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If I really think about what drove me from the beginning to become a designer, it is really the idea of trying to make everyday life a little bit better - to make it more functional, more desirable, to improve quality of life somehow.
A good jockey doesn't need orders and a bad jockey couldn't carry them out anyway; so it's best not to give them any.
The something inside me that always fought to win, that never gave into the pain and that accepted no less than 110 percent has never been gone because that something was simply me.
Once a guy starts wearing silk pajamas it's hard to get up early. β€” Β© Eddie Arcaro
Once a guy starts wearing silk pajamas it's hard to get up early.
After winning Ascot's Queen Alexandra Stakes on Brown Jack- If you'd been on your honeymoon, you couldn't have had a happier time.
I don't psyche myself up. I psyche myself down. I think clearer when I'm not psyched up.
I wouldn't trade horses with anybody.
I don't like to start anything, ever, but if they're going to try to intimidate me, I like to just stand there and say, 'Sorry, it ain't gonna happen.' I'm shy but I'm badass. I'm not shy in a timid way, just shy in a way that I'm not comfortable with people.
It's better to break a man's leg than his heart.
I'm lucky because I have an athlete between my legs.
This is really a lovely horse, I once rode her mother.
I was young and fearless in those days, but always enjoyed riding at Cartmel. They used to call me 'Cartmellor', probably because I kept coming back on a stretcher.
He's just very deceiving. He just covers a lot of ground with ease. I got to the three-eighths pole, and I even got a little concerned because he was so relaxed. I wasn't sure if he was going to fire, but I didn't want to test him that early. As soon as I got to the top of the stretch I shook him up and got an immediate response. In the stretch, once I knew he wasn't going to get beat, I put my hands down and he eased himself up. He's a real smart horse and he's got a great attitude.
The prime minister has chosen to acknowledge publicly the sovereignty of God and the claim of God on her life. Hers is the challenge to live up to that claim.
Lochsong - she's like Linford Christie ... without the lunchbox. β€” Β© Frankie Dettori
Lochsong - she's like Linford Christie ... without the lunchbox.
A perfect ride. I fell a bit behind on the slow pace, but everything's good. It's real good. Yes, he ran the race we wanted him to run.
Any horse can win on any given day.
At Hermès I learned, maybe more than anywhere else, how to work around a legacy, and how to integrate a strong brand culture into my work. Also, to work with a completely different projection system and craftsmanship.
I'm trying just to do good clothes, clothes that you need as much as you want.
Through designing clothes, I try to bring solutions to people, and I'm interested in the everyday relationship we have to clothes.
Even in the good sportswear, streetwear brands, you can't find that quality.
[There are] so many things I've learned, and I'm still learning, actually.
I've been in one Derby, and this is my third Belmont. But I've never thought of the fact that I haven't won a Triple Crown race. I'm not like that. I always look at the sunshine of things.
Actually, now I don't even eat that much anymore. If you tried to follow me now, you'd be in trouble. You wouldn't be able to follow through on life during the day. You wouldn't focus. You'd get brain cramps, probably.
Everywhere I've been working, I always had in mind the final destination of the clothes, which is the consumer.
With racing, you never rest on your laurels, and there are no counterfeits.
There's no sense in whipping a tired horse, because he'll quit on you. More horses are whipped out of the money than into it.
With the right team, you can really save so much time and energy. Whereas if you don't have the right environment and the right support from the company, or the right team, it can be extremely tiring and frustrating.
I very much believe in the collective work and the team dynamic.
I'm interested in the intimate relationships we can have with those good clothes that we may have in our closets.
Michael Roberts is a great rider and a great tactician; he was always using his brain in a race. His determination to become champion jockey was unswerving. He worked night and day, day and night to do it. You must have tunnel vision to become champion jockey: you must almost block everything else out, and he did that perfectly.
When I won the Derby on Never Say Die I went home and cut the lawn. I haven't cut the lawn since.
You have to remember that about seventy percent of the horses running don't want to win. Horses are like people. Everybody doesn't have the aggressiveness or ambition to knock himself out to become a success.
For me, the fashion show, the image, the shooting, is just a step. It's just a moment, but it's not the final destination.
I'm interested in the poetry of reality.
It's more difficult getting up early in the morning when you're wearing silk pajamas.
The latest gorgeous entry in the Belknap Press' growing library of annotated Jane Austen novels arrives, this time the mighty Emma under the exactingly careful guidance of Bharat Tandon of the University of East Anglia. Belknap has once again done its end of the job superbly: the book is a physical treat-luxuriantly over-sized, heavy with quality paper and solid binding, decked out in a beautiful cover and dozens of well-chosen illustrations throughout. This is one of the prettiest Jane Austen volumes available in bookstoresthis season.
I really missed being in New Orleans, but I'm one of the lucky ones.
I think we all have those particular pieces of clothes that we really like, because it ages well, because it fits you well, because you feel comfortable, and you feel confident in those clothes. All those aspects of good design are what I'm interested in.
You have to set new goals every day. β€” Β© Julie Krone
You have to set new goals every day.
It's been said racing encompasses hours of agony and moments of glory. But moments like the 1978 Triple Crown inspire the pursuit of greatness.
Being a head designer or art director or just even a designer, you need a certain level of experience and maturity.
At Lacoste, I learned how to drive in a very conservative environment. I had to learn how to do politics, how to talk, how to explain, and how to communicate a vision, and the necessary link between marketing and creative teams. Also, very important, the shop experience, which was actually very frustrating at Lacoste.
If the stable gate is closed, climb the fence.
Every company, of course, teaches you so much humanly and professionally [about] yourself and your creative process.
I had so much horse I knew I could wait until something opened up. I was in a good position and could see where the holes were going to open up and she was really on her game today. When I rode her last time, she did the same thing and when I asked her, she was ready. I'm very thankful to Juddmonte and to Bill Mott to have me on her again.
The Transformation of the World is lavishly reinforced with critical apparatus (that, too, must have been a labor of Hercules to translate--I honestly never expected to see this book in English), but by far its greatest attraction is the intelligence and more important the wisdom of its author. It's a towering achievement no serious reader should miss.
I'm not a designer who is very interested in baroque or in fantasy or in the fantastic side of fashion. This exists and this is important, but I'm interested in the very real dimensions.
It's true that I've made mistakes, but I know I shouldn't do them again.
Eating's going to be a whole new ball game. I may even have to buy a new pair of trousers. β€” Β© Lester Piggott
Eating's going to be a whole new ball game. I may even have to buy a new pair of trousers.
Let's forget about themes and mood boards. Let's start from a different point of view. You have to leave for two months all of a sudden. What would you put in your suitcase? What are the twenty essential pieces that you will need and how would you design it to be cool, and you'll want to wear it?
The second volume of Reiner Stach's epic biography of Franz Kafka . . . [is] a tangle of counter-grained and often under-sourced life stories, but reading Stach's magnificent narrative (wonderfully translated by Shelley Frisch) straight through brings death, not life, to the forefront. Stach is a compulsively readable writer. . . . [A]s in the previous volume, the prose in The Years of Insight is supple and very appealingly complex--all of which, once again, is perfectly rendered by Frisch.
When a jockey retires, he just becomes another little man
Let's try to bring more style into basics, and let's touch real people all around the world, people who don't really care who Christophe Lemaire is.
Researchers and biotech executives foresee the day when the effects of many catastrophic diseases can be reversed. The damaged brains of Alzheimer's disease patients may be restored. Severed spinal cords may be rejoined. Damaged organs may be rebuilt. Stem cells provide hope that this dream will become a reality.
Everyone keeps asking me: 'Are you going to win?' How on earth do you know if you're going to win or not?
On a horse that consistently hung left-The best thing you can do is put a bit of lead in his right ear, to act as a counterbalance ... with a shotgun.
After winning the Derby aged just 18-Why all the fuss? After all, the Derby is just another race.
I try to bring as much taste, smartness, quality, functionality, and aesthetic qualities to everyday clothes.
This is what I've always been interested in, trying to make timeless, functional, real clothes.
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