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I think we, sometimes, try to fill a void with so many other things that we make the wound deeper & prevent it from ever healing properly.
I love to do fashion. I always put fashion in all of my storytelling because that's what I am, but I'm not selling clothes, I'm telling a story.
What better reward than to see others excited by your work? — © Jean Louis
What better reward than to see others excited by your work?
My favorite part about costume designing is the artistry of the job. You meet with a director and a visionary to discuss ideas. You research the characters and figure out the components of their look through your own vision. You create a color palette for a film, television or stage medium and discuss it with the director of photography who then lights your colored subjects.
A stage setting is not a background; it is an environment.
I think color, for a costume designer, is one of your biggest storytelling devices.
When you do your collection, you are much more free. You have fewer boundaries. When you work on a movie, you have to take into consideration the story, the plot, the vision of the director, even the physique of your cast. And then on top of all this, you want your imagination, your taste, and your ideas to come through. But a movie is forever.
Never only exists in your head. Anything is possible.
A smile is the only infectious affliction everyone is encouraged to spread.
As a costume designer, it's important to give each person his or her own personalized look.
You can acquire chic and elegance, but style itself is a rare thing.
A play is a painting that moves. Instead of it holding still, and you are looking at it, you hold still and it scrolls by.
If I truly believe in Him, I'll trust Him to desire for me that which is for my highest good, and to have planned for its fulfillment. — © Helen Rose
If I truly believe in Him, I'll trust Him to desire for me that which is for my highest good, and to have planned for its fulfillment.
Your eyes will always go to red, which is why there is a lady in red in all my shows.
The more obstacles you encounter, the harder you must fight to meet your destiny. Never let adversity win. Never give up on yourself and the good you can bring to the world.
Some people change. Most people don't. Accepting this makes it much harder for them to disappoint you.
As a kid, I dreamed of a knight in shining armor coming to rescue me. Now, I just dream of equal pay for equal work.
I think that The Great Gatsby has had some influence on contemporary dressing. I'm seeing more boyish haircuts and drop-waist sheath dresses.
Once you acknowledge that reality is not your enemy, it will no longer be your enemy.
I'll say it again, for every moment you're with the wrong person, you are robbing yourself and the right person of the opportunity to find real happiness.
I think it's important for the viewers at home to have something accessible and attainable.
The color palette grew as the story progressed. The 1920's sharecroppers were muted and neutrals, the 30's and 40's introduced burgundy to the neutral palette. The 1950's introduced green, black and denim blue, the 1960's introduced orange and heavier more saturated color, the 1970's introduced more primaries, and the fashion palette became more recognizable as a contemporary one from there.
I've never understood why people get mad at others for not being interested in them romantically - especially when there are so many reasons to be mad at people that are within their control.
We should build respect and understanding between the diverse cultures of the world. We should help construct communities where people of different backgrounds can live together as neighbors. Freedom is something for which we must fight, not by limiting it but by strengthening it.
I was thinking about picking up kayaking, but I didn't want anyone to think I had herpes.
If it isn't going to matter to you in 5 years, quit stressing about it. (Also, quit b*tching about it. It might matter when you're all alone in 5 yrs because you're annoying now.)
The theater is a school we shall never have done with studying and learning.
The only complicated things worth fighting for will change the world in some way and/or make you lots of money, and a complicated relationship will only keep you from doing either.
Style has become very important, the whole idea of style, what your personal style is. It's your identity.
I used to dream of a week-long beach vacation with white sand under my toes... right now, I'd settle for 48 hours at a Motel 6 with some Lysol and a UV lamp.
The sole aim of the arts of scene-designing, costuming, lighting, is to enhance the natural powers of the actor.
If at first you don't succeed, sure, try again... but if you keep not succeeding, you should probably concentrate on something (or someone) else worthwhile & quit wasting your time.
Usually when you start the characters, the first thing is the script. Your design work is about telling the story. It's later that casting comes into play, but it's a huge component.
Thank you, Wes... You've been a great inspiration. You are like a conductor. You are like a composer... You inspire us, all of us... If it wasn't for you...I couldn't have done it this way.
If you're overwhelmed, lost, or like you life is out of control, do whatever you can that matters to someone else or ever did to you... it might not help, but it certainly won't hurt.
There is no more reason for a room on a stage to be a reproduction of an actual room than for an actor who plays the part of Napoleon to be Napoleon, or for an actor who plays Death in the old morality play to be dead.
All I have is an opinion - I don't deal in Truth.
I think it's important to keep the fashion fresh. — © Eric Daman
I think it's important to keep the fashion fresh.
If you aren't happy with your life, change things until you are... if you can't change something, change your attitude about it.
Who you love is an illustration of you... but whomever loves you back is you... in HD.
In love, there really is no "Right" and "Wrong". You just have to decide what you're willing to forgive
You may just miss an awesome ride if you only look at happiness as a destination.
We have learned that beneath the surface of an ordinary everyday normal casual conscious existence there lies a vast dynamic world of impulse and dream, a hinterland of energy which has an independent existence of its own and laws of its own: laws which motivate all our thoughts and our actions.
It's obvious what's timeless and what is not timeless, but you need time to find that answer.
I think the fashion industry, as a result of globalization, has undergone a uniformity. I'm not saying that's good or that's bad but that is my observation.
Why would they have book covers if we aren't supposed to judge the book by them? It makes no sense.
What if reincarnation really happens, and Jesus were reincarnated, & you were a total d*ck to him? It could happen. You should probably treat everyone like they were Jesus reincarnated.
The more information you have, the better you're able to have success. — © Patricia Field
The more information you have, the better you're able to have success.
I think timelessness is a very important factor in whatever I do. That's what makes a classic.
But as you say in English, c'est la vie!
Since all men are created equal, I have to thank God I was born a woman.
You can't start putting difficult clothes on a person. They're actors: they have to move, they have to feel real.
Teach by example and treat yourself the way you would want your children to treat themselves.
I use color very instinctively.
I'm [going] through a mystified period of my life, where the more I learn, the less I know.
There is no fate... no predestination... no luck. Don't use that as an excuse to not live the life you want. Work for it. You make your future - no one else.
Do you know what the costliest phrase in technology is? 'It will work because it would be cool if it did.'
The hats of all eras thrill me. People don't wear them anymore. So when you see an outfit completed by a hat (that's for men too) it's thrilling. Especially if it's a Cloche from the 20's or a "Peter Pan" from the 30's, a Homburg from the 50's, or a Stingy Brim from the 60's. It's time stamping. Today everybody just wants to wear a baseball cap!
There are no such things as curses; only people and their decisions
The main way I start to allocate color is that it comes from the comics. That's where it all starts from.
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