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The problem is that we as a society simply accept these unrealistic standards: that you have to be thin to be perfect, to be beautiful, to be successful at work and to have a good relationship. And it is making us sick. This self-loathing is crippling women.
Don't be afraid to walk away from things that are just not right for you.
My grandmother said it very simply: "If you don't like dogs, you don't like humans, and vice versa." I really believe that. β€” Β© Veronika Varekova
My grandmother said it very simply: "If you don't like dogs, you don't like humans, and vice versa." I really believe that.
Growing up I always shopped at Victoria's Secret with my mom and saw Angels like Gisele and Karolina Kurkova in the windows.
We miss extra bits of knowledge that can add value to our lives. We sort of lack empathy because we're multitasking all the time.
Life and death, energy and peace. If I stop today it was still worth it. Even the terrible mistakes that I made and would have unmade if I could. The pains that have burned me and scarred my soul, it was worth it, for having been allowed to walk where I've walked, which was to hell on earth, heaven on earth, back again, into, under, far in between, through it, in it, and above.
I already accepted that I relate to nothing. The more I gain, the more lonely it is I know I'm like a ghost.
I'm here to change things so that little girls have someone to look up to. I'm here to fight the eating-disorder battle that millions of people are having and I'm standing up and saying that's not okay. Frankly, I can't fail. I will not fail.
I really love working with brands that are either at the cutting-edge, or are making that first step towards making change within their brand lines.
I would encourage the youth to get in to their bodies as much as possible through sport or exercise, and to embrace their uniques expressions as individuals and freethinkers. They are lucky enough to grow up in a time where the individual is celebrated - it is their duty to find their voices so that they can be heard. It is time to practice compassionate communication.
There is only room for a certain amount of black actresses in this industry. I don't want to fall into the zone of playing the 'ghetto bootalicious baby mama drama.' I want to play something with depth, like a crackhead or something.
Modeling is more fun in the Philippines
I'd rather be remembered as a famous painter than a famous model, so I'll have to start the ball rolling now. β€” Β© Kirsty Hume
I'd rather be remembered as a famous painter than a famous model, so I'll have to start the ball rolling now.
The day that I die will be by far the most beautiful day I ever lived.
I came from a background where I was very poor growing up but I have never known poverty. My parents worked hard and they went to bed hungry, but they fed us. Then my father became an ambassador, so I ended up being driven by chauffeurs. And then we became refugees. After that, I looked at it through this "glass" of to have and have not, and at the end of the day, who actually helps, who actually steps up, who is there for you.
I'm very lucky that I have people styling my hair and teaching me how to work with it, but it wasn't always like that. Growing up, I had extremely wavy and thick hair and that can be very overwhelming - you end up with the same ponytail every day.
My body has changed and it will continue change in the future β€” that is natural for anyone. What matters to me most is that even though external change is inevitable, my passion for encouraging women to love themselves at any size and to live, thrive, and to go after their dreams is a part of my permanent nature. Even though my body and mind may evolve through life and experience, my values on this matter have not.
I am a good model because I have mastered my craft. I have accepted my body, I know it well and I know how to move in front of the camera.
There is strength in numbers.
We can always find each other, we girls with secrets.
If you are an activist, you have to stay active on a daily basis.
I think there is a scientific approach to it and there is a political approach to it and an economical approach to it. All of this combined, we might find a solution.
We're all not exactly the same person online that we are in real life. I am not as happy as my Instagram makes me look. We are all heightening the positives and downplaying the negatives.
Companies doing "business as usual" have to get baseline data on their impact and simultaneously understand what the impacts are. The larger the company, the more challenging that can be - so I empathize with the arduousness of the process. But it can be an exciting and rewarding challenge for all those involved, particularly when you can show progress.
Looking back, it didn't even occur to me that model was a job. I wanted to go into astronomy or to be a lawyer, which is really funny because I would absolutely not be a lawyer in any way now. But I still like astronomy.
Besides being a model, I'm a human and a woman.
No matter what size you are, you must be healthy. I focus on health as a model, whether it's doing yoga, hiking, kickboxing - those things bring me joy.
We're fighting a stigma: fat. People are really scared of fat. And I think we need to change people's minds and show that you can be bigger and you can be beautiful just as you are. It's about being and loving yourself and once I discovered that, life got much easier.
The one thing my mother instilled in me, well both my parents but specifically my mother - I come from a Muslim country where boys were more wanted than girls so she always made me feel that there is nothing that I couldn't do as well as the boys if not better.
I'm a targeted shopper - so if I'm looking for a pillbox hat - I'll search for that and go from "highest price" to "lowest price." The more expensive stuff is most often the most precious - and will often retain its value if I ever consider reselling.
One thing my mother always instilled in me is to always know my worth. Don't settle for less. She used to say to me 'Iman, no is a complete sentence, learn to say no. You don't have to explain it you don't have to say anything after it. It's a complete sentence.' So when I came to America 1975, I found out that the black models were being paid less than white models. So the first thing I did was say I'm not going to do the job unless I'm paid the same amount.
I have made a choice to listen to myself even if everyone in the entire world doesn't agree with what I think. I know me, at the end of the day and I know what I can handle emotionally and what I can handle physically.
This is Life, not Heaven you don't have to be perfect
My worst year. The only thing that I know for a fact now is that if it's really a bad day, then I draw the curtains, and I lay in bed. There is no way of dealing with grief. And I have no idea. This year I had double of them, my mother and my husband. I just take it one day at a time.
As a young girl, I was much more preoccupied by my flaws. Everyone teased me because of my long, skinny neck. To hide my so-called deformity, I was wearing a turtleneck when I was 3! Yet my neck is probably my best asset. At the end of the day, what counts is the entire package.
You know what I think? I think there's a reason for everything. And I think that there's a plan for everyone. And I think that God has a big plan for me. Just not in this life.
My father taught me how to be a parent and gave me a positive connection with men because he is a gentleman.
I've been collecting crystals for many, many years for healing purposes and decoration. I guess since my name is Crystal, I have no choice. β€” Β© Crystal Renn
I've been collecting crystals for many, many years for healing purposes and decoration. I guess since my name is Crystal, I have no choice.
I absolutely believe that when one goes on vacation, it should be pure decadence.
If you have appreciation for life, whether it is a planet or any wild species, if it's a human or an elephant, death is really bad for all of us to adjust to. We are all going to die. When it happens in such a drastic, inhuman way, which we've been seeing in Africa, this is crime on its highest level.
The girls everyone considers the "prettiest" are not always the most interesting or ambitious people.
When 9/11 happened, 12 of our neighborhood firemen were killed. I looked around at the country that had adopted me and I became an American.
I'm lonely. What kind of loneliness? Every kind. I feel disconnected. Abandoned. As always. Repetition. So what, my love? So what? At first, I just wanted to run away. Now I have no where else to run to, nothing to run from. I don't belong anywhere, I don't want to go anywhere, I just want to be happy.
Just be yourself, be you and that's how I think you're going to feel the most confident.
The one thing I know for a fact - some days are bad, some days are okay, and I'll go with it. If it's bad, I stay in and ride the wave and somehow, God gets me through and I'm fine. Dealing with grief doesn't work from one person to the other, it's so personal.
Ninety-nine percent of girls want to be models because they believe it will mean that they are the most beautiful women in the world. They think that they will wear expensive clothes, makes loads of money, travel a lot and have a rock star for a boyfriend. This never interested me. I didn't want anyone to scream out my name. I wanted to make art, to create an image with a photographer. And yes, I wanted to get out of Clinton, Mississippi - a small town that was so closed-minded you can't even imagine.
People might want to think, "We don't need it," but you know, we can't stop it. It's a movement, which means that it's moving, whether you like it or not, it's going to move.
It's funny: I spend time in the book criticizing social media, but I'm also aware that a lot of my success is because of social media. I can broadcast myself and my work to thousands of people that are following me or my friends. I do think that social media can be good for self-promotion.
Too many of us feel that we have to be perfect, in order to be loved. β€” Β© Crystal Renn
Too many of us feel that we have to be perfect, in order to be loved.
A beautifully-designed coat that drapes magnificently on the female form.
I want to be an actress when I'm on set, not just a model. Those are the moments I live for.
There's politics. When you talk about Asia - no one really wants to approach that full-force because it's very thin ice. No one wants to harm the relations with Asia, where most of those products are going to and being exported to. Many of the local institutions and politicians and veterinarians are involved in illegal trade. To crack that down, it's a big crime and big names to reveal.
The commitment to give of yourself and the knowledge that the time is right are what's important. The thing is, I suppose, a younger person may not correctly divine the right time, because of lack of life experience, so the older woman may have the advantage of truly knowing if it's right or not.
No more running away from something or someone or myself.
When I look in the mirror,I just want to like myself...And if I like myself,then I look good.
If you can pinpoint the moments in social media that are really negative experiences, those are the ones you can cut out. And when you do, you recognize how much better your life is.
I think God has a plan for me, but I don't think it's in this life.
With my husband it was never like "omg, should I text him?" or "he didn't call me for two days." So, I think I knew it was right because it just happened so naturally. That's one piece of advice that I would give to women who are struggling in this crazy world of dating.
Focus and having energy is the most important goal when choosing my activities and how I treat myself.
We women are a lot more powerful if we see ourselves as fighters on the same side. But it’s easier to judge others - their choices and their bodies - than to think about the struggles we share.
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