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Your ego can become an obstacle to your work. If you start believing in your greatness, it is the death of your creativity.
I like to have my privacy. I don't like people knowing what I do in my free time. I am also a very shy person, but I understand that people want to know more.
I play for peace and love. — © Vlade Divac
I play for peace and love.
Maybe water polo and volleyball really help me on the court. Water polo with my one-handed passes, volleyball too, maybe when I tap passes.
Building a solid foundation in the early years of a child's life will not only help him or her reach their reach their full potential but will also result in better societies as a whole.
I want to show I can control my emotion and aggression and stay calm.
Novi Sad is a really beautiful city, and the club is really nice. It is one of the best youth academies in Serbia.
I will always fight for peace. But, unfortunately, it is war that drives us forward. It is war that makes the major turns. It makes Wall Street function; it makes all the bastards in the Balkans function.
When you finish the season with a trophy it's different.
Serbia has shown enough patience, but it has also sent a clear and strong message that the law must be respected and that no one is stronger than the state.
You never know what's going to happen in your life, and you never know what's going to happen in someone else's life either.
Deadpool was always one of my favorite characters because of the way he handles all kinds of situations. His style and humor make him the perfect antihero.
I don't have a television. All I have is Netflix and Apple TV and Hulu.
I have become a subscriber for 'Business Week.' It teaches me a lot about business, and I have really started to get into it. I'm interested in business and learning about how everything works.
We have a harder way to succeed in life as Serbs because of the past that we had and because of the history we had. — © Novak Djokovic
We have a harder way to succeed in life as Serbs because of the past that we had and because of the history we had.
I've always loved Newcastle. Even when you're watching their games on television, you can feel the passion of the crowd.
I've had to fight to improve my life. Nothing has come easily.
Winning is really fun.
When I am aggressive, I think that is going to help my teammates.
When 'Friday Night Lights' finished, I cried for a day. I have a problem.
In every ancient culture, there are rituals to mortify the body as a way of understanding that the energy of the soul is indestructible. The more I think about energy, the simpler my art becomes, because it is just about pure presence.
I played basketball because I loved the game. I played because I was making a lot of friends around the world... It's fun.
Competition is good.
When I arrived at Benfica I'd been playing like a No. 10 in the team, but the first thing the coach did was tell me: 'You are going to be a defensive midfielder here.'
I just wanted to play hard - just to give my 100 percent to help my teammates, to help my team to win the game. That's my only goal going on the court.
Although I never think about goals and assists, I believe in my skills and I just want to play good and be important for the team... then everything will be OK.
I know it is crazy, but I want to create a place where people can come in an organised way to think differently, to think their own thoughts.
I want to show everybody that I can play in the best league in the world and score goals.
I'm trying to be the best I can be in what I do.
I had a unique privilege to have a good start in life and a chance to develop my talents.
Unconditional love with someone you've never met is a straightforward feeling that is so overwhelming and fulfilling.
When you first come to practice, you learn the guys. You're going to play with them for the next couple seasons. You just need to know what shots they like, how they run, how good a lead they are. You need to know your personnel.
A family has its own rituals and its own superstitions.
I was taller than most of the kids. When I started playing basketball, my coach put me at point guard. Europeans do that sometimes.
I use Moroccanoil shampoo and conditioner.
If the film is not emotional, then it operates on a superficial level.
The confidence is there, the game is there, but physically you can't fight nature sometimes. You can't do much about it.
Yugoslavia was a kind of superpower. Great movies. Beautiful novels. Great rock-and-roll. We became a superpower in basketball. The problem is that people needed to identify more strongly with it after Tito and his awful, tricky way of leading the country.
There has been enough blood in the Balkans. Serbia is offering its hand. Let us turn to the future and not deal with the past. — © Ivica Dacic
There has been enough blood in the Balkans. Serbia is offering its hand. Let us turn to the future and not deal with the past.
After a tough match, I'll do an ice bath, and that's really good for recovery because it helps circulation. Sometimes you feel really swollen.
My dad is not really a relaxed guy. He's nervous. He wants to do everything. But I am completely opposite to him. I am calm.
It's great finding a comic book character that doesn't care about following traditional comic book rules by breaking the fourth wall and being explicit about everything. This gives Deadpool the arrogance which you just have to love.
Performance has to be mainstream art. This is what I'm fighting for.
Americans don't like European movies.
It's not good to stretch when you're cold. Get your heart rate up, and once you finish, take time to stretch and let your body calm down.
You know, art is very emotional business. But mostly it becomes not emotional, the fabric of commodity. It becomes business. It becomes so many different things. Because we forgot there was emotions involved.
Basketball gave me everything.
Southampton is the most beautiful city in England, and everything is great.
I am very happy I grew up in Serbia. You can have tough times, good times, but you learn a lot. I am incredibly proud of where I am from.
I never wanted to change countries; it's something that is part of me. — © Novak Djokovic
I never wanted to change countries; it's something that is part of me.
Even if I play backgammon with my coach, I hate to lose. I won't talk to him for, like, an hour. So imagine how it feels when you lose at tennis. That makes me determined not to lose because I hate it so much. Even at a set down and match point, I always believe I can come back.
Our job is quite strange in that we hire a coach, and therefore, we're the boss. But coaches tell us what to do, and I think some coaches might struggle with the idea of a girl being the boss and telling them, 'I don't want to see you now. I want to have some time to myself.'
I left my home, and it was the most beautiful country in the world in my eyes, and I was always happy in the summertime to go back. And then suddenly, the civil war starts, and you just worry first about your family and friends, and then an entire nation.
Of course a striker wants to score as much as possible. It's nice scoring goals. Goals are like an addiction: when you score, you want to keep doing more and more.
I did organize something in high school like a school walkout. These kids were locked up in their school, they weren't allowed out, but 3,000 school kids from Sydney walked out and protested. And I organized it from my mom's office at work. And I was 12.
I'm trying not to pay too much attention to the rankings because calculations can distract you.
Sacramento and the Kings organization were always in my thoughts and I often dreamed of having a role in helping our amazing fans realize the ultimate NBA prize.
I remember, the 1998 World Cup when we were Yugoslavia, I had the sticker albums of all the players, and I still remember that squad and who was playing.
If you are happy in your private life, and - that will affect your tennis, and that will help you, actually.
Kobe is probably an idol for so many players. He was such a great player so you wanted to be like Kobe. He's a legend that never dies.
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