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We cannot prevent hurricanes or earthquakes, floods or volcanic eruptions. But we can ensure that both people and communities are better prepared and more resilient.
How can you expect something out of a young player on the ice when you treat him differently off the ice? I believe in certain acts or behaviors, and it's a standard for me that we're not going to be using anything against anyone.
When it comes down to the game, I focus on the game. — © Zdeno Chara
When it comes down to the game, I focus on the game.
You don't go into a game thinking you might get hurt.
The U.N. has brought peace and order to many places around the world. However, terrorism, violent extremism, violations of human rights, natural disasters caused by climate change - they all threaten the lives of people today. Add migration, insufficient health care, lack of education, and the picture gets even bleaker.
Sustaining Peace is happening. But it is the exception - not the norm.
Mediation is one of the most effective tools of non-violence. It can turn parties away from conflict, towards compromise.
Everything you hear that people are losing as you get older, I want to be a step ahead of that.
If there is one thing we need to avoid, it is competition between E.U. institutions.
I felt as you get older, you're trying to find ways to improve your well-being, functioning, and energy level.
Ideally, you want to have some guys get that rest... Because after 70-something games, you've practiced enough.
Sure, I've dealt with my own share of adversity as an outsider living in this country but I recognize my challenges were not made harder, or impossible, because of the color of my skin.
You never want to feel so hungry that you'll put anything in your mouth. — © Zdeno Chara
You never want to feel so hungry that you'll put anything in your mouth.
I'm a career diplomat. I spent 30 years as a diplomat, out of which seven years as foreign minister. I've always believed in the United Nations as a centre of multilateralism and multilateral diplomacy.
We have to take better care of each other and respect each other. Equality must be a priority. Anything less is unacceptable.
The U.N. was created for people.
I think to have nine days without a game, that's something that does not always benefit a team.
We must recognize that Small Island Developing States are particularly vulnerable to climate change, natural disasters, and external shocks.
The United Nations should serve as a forum to address our common challenges. And it must also be a space to generate solutions for mutual benefit. This is the very essence of what the United Nations is about. We must position the multilateral system to better serve our people and deliver on their aspirations.
I just enjoy every day, being with my teammates, going out to perform. I just love competing and I have an extreme passion for the sport.
The United Nations is here to provide global guidance and also to help with global frameworks and to set the policies right. But then, it's the member states who have to implement those policies.
Whenever there is a need to address an issue that has emerged and the U.N. is expected to deal with, we should be ready to do so.
But there's no problem to lift before the game in the morning, then play the game at night.
Every article starts that way: Zdeno Chara, six-foot-nine, big strong defenceman. I'm like, Oh my God, does every player get their weight and height listed before they write something about him? No.
The U.K. should be treated with respect because it deserves respect.
The United Nations has an irreplaceable role in dealing with global issues. While other international bodies play important roles, the U.N. is the only truly global arena where we can achieve results for the global good.
If we want the next generation to be born into a better world, we only have one option. And that is strong multilateralism, with the U.N. System at its core.
We need to address significant funding gaps when it comes to implementing the SDGs.
Membership of the E.U. is not about cherry picking. It brings a lot of advantages and, of course, it requires a lot of responsibilities.
I've been a really big fan of climbing. I really got into it when I watched the show 'Beyond the Limit' about climbing Mount Everest.
To be honest with you, I try not to get caught up in the stats.
I really don't want to live in a world where the U.N. will not be relevant, will not be seen as the enterprise we turn to when we have a problem.
It's the right and also the responsibility of member states to express their views. And my role as the present of the General Assembly is not to comment on this. I'm here to protect and respect the rules.
As our world gets more interconnected, no one country or region can meet development challenges on its own.
The E.U. should pay more attention to the plight of African nations hosting large numbers of refugees themselves - at times for decades.
Climate change is not a theoretical question for the people of the Caribbean.
First thing is first and let me be clear: I stand with the Black community. Black Lives Matter. There is no room in this world for racism. Period.
I will never know what it's like to walk down a street and feel unsafe. No one should have to experience that feeling. — © Zdeno Chara
I will never know what it's like to walk down a street and feel unsafe. No one should have to experience that feeling.
Our people have not been exposed to Muslims, and they are frightened. It's a new phenomenon for them... Hundreds of Muslims mean nothing in Belgium or London, but it does mean something in Slovakia.
Human rights represent absolute and universal values. They should be protected by all means we have at our disposal.
'Peace' means rules respected by everyone - big or small, rich or poor - means cooperation. It means respect for human rights and dignity.
Indeed, it is a common goal to create a stronger United Nations able to meet the multitude of expectations placed upon it. To that end, I will facilitate a constructive, informed, and open interaction among Member States and with the Secretary-General.
Everything I put in my body has a purpose.
I wish to pay attention to what we can do better to prevent conflict. Because by avoiding conflict, we save human lives, and we also save money.
When my country was born, many people were sceptical about the chances for us to exist, let alone prosper.
Better governance helps realize the full potential of the many young Africans who are currently giving their families' savings to criminal networks and risking their lives in the vast expanses of the Sahara or Mediterranean instead of starting their own businesses and using their lives to benefit their families and communities.
South Sudan has faced numerous challenges, which include professionalising the security sector, establishing ministries and parliamentary structures with the appropriate capacity for policy making and oversight, as well as improving community safety and access to justice.
We will continue our work on the Global Compact for safe, orderly, and regular migration. — © Miroslav Lajcak
We will continue our work on the Global Compact for safe, orderly, and regular migration.
Hopefully I won't have to sleep with my feet out of the tent.
Everyone who has ever asked for asylum in Slovakia was granted asylum if that person met the conditions. There was never any discrimination based on religion.
We all have to acknowledge a simple fact: Africa is growing.
Playing the whole season and going through the whole playoffs in 2011 was the hardest 10-month period.
The General Assembly is a unique organ. It's the most representative organ of the United Nations, where all 193 Member States are present. Each has one vote regardless of its size, power, or wealth. That gives the body a huge authority.
A lot of times life is spinning so fast around you that you kind of think it's out of control and that's when you need to slow down a little bit and take a break.
I love competing. I love doing all these things, coming to the rink, talking to the guys, doing the routine, working out in the summer, going through that grind.
It's one of those things, like in sports and other situations in life, you're going to have some adversities and some challenges that are similar to the race. You go uphill one moment and then you go downhill, but that's life too. You've got to be willing to sometimes take it slow but keep going.
Engagement is always better then disengagement. If we don't talk, somebody else will.
To miss games, I just don't think it's for me personally. I don't like it. The other guys might like it, but I like to play. I like to play games.
I love Boston. I love the city. I think we have the best fans in the world.
The great part, or the interesting part, is that when you stop eating something, you stop missing it.
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