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I'm an average guy, skinny, not so tall, I put my sunglasses on, and I blend in.
If you're in it for the money, there is no way you will ever make it! Never. That's not going to get you there at all. I just made fun video with my friends. That's the key.
The stuff that I find really intriguing is always how do ordinary people behave in extraordinary circumstances. And that's why we have a lot of cop shows and lawyer shows and medical shows is that you're looking for situations that just always heighten the stakes.
If somebody is strong and showing good performances and perfect in the thing you are doing, there are people who want to disturb you. — © Tina Maze
If somebody is strong and showing good performances and perfect in the thing you are doing, there are people who want to disturb you.
I feel like some things, you can't just force it.
I didn't play a lot in the first season, so I had to spend a lot of time developing my game.
Of course, I want to win the championship.
I was always good at penetrating in Europe, but in Europe, you don't have so many shot-blockers as there are in the NBA, so it was easier.
I mean, I was always hoping to play in the NBA. Of course, when that thing happened, you're like, 'Finally, I did it, but the work starts now.' I didn't want to just be known as OK, I came to the NBA, and then in a few years, you're gone. First my goal was to be the best Slovenian player in the league. Of course, after that, your appetite goes up.
Of course, if you have D. Wade on your team, he's the best closer in the history of this sport, so the ball needs to go in his hands, but I was always ready. I was always ready. I remember every time he would play pick-and-roll, he said, 'G, just be ready. Maybe you're going to be open. I need to hit you.'
Somebody said that I'm the worst player in the NBA, and my last name should not be Dragic, but 'Tragic.' Every time I was in a practice court, I had this in my mind.
Everybody has their own opinion and it's, how you say, a free country. Everybody can speak freely.
I want to be a late night host and the podcast is a way for me to do longer form interviews and to get better at interviewing.
When I was younger, I showed my nation that I would always play for my national team, no matter who was there. If we had a good team or a bad team, I was there. — © Goran Dragic
When I was younger, I showed my nation that I would always play for my national team, no matter who was there. If we had a good team or a bad team, I was there.
It's nice to see those young players who are humble and working hard and to see them thriving in the NBA.
I love people's, like, reactions to things - whether it's, like, a good reaction or a bad reaction.
I always had this in my head that I could play in this league, that I'm good enough... but of course you have to prove that on the floor.
Definitely, my whole life I've played as a point guard. I've tried to get in the paint, and I've tried to develop for others.
Movie stars are doing TV series, and former TV stars are doing guest shots. Everybody gets bumped down the line. That's affected everyone in the industry. I've been lucky; I've stayed busy. I'll cross my fingers until it's my turn to be sitting around, not working. I'm sure that'll happen, too.
I feel that I owe a lot to SpongeBob and all Bikini Bottom for helping me figure out what I thought was funny and entertaining.
It's very juicy to twirl your mustache and figure out why people do the horrible things that they do. It's not just because they are evil, but because that's how they somehow explain the world to themselves and justify themselves. It's always interesting figuring out how that happens.
We've got a ping-pong table back home back in Slovenia. I always smash the ball.
When I was a kid I watched Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Allen Iverson - all these great point guards. But then when I was 14, 15-years-old I found a similar guy who played like me - Beno Udrih. He's lefty too and he played in my hometown so I was a huge fan of his. Then after awhile I saw Manu Ginobili when he was playing in Italy.
I'm a basketball player. I can play the whole game. Of course, when you get older, it's a little bit tougher, but whatever.
Both 'Oz' and 'Homicide,' they're critically admired, so it's not like they're really neglected, but I wish they'd found bigger audiences.
I feel like a lot of people don't have the most positive things to say about YouTubers.
I would definitely date a fan that was a fan of the stuff I make, 100 percent.
Once you have money you're gonna want to give back. And it's the best, best feeling.
I actually love going to a lot of theater movies. I just love watching actors work and seeing how people tell stories.
Hopefully I'm going to be a good father. I'm going to try and give my best.
You always want to play good against your ex-team.
We try to win every game that we can.
I think the most important part of anyone creating videos or creating anything is just being genuine and having it be true to what you want to do and who you are.
My first time alone in Spain playing basketball - that kind of made me tougher, especially for my character and my personality. It's not easy when you're alone. Some nights you have bad games or bad days and it's not easy. I think that is the one thing that changed me, to make me a better person, a tougher guy.
I have a group of like, 15, 20, 30 friends, and they help me day in and day out with all the videos.
When you have Dwyane Wade on your team, we know that the ball is going to go in his hands.
The bench is really important in the NBA because if you have a good bench, then you can make that playoff push even harder.
It doesn't matter who's standing on the other side. I'm always going to play my game.
My grandma died by cancer. — © Goran Dragic
My grandma died by cancer.
I feel like I'm evolving with my age.
You never know before the season, when you get new players, how the chemistry is going to develop and how the season is going to go.
Even people back home, when I went to the NBA they were questioning whether I was good enough, I'm skinny, I don't have outside shot. As a player, sometimes that criticism, you just have to take that and try to convert it into motivation.
I actually don't drink.
My biggest thing is I really want to be able to travel and make videos.
Oh yeah, I'm motivated. Always.
It's a much easier job when you know what to expect on offense.
TikTok is the app that Vine should have been.
My big dream is to be a late-night host, but it's like, what does that even mean?
I always say that it's tough to judge a player when you're just hearing rumors. It's never accurate. — © Goran Dragic
I always say that it's tough to judge a player when you're just hearing rumors. It's never accurate.
I always try to play hard as possible to help my team - it doesn't matter if it's on defense or offense. I would say when I was young I was playing like that, too.
I'm like, how do you say, a little version of Tony Parker. But I must work hard to be as good as he is.
Like a lot of fans know, I like to play fast basketball.
In television, you are of necessity working in bits and pieces and scenes, and things are out of order, and you never can have the same sense of how will this look when it's all put together, what will the effect be.
If he gets everyone involved, everyone is happy and you have that chemistry and you're winning.
I want to be at a high level for as long as possible.
It doesn't matter who it is. If I'm going to see an open gap, I'm going to penetrate and try to finish over those guys. I'm not afraid of big guys.
I spend a lot of time in California, but New York is still my main home. I go to see a lot of theater.
I feel like my 'paycheck' being cut on YouTube was almost like a wake-up call to be like, 'Hey, don't be conformable, expand the business.'
The Vlog Squad... We gotta change that name.
I like to penetrate and play fast basketball.
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