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If you can trust God to save you for eternity, you can trust him to lead you for a lifetime.
It's not the truth that you know, but the truth that you obey that matters.
Your life is too valuable, your calling too great, & your God too awesome to waste your life on what doesn't matter. — © Craig Groeschel
Your life is too valuable, your calling too great, & your God too awesome to waste your life on what doesn't matter.
If you're not confident in the authority of the Scriptures, you will be a slave to what sounds right.
There are times in our Christian life when we cannot see beyond the next step and we have to trust God.
God is always seeking you. Every sunset. Every clear blue sky. Each ocean wave. The starry hosts of night. He blankets each new day with the invitation, ‘I am here.’
God’s Word has always been His chosen instrument to create, convict, convert, and conform His people.
You can't meet Jesus and not change. If you haven't changed, you haven't met the real Jesus.
We need to stop making what people did to us bigger than what Jesus did for us.
We don't teach from Books of the Bible because it gets in the way of evangelism. We don't offer different kinds of Bible studies because it gets in the way of evangelism. We don't teach doctrine because it gets in the way of evangelism. If you want to be fed God's word or have the Bible explained to you then you are a fat lazy Christian and you need to shut up and get to work or you need to leave this church because we ONLY do evangelism.
If you are seeking to obey the Lord, expect opposition. Expect obstacles. Expect difficulties. But also expect God to see you through
The greatest blessing in the whole world is being a blessing.
Everything that God brings into our life is directed to one purpose: that we might be conformed to the image of Christ. — © Erwin W. Lutzer
Everything that God brings into our life is directed to one purpose: that we might be conformed to the image of Christ.
Faith sees the opportunity; doubt sees the obstacles. What you see is what you get!
Just because something is good doesn't mean we should pursue it right now. We have to remember that the right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing.
It's not about the church meeting your needs; it's about joining the mission of God's people to meet the world's needs.
The small prayers of weak and broken people move the heart of God.
Our righteousness doesn't depend on our present performance but on Jesus' finished performance.
We need to send our words out in the direction we want them to go. In other words, we need to start talking victory when we’re staring at defeat. We need to start talking healing when we’re feeling sick. We need to start blessing and prosperity when we don’t have anything. We need to speak about marching when we feel like quitting.
Within the soil of a discouraging season can often be the seeds of incredible blessing, miracles and breakthrough!
God often goes to the gutter to find the recipient for His grace. He lifts him out, washes him and transforms him - making him into a child of God fit for His kingdom. That is God’s grace.
Your attitude is like the aroma of your heart. If your attitude stinks, it means your heart’s not right.
God prevented Adam & Even from ETERNAL SINFULNESS by giving them the gift of death, the ability to exit this life & arrive safely in the wondrous life to come. Death, though it would appear to be man's greatest enemy, would in the end, prove to be his greatest friend. Only through can we go to God.
Wondering whether Christianity is real is not the same as wondering whether Christianity is true. If you question the truth of Christianity, you can do something tangible about it. You can read books, take a class, or talk to someone about it. But what can you do when you're already convinced it's true but don't experience it as real?
Sin will take you farther than you ever intended to go, it will cost you more than you ever expected to pay, and it will keep you longer than you ever intended to stay.
Poor people have the desire to prosper but their mindset stop them.
Leading with integrity is embracing honesty! We should always use our weaknesses to point others to Christ's strength.
We should not be entertained by the sins for which Christ died.
I need to be in touch with the people. You've got to look in their eyes, and you've got to feel what they feel. You've got to engage people. All that we do and believe in is engaging people to touch, to heal, to look at each other's eyes, to feel with each other, to cry with each other, to moan, to groan, to rejoice, to be happy.
Don't let the bastards get you down. Christians aren't God. Religious people aren't God. God loves you, just where you're at... just the way you are, no matter what you've done. God loves you whether you love him or not and there's nothing you can do about it. As far as the negative and judgmental stuff goes, realize that Jesus has a crappy fan club. Just don't give up
If you're too big to serve. You're too small to lead.
Not voting is one of the worst things that could happen in our community. You can vote for whoever you want to, but choosing not to vote spits in the face of our ancestors who fought for our right to vote.
Not only is homosexuality a sin, but anyone who supports fags is just as guilty as they are. You are both worthy of death.
Ordinary faithfulness leads to extraordinary impact.
Christianity has always been the hope of God through Jesus played out in the lives of real people living in real circumstances.
If you reach the people nobody wants, God will give you the people everybody wants.
Being a godly father requires much perseverance and prayer as we seek God's guidance in being the types of fathers He wants us to be.
The fear of The Lord is a brake that stops you when you're in the wrong direction. — © Bob Sorge
The fear of The Lord is a brake that stops you when you're in the wrong direction.
Those who are anti-God and anti-Christian in America have infiltrated the highest levels of the educational establishment. They have a philosophical commitment to eliminating any vestige of biblical Christianity from American thought and life. They are well-positioned, well-funded and well-connected. They are a very small minority in America, yet their level of commitment is rarely matched among Christians.
Do right. Risk the consequences.
Having God's unconditional love does not mean you have God's unconditional approval.
Real prosperity is … Having the financial abundance to obey God's will whenever He wants you to, and however he wants you to.
When our souls are healthy, we change the environment; the environment doesn't change us.
If satan can keep you in the sense realm, he will destroy you - but if you keep him in the faith realm, you'll put him under your feet.
Only you can impact the world in the way that God uniquely assigned to you.
The doctor can X-Ray you and say, 'You got cancer.' And then you go home and God let me see, does Christ have cancer? If Christ don't, I don't have cancer. All I need to do is get a picture of what he looks like. Because, if I can see Him I become like Him.
The greatest battles are fought in the mind.
I can go into a playground of kids that don't know anything about Christianity, lead them to the Lord in a matter of, just no time at all, and just moments later they can be seeing visions and hearing the voice of God, because they're so open. They are so usable in Christianity.
The less you obey the Word of God, the more you distance yourself from God in the spiritual realm — © Sunday Adelaja
The less you obey the Word of God, the more you distance yourself from God in the spiritual realm
When you give your heart and you give it to God, where your treasure is, that's where your heart is. And so you put your heart in your hand which is in the form of monetary- or money, or offering, and you say, 'God! Here it is!'
I do believe that at times God opens some doors and closes others, but our mistake is to confuse an open door for an easy door
The Church is not a museum to display perfect people, but a hospital for the hurting.
There is enough Christianity in our country's history to make it a significant component of our heritage and identity.
God and God alone deserves all the credit for the good that takes place in our lives.
Don't judge my problems when you don't know my purpose. I'm only struggling now so I can pull you through later.
The gathering of believers should be an opportunity for wonder, anticipation and imagination; not drudgery, duty or routine.
It happens to all of us, I concluded that Easter Sunday morning. God simply keeps reaching down into the dirt of humanity and resurrecting us from the graves we dig for ourselves through our violence, our lies, our selfishness, our arrogance, and our addictions. And God keeps loving us back to life over and over.
The simple definition of evangelism: Those who know, telling those who don't.
If there is a fence and you don't know its purpose, don't just assume there isn't one and tear it down. Find out what the fence is intended to accomplish. You might see it needs to stay.
Sometimes God has to put us flat on our back before we are looking up to Him.
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