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The same water that will kill you, drown you, give you hypothermia is the same water that will help you survive.
And yet when you take Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, whatever, their combined killings in the name of religion -- well, that would be zero.
This world is not a place where people can be together forever. — © Junaid Jamshed
This world is not a place where people can be together forever.
I am so addicted to crystals, it’s like a sickness. I’ve spent $500,000 on crystals this year. I checked my bank account last night, and I have $203 left.
If you are in a bad relationship with anyone else, it is because you are in a bad relationship with yourself.
Data is your eyes, not your brain.
You have to be extremely careful because not only do you not know what you're going to be coming up against when dealing with the paranormal realm, but you also don't know what you're going to be dealing with as far as people claiming to have paranormal activity when it really isn't.
If you respect your body enough to put modest clothes on, then more people will respect you as a person.
I have an engagement ring, which is my favorite accessory.
Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a good person is a little like expecting the bull not to attack you because you are a vegetarian.
Let me tell you something about my family. We're as thick as thieves and we protect each other 'til the end.
The internet has become such a great tool not just for chefs but for everyone. The net has given everyone the tools to see and almost experience new and different ideas.
Don't tell me you're my friend. Act like one. — © Yolanda Foster
Don't tell me you're my friend. Act like one.
I'm going to crush my competition and I'm going to enjoy doing it.
True Wealth is being able to do what I want, when I want. If I can do that, I am wealthy.
Listen carefully, be transparent, be responsive, be authentic, tell great stories-the qualities that would make you the hotshot at a party-and they'll make your organization a likeable one on social networks.
Scientists believe that the invention of clothing in Africa was a key factor in allowing our ancestors to migrate into colder climates and to spread across the globe.
I’ve accomplished everything I wanted out of life, like way beyond my wildest dreams. Anything from here on is just icing. Seriously, if you find out that I died tomorrow, I’m fine. Don’t be sad for me, because I’m not sad. I died with a smile on my face.
If I'm following a traditional look, where I'm like, your traditional housewife, I'll put my hair in a bun and I'll follow all the way through. And today I had one like little cute, little skirt that flares out with the panels on it. I don't know, my style, I'd say Stepford wife-slash-sexy!
I live a life that most girls only dream of.
When I turn up at a trendy party, all the youngsters look like they could be my illegitimate love children.
I encourage people to embrace whatever it is that makes them different. Not being like everybody, setting your own trends, being your own person, that’s what makes you cool.
Don't worry about tomorrow, let it fix itself. Today has a problem of its own.
When you associate with scum, you become scum.
The climate of this planet has been changing since God put the planet here. It will always change, and the warming in the last 10 years is not much difference than the warming we saw in the 1930s and other decades. And, lets not forget we are at the end of the ice age in which ice covered most of North America and Northern Europe.
No happy man bases his decisions on fear.
Normally people can't keep their goddamn mouth closed!
Progress not perfection... you can't be perfect everything... but you can gain progress on a daily basis.
Some people think to be strong is to never feel pain. However the strongest people are the ones that have felt pain, understood it, accepted it and learned from it.
New York is like that perfect lover that just won't commit but he's so good that you hang around anyway, NYC is dreamy!
It's very hard to understand when you're not out there but voting somebody off on Survivor almost feels like you're killing them.
The love I have for our wildlife is so great, it fills my world. After Black Saturday I saw a world that was black and white, void of animals and humans. What I missed most was the love and life of living with the wildlife. Each day I think of the ones gone and there is a deep hole in my heart. I did not miss the humans or the sounds they make, I missed the animals the sounds of peace and love that came from them. Such beauty and harmony with nature, only animals can be that smart.
Behind every great woman is a great behind!
When ever I have a Problem, I just sing. Then I know my voice is a lot worse then my Problem.
I love sandwiches. Let's face it, life is better between two pieces of bread.
If you have a good story, it doesn’t have to be overproduced. I want our stories to reveal the wonders of the human spirit and the richness of life in California, including its history, people, culture and natural wonders.
I was born into the business. My mother was an entertainer. It was natural. But yes, in the next life, I might not do it.
When you constantly push your mind and body in your chosen field and never give up your confidence will be unshatterable! — © David McIntosh
When you constantly push your mind and body in your chosen field and never give up your confidence will be unshatterable!
It takes a great deal of labor and love to make ice wine. When you have it with dessert, you miss the point of enjoying it on its own.
I have someone. He's 25. It's nothing serious.
What's to keep somebody from getting all potted up on weed and then getting behind the wheel?
As gay young people, we are marginalized. As young people who are HIV-positive and have AIDS, we are totally written off.
Everybody loves me, babies, dogs, ya know, hot girls, cougars. I just have unbelievable mass appeal.
Release your majestic mind, embrace your untamed inner spirit. Break free from captivity, avoid society.. You were born to be free.
Eat your pinkberry and enjoy life.
Forgiving other people who have wronged us or hurt us or embarrassed us is not easy. In fact, sometimes it seems impossible. But that is what God did for us and what He asks us to do for others.
I have superpowers when I have a glass of wine.
I signed a $150,000 contract with TNA Wrestling for a year. I ended up 8 appearances for 40 minutes. Then I signed a second contract and they didn't use me. So, I'd like to thank them for $300,000 for 40 minutes' worth of work.
If the foundation of a well-ordered society is a healthy, happy home, then the problem of lawlessness will not be solved by more laws or legislation; but by fathers and mothers exerting a moral influence and example in their own families, tempered with love and understanding.
To dance is to live live is to dance. — © Heidi Groskreutz
To dance is to live live is to dance.
I think the Statue of David is pretty sexy. I'd do him.
High-tech tomatoes. Mysterious milk. Supersquash. Are we supposed to eat this stuff? Or is it going to eat us?
I do the cooking at home. Where we eat no more than 100 grams of meat a day and have 'tons' of fresh vegetables. I prepare the vegetables with a wide range of herbs, spices and such. We also keep on hand lots of fruit, yogurt and great breads.
If we continue to treat content as an extra to information architecture, to content management or to anything else, we miss a bright opportunity to influence users. Content is not a nice-to-have extra. Content is a star of the user experience show. Let’s make content shine.
A brand not responding on Twitter is like hanging up the phone on customers. With millions watching.
Besides Gucci, and Juiceman, I'm not really excited about anybody in the game. I just love Gucci and Juice because they just have too much swag that they don't know what to do with themselves.
I hardly wear any makeup.
My wife obviously would like to have her husband right next to her. I keep telling her inshaAllah we will be together in paradise.
I truly believe that [America loves] the people that don't play to the audience and are just themselves.
There's no way my love for fame and her love for puppies will ever work out successfully.
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