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I really don't care what the other team thinks. I don't care what their fans think. If they hate me, great. Hate me. We'll just keep winning, I'll keep scoring and we'll move on.
I think there are a lot of crazy guys that I've played with in the past. Wayne VanDorp, when I played in Chicago. He wasn't a big name, but my God was he nuts.
I'm not suggesting that I have all the answers or that I have experienced everything someone else has. I'm a firm believer that everyone's life/spiritual journey is unique and personal, and I'm in no place to tell you what you have or have not experienced. However, I CAN tell you what I have experienced and learned, and I hope it is of use to someone out there.
People would say, 'Girls don't play hockey. Girls don't skate.' I would say, 'Watch this.' β€” Β© Hayley Wickenheiser
People would say, 'Girls don't play hockey. Girls don't skate.' I would say, 'Watch this.'
Courageous people are not afraid to fail. So often in life and in sports, we're afraid to fail. Instead, we should attack things with excitement and enthusiasm and think about the positives as opposed to the negatives.
The biggest thing I have learned is you can't take anything for granted. You have to work as hard as you can every night, regardless.
We know that hockey is where we live, where we can best meet and overcome pain and wrong and death. Life is just a place where we spend time between games.
You do your job, you get your work done at the rink and then you go home. The big thing is figuring out what you're going to do the rest of the day.
It's nice to be able to support programs like 5 Hole Threads' in our communities to keep more kids involved in sports. The Life lessons that are learned from being a teammate are so valuable. All kids deserve the chance to experience that.
Now is our time. It's our time to chase rainbows and build castles in the sky. It's our time to create a life that we love. Because someday, it will no longer be our time.
The blood corpuscles take up the atmospheric oxygen in the lungs, and the vital chemical process accordingly depends essentially on the combination of oxygen absorbed by blood corpuscles with the combustible constituents of the blood to form carbonic acid and water.
You can't always be the top player, but you can always contribute. I just want to win...that's what matters.
Whatever I can do to help our team, whether it's defense or offense, I'm going to do it.
I'm a guy who works very hard and if I want something bad enough, I'm going to do anything possible to get it.
You can't abuse your body and you need to work hard on your weaknesses. Everyone likes to focus on the things they are good at. But when you focus on the things you are weak at, it makes you a much better athlete.
You have to try to push yourself to the limit. You can't worry about making a mistake. If you worry about it, you'll lose. β€” Β© Jean-Sebastien Giguere
You have to try to push yourself to the limit. You can't worry about making a mistake. If you worry about it, you'll lose.
In Russia, we had tough times. Only one puck, I always wanted the puck, so I learn how to keep it and make space and get puck when other guy has it.
The worst financial transaction you will ever make is selling yourself short.
You want it? Work for it.
Is hockey hard? I don't know, you tell me. We need to have the strength and power of a football player, the stamina of a marathon runner, and the concentration of a brain surgeon. But we need to put all this together while moving at high speeds on a cold and slippery surface while 5 other guys use clubs to try and kill us. Oh yeah, did I mention that this whole time we're standing on blades 1/8 of an inch thick? Is ice hockey hard? I don't know, you tell me. Next question.
Every year, I just want to do better than I did the year before.
I have 3,000 penalty minutes. I don't need people dictating to me how to do my job.
The NHL is the best league in the world, but it's a grind. You sometimes forget, especially if you are losing, or missing the playoffs ... how fun this game can be.
I just want to comment on how It's become a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in Love with my sloppy seconds
No disrespect to anyone. I just didn't know where the flag was.
Most fans go wild when they see a goalie make what looks like a great save, but the chances are what they are seeing is a save that was made from being out of position.
Artists paint not for their own enjoyment but to share their vision with others.
Herb Brooks, God rest his soul, wasn't coaching a Dream Team. He was coaching a team full of dreamers.
I don't care about [being a star]. The most important thing for me now is just do my job.
After I saw how badly animals were treated to en up in our plates, how bad it was for our health and for the environment, I decided to stop this nonsense and educate others. After all, animals can’t talk and they need people that have notoriety like me to be their voices.
I don't train to look good in the mirror. I train to make improvements in my game.
When you play teams that are good defensively and teams that have been there with experience, the object is to keep the goals against down.
I've told you guys before, goalies don't think.
Good writing is about finding and exploiting anecdotes that resonate with the reader. In storytelling, it's OK if you only make one point, as long as it's a good one.
If you want something as bad as you want to breathe, then you can do it.
The skilled players can be skilled players and they're not impeded.
Create content that satisfies your uber goals and desires.
If the day ever comes when I can swallow defeat, I'll quit.
What kind of respect do I get? ... Just because I'm a physical player, it's O.K. to come at me and do what you want? Hey, it's a hockey game. It's not figure skating. You know what? I can take a hit and I can give a hit. I don't care who it is. No one gets a free ride out there. I don't get a free ride, and no one gets a free ride from me.
When you're trading well, you have a better mental attitude. When you're trading poorly, you start wishing and hoping. Instead of getting into trades you think will work, you end up getting into trades you hope will work.
Play with passion and heart. If you don't carry passion into sport - or into any job for that matter - you won't succeed. β€” Β© Phil Esposito
Play with passion and heart. If you don't carry passion into sport - or into any job for that matter - you won't succeed.
I was always a player.
We saw some resistance in the Wichita market until we partnered with EPIC. The increased awareness and information handed out regarding ethanol-enriched fuel made a huge difference in the public's perception.
To be honest with you, most of the times I have fought, there has been a reason.
The Second Law of Thermodynamics: If you think things are in a mess now, just wait!
People that call old leads, drive old cars.
When I was first drafted, I was just happy that any team wanted to take me, but it was the Red Wings, and that made it better.
We goaltenders tend to be very proud bastards.
I don't get upset with anyone after being hit in a game.
I'm happy, but there is always room for improvement.
If you can't beat 'em in the alley, you can't beat 'em on the ice. β€” Β© Conn Smythe
If you can't beat 'em in the alley, you can't beat 'em on the ice.
In Chicago, having crashed his motorcycle into a car. According to police reports, his blood-alcohol level was more than three times the legal limit and he told officers: Just charge me with the usual.
It seems whenever we have a little adversity, the emotions drop. We've fallen out of the race, and it kind of takes the wind out of your sails.
You have to keep a little bit extra fat on the body. The strength and conditioning guy is always all over me about it, but it seems to make guys bounce off me better.
The American heroes are wearing camo. That's not me.
Friends often think it must be fun to be a painter... When it's going well, it's far more profound than mere fun; when it's not, it's not fun at all. In either event, painting is always deeply fulfilling.
I believe that the data will set you free. At the end of the day, it’s about how do you turn those pieces of information into insights that will improve business.
There's stars, superstars, and then there's Bobby Orr.
Insomnia is an increasing problem. I've become swayed that sleep disorders are conceivably the most unnoticed, ignored, underrated reason of health as well as performance problems in the place of work.
It doesn't matter how many times you get knocked down. The only thing that matters is how many times you get up.
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