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You know why there's a Second Amendment? In case the government fails to follow the first one.
Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.
If you don't stick to your values when they're being tested, they're not values: they're hobbies. — © Jon Stewart
If you don't stick to your values when they're being tested, they're not values: they're hobbies.
Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen.
It's amazing to me how many people think that voting to have the government give poor people money is compassion. Helping poor and suffering people yourself is compassion. Voting for our government to use guns to give money to help poor and suffering people is immoral, self-righteous, bullying laziness.
The whole point is to live life and be - to use all the colors in the crayon box.
Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations.
My attitude is, if someone's going to criticize me, tell me to my face.
We all have to start somewhere, and doing something is better than nothing at all. Start small so you don't get discouraged and give up. Remember it is all about consistency.
If you learn something new every day, you can teach something new every day.
The reason why you know more funny dudes than funny chicks is that dudes are funnier than chicks. If my daughter has a mediocre sense of humor, I'm just gonna tell her, 'Be a staff writer for a sitcom. Because they'll have to hire you, they can't really fire you, and you don't have to produce that much. It'll be awesome.'
I was also a big Woody Allen fan. When I got into college I listened to Lenny Bruce but it's taken me years to put him into context historically and really get what he did.
There is a safe spot within every tornado. My job is to find it.
Sometimes, there's a fine line between bravery and utter stupidity. The day I decided to climb into a boxing ring for a professional fight was probably on the side of stupidity.
My IQ is somewhere between Spiro Agnew's and Albert Einstein's. — © Dick Cavett
My IQ is somewhere between Spiro Agnew's and Albert Einstein's.
I think 'MythBusters' is a step up from special effects because we not only have to make things look like they work, they actually do have to work. It's more challenging and even transcendental.
John Cena's work ethic is beyond reproach. It's been phenomenal to see what he does and he's made himself a brand.
Everything in food is science. The only subjective part is when you eat it.
For every moment of concentration there is an equal moment of relaxation.
I cherish my entire life. I've been blessed with a life full of good memories.
I love to travel with my own hot sauce, and I have it in packets so I no longer have to be disturbed by TSA.
If you live for the compliments, you'll die by the criticism.
Time flies. It's up to you to be the navigator.
When in doubt, freak 'em out.
The truth is that the right decision often can't be led with either head or heart exclusively.
Social class has worked for years. Born into the right family, go to the right schools, even if you're not super bright to start with, you'll turn out bright. You go to the right university, you get the right job, you have the right connections, you'll make it to the top. Job done, very efficient.
The more you embrace the weird crazy things about you, the more you find your tribe.
There are so many voices on YouTube, and there are incredible creators that are popular for a reason. And although it's great to be inspired by them, nobody is going to subscribe to a second-rate version of them. It's really important to put your best foot forward and be your best self because you will always be the number one version of you.
There's something really raw and exciting about grabbing a lump of clay and creating something unique out of it.
People say 'dream big,' that's kind of one of those motivational sayings, but I would dream hard, meaning I just wanted it so badly, I could feel it.
Joe Burrow's self-esteem - and this is really important - is tied to what Joe Burrow thinks of himself. It is about confidence, focus, judgement, maturity.
Coaching's not a job, it's a privilege.
It is difficult to master the skill of scoring runs from a 90mph delivery that is dug into your armpit or is fizzing past your nose.
I experimented as a teen, and had some hellish hairstyles - way too many perms and cheap hairspray!
I love the feeling of the fresh air on my face and the wind blowing through my hair.
In order to play this game, at one point in your life you've got to be a little mentally deranged. And every once in a while, you've got to call upon that sickness and make it work for you.
Failure is always an option.
I like to think of religion as languages, our religion is very cultural, it has a lot to do with where we are born on this planet, it can really impact our religious beliefs.
I'm an optimistic realist. I kind of expect the worst but prepare for the best. — © Trixie Mattel
I'm an optimistic realist. I kind of expect the worst but prepare for the best.
You cannot underestimate the body blow for a snooker player of having your cue broken. After all, it's an extension to your arm.
If your Facebook page has turned into a shrine to your relationship, pet, or newborn, no one will say anything, but all who are subjected to your news feed are totally annoyed. Super fans who turn their profiles into mausoleums dedicated to their teams are equally insufferable and one hundred times more pathetic.
I'm representing the curvy girls and that's great.
I think sometimes you have to imagine a fantasy world in which we are represented and visible the way we should be.
Maths is like a ladder - if you miss the first few rungs, you can't jump up, so start with the basics.
There's so much toxic masculinity out there. I grew up with the notion that the more masculine you are and the less you show emotion, the more of a man you are.
Time flies when you're on an emotional roller coaster.
The sole purpose of the bedroom is to melt away any stressors.
The minute you decide to do what you love to do, you have made a life plan for yourself and a career choice.
Because bisexual people almost have a foot in the gay and the straight world, their friends can misunderstand them too. Like if a bisexual man starts dating another man, people are like 'Ah, he's gay,' but you know, bisexual people remain bisexual, and their attractions can change and flux over time.
There's no doubt a bit of chicken in a creamy mushroom sauce with a side order of garlic mash will put a smile on your face. — © Claudia Winkleman
There's no doubt a bit of chicken in a creamy mushroom sauce with a side order of garlic mash will put a smile on your face.
People have gone down this spiral of cancel culture and the idea that everything is offensive.
Dancing should be as much a part of our daily routine as brushing our teeth.
Glamour has the potential to be very powerful in that way without saying anything.
Any donation does make a difference. Getting involved is what makes BBC Children in Need so moving.
I learned that life is filled with ups and downs and it's just about how you react to them.
I do everything right-handed - football, tennis, darts and golf - except for snooker.
You have to create little pockets of joy in your life to take care of yourself.
What women really want is opportunity and the freedom to love and accept all aspects of womanhood - the intellectual, spiritual, professional, biological and relational dimensions of who we are.
Your genetics load the gun. Your lifestyle pulls the trigger.
You can cut the tension with a cricket stump.
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