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If you were to get a seminar in MMA, I think you'd want one from me over Mark Hunt. I'm more efficient and my understanding of the art is deeper, and I'm still only growing in terms of my intelligence in combat.
I grew up in a terrible home of abuse and I didn't realize I was in a home of abuse.
I'm a pretty big guy so heavyweight for me it comes very naturally. β€” Β© Alexander Gustafsson
I'm a pretty big guy so heavyweight for me it comes very naturally.
Never stop, never give up, never stop giving yourself the self-confidence you need to be a champion.
Tough times not only make you stronger, but you grow from those experiences. The same is true with fighting. You have to lean into it.
It's a long journey to become successful, and you learn to grow with it. You grow with the small steps you take.
I'm kind of lazy.
I'm a hell of a lucky guy.
I am a beloved athlete all over the world.
I got thrown into the lion's den when I got to Alpha Male. My first sparring session was with Joe Benavidez, Chad Mendes and those guys, just bleeding from my face, its not like they took it easy on me. It was one of those things where we sparred 3-4 days a week, and we got thrown in there and that's what made me as tough as I am.
You have to go out there and win battles before you can raid the dead of all their belongings.
My mom raised me to be an independent woman, and if there is anything I want in life, to go after it. And that nobody could hold me back. The only person that could do that was myself. That's the core of who I am and she ingrained that in me at a really young age, so I've been an independent, strong person my whole life.
I want to be remembered as a guy who goes out and represents the art of jiu-jitsu. β€” Β© Demian Maia
I want to be remembered as a guy who goes out and represents the art of jiu-jitsu.
I get chubby real quick.
Khabib is very tough, has phenomenal wrestling and sambo, but he has a huge deficiency on the feet so I can catch him. Nothing is impossible.
I will respect anyone who thinks differently, but I know what I have in my heart and only God can judge me. If everybody took care of their own lives only we would have less prejudice in this world.
I was born in Iran, my parents are Armenian. We fled from Iran to the Netherlands when I was eight years old. We had a lot of family and friends in Iran, so it was hard to leave, especially for my parents. But we managed to settle well in the Netherlands, after a year in refugee camps. But I understood it was a process.
We never quit. My mom instilled that attitude in us, that never quit, never surrender.
Having your hands up doesn't stop you from getting knocked out and there are a lot of advantages to having your hands down. It's also more exciting because it looks very impressive from the fans' perspective, which is a big factor in the entertainment business.
I was in a coma for a long time and in and out of the hospital for a year. For sure, when I'm in a fight and having a hard time, I think back to that time because that was the worst. No matter how bad things are, my attitude is that it's nothing compared to what happened then. Thank God I survived it.
I'm not perfect. Show me somebody that hasn't talked trash about somebody and put it on Facebook.
Perseverance doesn't always mean winning and losing. Perseverance means showing up and rising to the occasion and performing.
A true champion is a true champion. They go fight and win or lose, give it their all.
I paid too much attention to boxing. I wanted to try professional boxing. That's why I didn't focus on wrestling and jiu-jitsu, and it hurt me.
My wrestling actually helps my striking and my striking helps my wrestling. I just learned how to put it all together through synergy.
Overeem is really smart when he's fighting, had the patience to wait for the right moment.
I was a motivational speaker and I've been in front of crowds a lot and I'm very comfortable with that.
True strength is not always shown through victory. Stand up, try again and display strength of heart.
My opponent is my teacher, my ego is my enemy.
Nature teaches us simplicity and contentment, because in its presence we realize we need very little to be happy.
You can’t get away from yourself, but you can get yourself out of the way.
Fighting is pure chaos, and to be a good fighter you simply have to be prepared mentally and physically to handle that chaos.
Bad choices almost always result from making a choice out of fear.
At least one time in your life, train with the will to die.
Losing is inevitable, make sure you have the tools in your toolbox to deal with it.
I will do nothing lightly. When I walk, I will walk heavily. When I fight, I will fight with conviction. When I speak, I will speak strongly. When I feel, I will feel everything. When I love, I will love with everything.
Everything that I do, I have to do at my best. No one is perfect, but you can come close.
No matter how much you want to say you've got all these plans ahead. The moment is all you got. β€” Β© Uriah Hall
No matter how much you want to say you've got all these plans ahead. The moment is all you got.
After a match, my opponent goes to the hospital and gets an IV and I have a martini.
The more motivation, the more passion you have behind it... There's nothing that can stop you.
Discipline. Honour. Respect. This is why I appreciate MMA.
Heart and mind overcome all.
As a student of life I just want to be constantly progressing mentally, physically, and spiritually.
There's always opportunity in the now. If I'm there, I will seize it.
I'm not scared to lose, I'm not scared to get knocked out. I'm scared of not going for it.
One day you are the hero and the next day you are the zero. I got to take advantage of every opportunity that I have.
Make peace with the fear of defeat... Fear holds you back from putting forth your best performance.
I know what a really bad day is...and that's not losing a competition. β€” Β© Sara McMann
I know what a really bad day is...and that's not losing a competition.
My favorite fighter is Phil Baroni, and I’m pretty sure it’s yours too.
We can do anything we want to as long as we give it everything we've got.
We all could be great, but we have to be open our mind to the way in which we could.
I have so many things going on in my life that my mind is always in other places.
The eyes healed in a matter of a few days, as eyes heal quickly, mine just heal faster than anybody else. I was back in the strip club hours later rehabbing my eyes.
Bad sales managers push two buttons: 'more' and 'panic.' Great sales managers have one more button to push: the 'how'.
If you beat someone with a good name, of course some people are going to say he's past his prime, he's washed up, or he shouldn't be fighting. You're always going to have critics. It doesn't matter what the outcome is, whether it be good or whether it be bad.
I didn't get into fighting for the money. I didn't want to be famous. I just want to fight.
No matter what's going on in your life, don't let anybody take those dreams from you.
One training session won't change anything, but 10 will. Perseverance and straight up training.
You should study Pokemon to get stronger.
Fighting has taught me that the caterpillar takes a while to turn into a majestic butterfly! Patience, hard work, dedication, never giving up, rising to the occasion and fighting through adversity will make you a champion; if there a will there's a way! Set your sails now but the ocean is very rough and treacherous however if you keep going you will get there.
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