Top 8 Quotes & Sayings by Paraguayan Authors

Explore popular quotes by famous Paraguayan authors.
We can't make any statements here. We can't talk about the internal politics of Paraguay.
The things that have come into being change continually. The man with a good memory remembers nothing because he forgets nothing.
There was no reason for a revolution in Paraguay. — © Alfredo Stroessner
There was no reason for a revolution in Paraguay.
I was always confident that I knew. I never expected this.
What happens is that your wretched memory remembers the words and forgets what's behind them.
I have to think of my status as a resident in this country. But I do insist that in Paraguay there was order; the judiciary had the power of complete independence; justice was fully exercised.
Anyone who attempts to relate his life loses himself in the immediate. One can only speak of another.
In all nations an exceptional man exists that compensates the deficiencies of the remainder. In those moments, when humanity is found collectively in a state of decadence, there always remain those exceptional beings as point of reference.
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