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If you're wealthy like Donald Trump is, and you have a preacher who says your wealth is a sign God approves of you, you're probably going to like that preacher. And if there is one major element in Donald Trump's religious beliefs, it would be this prosperity gospel.
Clear mind is like the full moon in the sky. Sometimes clouds come and cover it, but the moon is always behind them. Clouds go away, then the moon shines brightly. So don't worry about clear mind: it is always there. When thinking comes, behind it is clear mind. When thinking goes, there is only clear mind. Thinking comes and goes, comes and goes, You must not be attached to the coming or the going.
Social activism has gone mainstream. A new generation of philanthropic leaders such as Bill and Melinda Gates, and Bono are providing inspiration, guidance, and billions of dollars through their global foundations.
Your demons may have been ejected from the building, but they’re out in the parking lot, doing push-ups.”) — © Dan Harris
Your demons may have been ejected from the building, but they’re out in the parking lot, doing push-ups.”)
Having gone through the civil rights struggle, having gone through the anti-Vietnam War struggle, by the time I was in my 20s, I had something that the current generation doesnt have. And that is a sense of efficacy.
Under our system of three branches of government, the courts ultimately are the checks on the legislative and executive branches when they exceed or even abuse the limits of their power.
Iran has a young population, and the desire to get out from under conservative religious social restrictions and to be able to speak their mind without fear of arrest is palpable. But nearly seven years after authorities crushed massive street protests, reformers are still threatened with arrest and expectations for change are extremely low.
I think win the election big, if she can win it, I`d like to see Hillary Clinton 54, 55 percent because I want her to rule the country.
An enemy of yours is an enemy of mine; an enemy of mine is an enemy of yours; if an enemy of mine is not an enemy of yours, then you're an enemy of mine.
There can be no rainbow without a cloud and a storm.
The statesman must think in terms of the national interest, conceived as power among other powers. The popular mind, unaware of the fine distinctions of the statesman's thinking, reasons more often than not in the simple moralistic and legalistic terms of absolute good and absolute evil.
Biological possibility and desire are not the same as biological need. Women have childbearing equipment. For them to choose not to use the equipment is no more blocking what is instinctive than it is for a man who, muscles or no, chooses not to be a weightlifter.
It's always easier in the Senate minority to maintain unity.
I don't sense that people are loving the adults the way they have learned to love kids, because the truth is, they're not going to be cute in the same as kids are. And they shouldn't have to be cute to deserve and merit our attention and support.
I think we need to be human. Nobody is objective. We need to go in and be human - especially today, especially given everything that's happening around us, especially given the divides between populations that are growing and what's at stake in terms of our collective humanity, and the fact that our moral compass is broken.
Never grieve for me if it is my good fortune to die with my boots on. That's what I most hope for.
People didn't sit and watch television and go, oh, my God, we're failing. So what are they doing in China is, they set up the markets as the test of their own economic management and of this whole theory of economic liberalization.
Karma is like the vine that gathers strength through uninterrupted years, and which fastens its tendrils so closely that it is as strong as the structure to which it adheres. There is no way to destroy its power except by the separation of the parts, these parts renew themselves in other forms of life, but the structure is freed when its root is destroyed.
[Donald] Trump said she [Melania Trump] first arrived in New York City to model in 1996. But Michael Felix, an immigration attorney who specializes in the fashion industry, says if you're a foreign model with a work visa, it's unusual to have to return to your home country that frequently.
Journalists belong in the gutter because that is where the ruling classes throw their guilty secrets. — © Gerald Priestland
Journalists belong in the gutter because that is where the ruling classes throw their guilty secrets.
A big issue for Muslims is when Christian evangelizing - telling people about the faith - becomes proselytizing, actively trying to convert. Some Muslims say Christian evangelizing seems like colonialism.
You can permit yourself any liberty in the opening except the luxury of a passive position.
I could feel myself begin to recede, to tip and lose balance, slide toward the deeper darkness that had crept in from outside. It happened so quickly and took me by surprise; sometimes I just turned around and found it there-ah, camarade-unaware it had been waiting for me for days.
Civilization is in no immediate danger of running out of energy or even just out of oil. But we are running out of environment-that is, out of the capacity of the environment to absorb energy's impacts without risk of intolerable disruption-and our heavy dependence on oil in particular entails not only environmental but also economic and political liabilities.
There is nothing like walking to get the feel of a country. A fine landscape is like a piece of music; it must be taken at the right tempo. Even a bicycle goes too fast
When NBC News first assigned me to the Barack Obama campaign, I must confess my knees quaked a bit....I wondered if I was up to the job. I wondered if I could do the campaign justice.
The costs savings was a big win, but now we also have a schedule of events and are clearly aware of when our contracts begin and end...we are much more strategic about how we source now.
A growing number of Muslims in America, more than 40 percent are African-American
His presidency ended more than a decade ago, but politicians, Democrat and Republican, still talk about Ronald Reagan. Al Gore has an ad noting that in Congress he opposed the Reagan budget cuts. He says that because Bill Bradley was one of 36 Democratic Senators who voted for the cuts. Gore doesn’t point out that Bradley also voted against the popular Reagan tax cuts and that it was the tax cuts that piled up those enormous deficits, a snowballing national debt.
I counted them all out and I counted them all back.
I said to NFL spokesman Greg Aiello, 'You realize that's the first time anybody associated with the league has made that connection?' And I remember, he was a litttle... annoyed. He was annoyed.
A long time ago, Descartes sad, “I think, therefore I am.” But if you are not thinking, what?
A similar move is underway in the British Parliament. Earlier this month, more than 30 religious leaders and scholars wrote Secretary of State John Kerry asking for a meeting to discuss what's happening to Christians and other minorities. Nina Shea organized the effort.
If you want something then you lose everything. If you don’t want anything then you already have everything.
New forms of media - first movies, then television, talk radio and now the Internet - tend to challenge traditional codes of conduct. They flout convention, shake up the status quo and sometimes provoke outrage.
Every revolution begins with the power of an idea and ends when clinging to power is the only idea left.
Fidel Castro was a born rebel.
There are no hopeless positions; there are only inferior positions that can be saved. There are no drawn positions; there are only equal ones in which you can play for a win. But at the same time, don't forget that there is no such thing as a won position in which it is impossible to lose.
Over the years, autism has almost been a diagnosis in the eye of the beholder, which allows for all kinds of arguments and dissension and theories and competing therapies to come into play.
Administration officials, in fact, have repeatedly condemned ISIS for its treatment of religious minorities, including Christians. But a bipartisan resolution now moving through Congress calls on the administration to go further and say ISIS is guilty of genocide.
I want to shine a spotlight on a new generation of women, who are creating, funding and managing some of the hottest companies in tech today. But I wanted to do more than share their professional stories. I wanted to share their personal journeys, too.
Social interactions can be enormously challenging for people on the spectrum. That's part of the reason that unemployment among autistic adults hovers near 80 percent.
The pressure to perform is relentless in today's workplace - regardless of where you work. We are all being asked to do more with less. I think what we could borrow from the culture of Silicon Valley is "eat your own dog food ." That is an expression used by tech types to mean using what you make or sell.
So you know, formally, what the government here is saying is that Israel's prime minister announced the appointment on Twitter. He didn't follow diplomatic protocol. But what we know is that it's about much more than that. It is about who Dani Dayan is.
For maximum impact, listen more and speak less. — © Willow Bay
For maximum impact, listen more and speak less.
The one who praises you is a thief. The one who criticizes you is your true friend.
Man will not live without answers to his questions.
Tillerson, at ExxonMobil, brokered multibillion-dollar deals with Russia, meeting with Putin multiple times. In 2013, he received the Order of Friendship award from Putin himself. But Tillerson today said he'd support continuing sanctions against Russia for now. He also implied his intimate knowledge of Russia meant he understood its strategy, and could anticipate its moves, to America's benefit.
Adults don't get nearly the attention and support the kids do, maybe because they're not as cute or because people forget that autism is lifelong. But it is.
We are a nation of laws. And nobody can ignore our Constitution. No one's above the law. And that includes the president of the United States.
Throughout our history, the Supreme Court has entered national crises, often preventing presidents from doing what they want to do. Indeed, sometimes the court's verdicts are not vindicated by history. And yet presidents have complied with those rulings.
Many immigrant groups have faced hostility. The Irish did in their time. Jews did. Italians did - and now, Muslim immigrants.
I think that the sense of inefficacy and inevitability comes not from thinking the rich are going to have all the educational advantages. No, I think it comes from the sense that politically, the wealthy have overwhelming power in this society and there's nothing, say a lot of people, that we can do about it. That is simply wrong
Add it all up, and some prominent Obama supporters are now saying that it paints a picture of an opposition driven, in part, by a refusal to accept a black President.
I do think there is a strange idea that the media has that if you tell the public what you think, they can no longer think for themselves. — © Ryan Grim
I do think there is a strange idea that the media has that if you tell the public what you think, they can no longer think for themselves.
To be fearless is to be reckless. I think you need a certain level of fear because you need to respect the danger and the minute you stop sensing fear, that's the minute you stop respecting the danger, and that's when things can happen. Obviously, you can't panic. It can't be overwhelming. It can't be paralyzing. You always need to have that pit in your stomach. You always need to have that awareness about you.
In fact, presidents and vice presidents are automatically audited by the IRS, which hasn't stopped other chief executives from making them public.
Maybe "having enough" has a second meaning beyond the basic economic security a family needs. Maybe it means accepting that a rich full life with a job and family will be rewarding, but it certainly won't be perfect. As many of us who have combined kids and careers know all too well, some days it's really pretty messy. And that's OK.
If Hillary Clinton wants to back into the White House, then sure, she can do it like this, like in 1991, `92, the Clintons had decided, well, where are we going to be in spectrum in order to be president. But if she wants to be build up some mandate for an agenda, and actually going to accomplish that agenda, she would actually be smart to start building support for her now.
As his country crumbled around him, Fidel Castro's stature diminished abroad and at home.
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