris, and I felt a little shock, a little thrill that went through my body. And that thrill never goes away - never.
Yes, I tend to be self-critical at times. This is because during my cancer period - while I was going through the whole process of treatment - I had time to reflect.
Women have started speaking their minds, and men have graciously started accepting that. I love this.
It is good to enjoy your life, follow your passion, do things that give you joy.
There is nothing compared to the feeling of losing life. The moment when you are close to death is nothing but a profound experience.
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